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  1. Tomás


    The way we won I'd be honored
  2. Tomás


    Loved his album!
  3. Maybe they let him out early cause nobody could stand his ass anymore
  4. Tomás


    She's a dreamer. She dreams a lot
  5. I doubt he even had corona. This REEKS of publicity stunt. Imagine undermining countless deaths for a political agenda, this man is rotten and the pits of human kind.
  6. Rumours Definition of legendary
  7. Tomás

    if you're not muslim don't comment on how they should react
  8. Tomás

    Mariah > Whitney >>> Celine
  9. Tomás


    Yeah the chorus works SO much better to me. It would be dope if someone could edit the Loverboy video with this version, I agree that she sounds like she's having a lot of fun I hadn't thought about that and you're absolutely right! It fits the mood for the movie better. The doo doo doo's shook me the first time I heard them, it reminds me of ABMB a bit. Love them. Vocally it's pretty good to me. She plays a lot with her vocal dynamics, there's some really good runs, a lot of the song is belted, there's a whistle and some high belts. Nothing other-wordly but it's solid.
  10. Tomás


    Yes omg those bits kinda reminded me of Heat a lil bit Omg not you hating on Here We Praise The Lord Again! An absolute BOP. Honestly the only songs I don't care about are those two ballads from the early 90s kdkdk.
  11. Someone's still pressed and bitter that Mariah blocked them on twitter pathetic.
  12. Tomás


    How are y'all judging the song like that off the title?
  13. Tomás

    Maybe this one?
  14. Tomás


    Ok y'all gonna call me crazy but I kinda bop more to the Firecracker version