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  1. NyLegend did THAT



  2. Russian Aura, yasss bey6 



  3. It's all about ass, all about ass, it's all about , all about ass jj2 



  4. Elena SNAPPED bey6 



  5. yeah, noticed that after I gave a try to it on iTunes
  6. Serbia has one of THE most horrible music
  7. yass, finished all 3 seasons of The Walking Dead (+ Michonne) 



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    2. Opium


      love the videogame antm1 never bothered with the tv show tho jj2 

    3. Sylk


      Michonne is a legend!

    4. Opium


      I actually loved how skilled she was jj2 loved Ava also, too bad she died ;( 

  8. dead4



    1. Kuchisabishii
    2. Opium


      found it on ATRL dead4 i think it should represent Kesha being very disappointed of that Gaga performance or smth like that dead4 can't help but I did laugh at it dead4 going straight to Hell tbh jj2 

    3. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      delete it fat dead4

  9. When I have to go to do something but too lazy for it8g70cPC.jpg