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  1. Target CD edition with bonus poster:
  2. Confetti

    Who tf is The Prophet? Wasn't needed.
  3. Confetti


    I'm actually looking forward to this as she doesn't disappoint, I'm glad this new label she's been with since Cry Pretty is letting her do her own thing
  4. Its such a wonderful song, I love it
  5. beautiful, cant wait for this project to be released
  6. She's from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series she's being praised as the child of taylor swift musically
  7. they aren't protesters they are terrorists this is beyond sad and not okay
  8. Confetti


    Greenhouse Academy Schitts Creek On My Block Glee Dynasty Desperate Housewives Drag Race (for the first time all seasons, UK, Canada, Allstars)
  9. Confetti


    Recently put this album on start to finish and it still holds up.