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  1. that's not photoshopped bc it's not even her it's her sims character
  2. tomás

    i remember when i was a kid i would make my jedi action figures jump around for hours cos i was so fascinated with force jump the way i'd entertain myself so much with that and now i have the attention span of a mosquito
  3. tomás


    girl give your hair a break damn
  4. tomás

    are those supposed to be teh good guys from mandalore? they look JUST like jango plss i remember their armor being much lighter
  5. tomás

    you ddd omg i thought you'd bought it sorry
  6. tomás

    the way they did her lekku and facial features jealous
  7. tomás

    FIRST NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Vision Of Love / Saving All My Love THIRD SONG TO GO NO. 1: Emotions / Greatest Love Of All EARLY 90s POWER BALLAD: Hero / I Will Always Love You PEAKED AT NO. 4 ON BILLBOARD: I Still Believe / I’m Every Woman SONG WITH "HEARTBREAK" IN TITLE: Heartbreaker / Heartbreak Hotel 2002 LEAD SINGLE FLOP: Through The Rain / Whatchulookinat LATE 90s SMASH HIT: Honey / It’s Not Right But It’s Okay PEAKED AT NO. 3 IN UK: Always Be My Baby / I Have Nothing SEVENTH NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Dreamlover / Where Do Broken Hearts Go COVER SONG: I’ll Be There / Higher Love 1998 BALLAD: My All / I Believe In You And Me MARIAH: 9 WHITNEY: 2
  8. tomás

    once a day during summer because it gets really hot. during winter probably once every other day. i don't wash my hair every time i shower tho and if y'all that take like 2 per day do then
  9. tomás

    what the fuck is chola descent im screeching
  10. i mean she looks a lot younger so good for her but at the same time she doesn't even look like the same person eye
  11. that CAN'T be her. "she's serving beauty wtf happened" sending
  12. i literally cannot believe this omg i'm so shockeddd i'm praying they find her
  13. saw this on twitter a few weeks ago. crazy how much of the US and western society is built upon racism
  14. i guess it's like her own accent mixed with andalucian accent but... yeah it's not giving