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  1. I am excited for this, perched to hear A Hundred Years Of Winter
  2. it's better than changes but still kinda meh. Hold On the only song I like so far
  3. I really don't see this being good, but i really hope she proves me wrong
  4. It's so good. I love each track but especially Vicio
  5. I absolutely love her music and she doesn't deserve any of the hate she gets.
  6. Girlfriend vs. Black Star/What the Hell I Can Do Better vs. Push Runaway vs. Wish You Were Here (can't decide love both) The Best Damn Thing vs. Smile When You're Gone vs. Stop Standing There Everything Back But You vs. I Love You Hot vs. Everybody Hurts Innocence vs. Not Enough I Don't Have to Try vs. 4 Real One of Those Girls vs. Darlin Contagious vs. Remember When Keep Holding On vs. Goodbye Alone vs. Alice I Will Be vs. Knockin' on Heaven's Door Adia vs. Bad Reputation
  7. It's honestly my favourite album from her to date. It's full of bops and upbeat tracks (minus Love Will Remember but I still love it). I just wish she didn't ignore it and give it the attention it deserves.
  8. https://www.aarp.org/entertainment/celebrities/info-2021/tony-bennett-alzheimers.html
  9. 1. De Una Vez 2. Buscando Amor 3. Baila Conmigo 4. Damelo To Ft. Myke Towers 5. Vicio 6. Adios 7. Selfish Love with DJ Snake