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  1. you also don't need to have an opinion and shout it to the 4 winds about every little thing in life
  2. White people's generational wealth in the US goes back to slavery. They directly proffited off of black slaves' free labor, while they themselves got nothing. When slavery was abolished, black people were left to fend for themselves and white people had pretty much everything made because of all those years of exploiting slaves. They had a huge head start, and all that has been inherited generation to generation til now. That, the fact that white people have always had an easier time getting jobs and have more access to education all contribute to what "generational wealth" means in the US, si
  3. She's so... what does she expect? for the entire world to tip-toe around her? I don't think it's entirely her fault, looking at her docu series it seems like she's extremely sheltered as a way to deal with her eating disorder and addiction but somebody needs to explain to her that's not how the world works. Or she could just shut up from time to time since 7 out of 10 times she says smn she sounds like a presumptuous brat
  4. I was gonna say I'm not so sure about Ariana but I kinda can't think of any other mainstream pop female singer the last decade that's better than her? She's arguably better than Gaga. edit: nvm kii kelly clarkson
  5. also whoever made this is highkey a genius dkjsajkda
  6. she also makes it extremely easy to do so
  7. She's so annoying 'cos I know there's footage of that tour. You can literally see the camera crew in those 120p clips! The audience wants the footage!
  8. Ariana Grande: ✅ Beyoncé: ✅ Britney Spears: ✅ Christina Aguilera: ✅ Dua Lipa: ✅ Ellie Goulding: ⛔ Katy Perry: ⛔ (I don't dislike her per se but I never listen to her music and she's never really wowed me) Kylie Minogue: ✅ (Only listened to her last album tho kii) Lady Gaga: ✅ Lana Del Rey: ⛔ (Haven't paid attention to anything she's done since Ultraviolence except for Salvatore) Madonna: ✅ Mariah Carey: ✅✅ Rihanna: ✅ Selena Gomez: ⛔ Taylor Swift: ⛔ *BONUS* Kesha: ⛔ (Don't dislike her, don't care for her) Nicki
  9. that glorified backup dancer directly or indirectly influenced almost every female performer today, especially black female performers. stop being bitter just bc she said some mean words abt madge 30 years ago
  10. pls as if anybody talking about justin timberlake other than for being britney's ex. and what he did directly affected her career she literally got blacklisted everywhere so it's not that hard to put together why she's not talked about a lot. she was literally written off.