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  1. Why would Adele make boppy pop music?
  2. I really don't get how her voice is so well preserved with that technique of hers but it sounds incredible Also I've noticed she's getting so better at knowing where to place the appropriate riffs and runs ahh the overall improvement these last years is such a great thing to witness
  3. Ariana Grande - 28 Beyonce - 52 Britney Spears - 34 Christina Aguilera - 37 Dua Lipa - 49 Kyle Minogue - 13 Lady Gaga - 37 Lana Del Rey - 16 Madonna - 25 Mariah Carey - 34 Rihanna - 49 Taylor Swift - 39
  4. Frank by Amy Winehouse 2000AND4EVA by Bree Runway SEIS by Mon Laferte
  5. Rest in peace! She was very loved here.
  6. imagine wanting attention so desperately that you'll waste 100k dollars for it
  7. Don't you think that's just a tiny bit xenophobic maybe?
  8. Nas IS serving this new era now come on now!
  9. pls this reminds me when my classmates would call the school and make bomb threats the days when we had really important tests
  10. narcissism. it's not like what she did has any true meaning as neither her or brit are lgbt, it was just for shock value like 90% of the stuff she does