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  1. Confetti

    Music Video

    I absolutely love it
  2. Confetti


    I love it
  3. This is so devastating. Please find her.
  4. Deluxe edition out next Friday
  5. Supposedly this is the cover under the balloons
  6. Confetti


    I dont believe it's truly over, she has something planned maybe an EP or rerelease of some sort. Plus There's another music video coming (she filmed 3 before shutdown) and is supposed to film one fo Sour Candy apparently. It might feel like its done for sure but there's something planned
  7. Dance Again followed by People You Know and Feel Me
  8. Confetti


    Unpopular opinion but Levitating is too boring....it's a good song but not single worthy material like it is, it would have to me remixed with a more uptempo beat.
  9. This masterpiece finally getting the attention it deserves.
  10. I Would've done: You Need To Calm Down Cruel Summer I Think He Knows The Man False God Promos: Lover ME!