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    1. tomás

      so it's ok when u do it? wow

  2. tomás

    the taste displayed by FOTP... yup. yup. yup.
  3. tomás here

    si tú me quisieras yo dejaba todo
    ya no iría a terapia, sé que te perdono
    con tu pelo negro tejería un cuento
    yo quiero vivir contigo este momento

    Resultado de imagen para crying gif stan twitter

  4. tomás

    it's honestly SO funny to me the fact the song went #2 even though Justin did everything he could for it to reach #1. like almost there but not quite, so funny to me. so funny.
  5. kinda tanked considering the singles
  6. tomás


    did they run out of wax trying to get her ass right? her face looks anorexic
  7. tomás


    tbf wait i think that kinda makes more sense it's confusing
  8. tomás


    @Dennis Reynolds you missed Kali Uchis king but I love this concept
  9. tomás


    oh wait tea
  10. tomás


    @Divine i haven't heard it yet but skksk i will later today! kingdom come says hello too!