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  1. brb gonna convert some youtube moo performances into mp3 and sending to phone!
  2. skype call not videochat but i wont fight you on that!
  3. not for lambs dahling do you want to be exiled
  4. how fun would it be if we could all skype call
  5. what the fuck is that
  6. oh dahling they're baby lambs fighting each other, they'll be back together in no time
  7. oh sweetie
  8. just look up your name on this topic
  9. ooo @Skyline girl u gon let her talk to u like that?
  10. have u seen any
  11. lambs better not fail me
  12. invented Nicki by the way
  13. user @Skywalker has sex ed tomorrow kii, it's gonna be so boring being taught how to have heterosexual sex when i'm never gonna apply it
  14. i wanna see the public's reaction to no.1