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  1. omg and it's Silent Hill 3 aka the best one
  2. tomás


    does this need to be with an US IP?
  3. if i say anything they always go "ayyyyy el que usa spotifyyyy"
  4. BYE when you scroll through people's music gallery and it's all Bad_Bunny-Yo_Perreo_Sola.mp3 straight out of youtubemp3downloader.com
  5. we literally live and breathe through youtube
  6. we can't call her Karen so we'll have to call her Karina
  7. did you see her tweet about the whole "there's only one race" thing earlier? like it's not wrong but how does that help? she's taking this so lightly and kinda diminishing it, it's disgusting to see
  8. she's so stupid pls literally muerta in the head
  9. that's just how it is. people only care about the US's and Europe's problems. last year Chile had immense ammounts of police brutality and human-right violations in its protest and riots, the goverment set a curfew and released the militia on the streets to supress the (peaceful) protests and nobody really talked about it. there were murders and kidnappings done by the police to the people. it doesn't mean we should compare things though, the fact american media and its people turn a blind eye to some stuff doesn't mean BLM shouldn't have the force that its picked up recently and shouldn't be heard the way it's being heard, but i share that thought about how people in my country will suddenly be the most anti-racist person ever and share everything about the BLM protest and all of that but when a black person or a poc gets abused here they're on MUTE. it makes no sense luv
  10. they can make fake allegations and make the cops go to POC's houses and that can be really tense, aggravating and even dangerous for POC and specially black people. the police has killed black people that were just chilling in their houses so if they have even more of a reason to go in and do the shit they do (a phonecall report) then that's really dangerous. idk why they said swat tho
  11. Basically they'll be harassing LGBT accounts, sending vile videos (pedophilia and murder, from what I understood), ddoxing and sending links for people to click on and let them hack into people's devices, to get personal information and locations. (the link is of a page called "grabafy" or smn like that) Some ways of staying safe are removing your full name from your account if you have it set up, going on private, turning off your location, prohibiting messages from people that you don't follow. Here's a twitter thread that I think sums it up: I don't know how real it is, maybe the edgelords get too lazy to do it or are just bluffing but it never hurts to stay safe!
  12. that kind of makes it even worse because they were clearly behaving threatengly, flashing weapons of lethal force in front of the police's face, and still Trump referred to them as "good people that were angry". the double standard is ridiculous and very obvious
  13. the lootings started in target which is literally a company worth BILLIONS. they'll be fine. also they sided with the police from my understanding so they can rot.