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  1. so it like follows kanan from order 66 up to rebels or sth like that? that sounds CUTE hold on...
  2. Wait Kanan has a comic? lemme look it up, i loved him in rebels! it was so exciting to see him again in that scene of ahsoka training in the temple, the cute connection to them teaming up in rebels also YES they need to hurry tf up
  3. It's AAVE. Like the one all your favs try to immitate to be "cool"? Being ignorant isn't a cute look girly
  4. it's loosely similar but it changes a LOT. tbh i prefer the novel's version of the events waayyy more and u should definitely check it out if u have the chance! there's also an audiobook read by ahsoka's voice actress that's really nice. (i listed some of the main changes below but if ur planning on reading the novel it'd probably be best to not read them kii) there's also some differences with how the whole ahsoka vs maul thing goes down but those were closer-ish to what we saw in TCW
  5. tbf Ahsoka's novel, where the same situation happens, came out before the game i just wish they had at least shown her harvesting the crystals and making her new sabers like in the novel
  6. naur the way she ate that inquisitor up in 3 moves also the way he recognized her?? he knew he was dealing with the queen yup yup
  7. i really really really wish they would've been longer but quality over quantity ig! i loved them. still though i really think at least the last episode should've been longer
  8. You'd think Sia had at least 1 songwritting grammy
  9. football fans vileness being put to good use for once!