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  1. Tomás

    Girl it was free on Epic Games Store for a few days
  2. That's the one thing she didn't lie about
  3. Tomás

    The fact Mariah's worst album is also her best selling album literally gives me nightmares
  4. Tomás


    I want a few more years of clear-ish vocals yeah Then when it truly starts deteriorating we want a jazz album yup yup yup
  5. Tomás


    same i really hope she keeps her current vocal state for as long as possible
  6. Tomás


    I don't wanna be pessimistic but once the entire coronavirus thing is done with, IF she goes back to performing in Vegas I don't think it'll get any better than what it is rn. Also people's voice change a looot around 50ish, she still has that girly tone but idk how much longer she'll have it. I think it'll go through a change like it did in the late 90s
  7. omg I'm excited, kinda don't like the cover doe
  8. Tomás

    plss the random downvote on this post
  9. Y'all know I love Ariana but erm...
  10. Tomás


    Best: Honey Worst: Thank God I (turned this song off) Found You!
  11. Tomás

    There wasn't much hype or build up for this album so I don't think that's so bad at all