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  1. not this... not this


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    2. Tomás


      @mylifelies it's bad bunny lyrics dead1 

    3. Equals =

      Equals =

      @Tomás Huh? I didn't know James Charles listened to Bad Bunny dead1

    4. Tomás


      right? it's getting out of hand i don't like it here @mylifelies

  2. aVuSwNU.gif

    1. Shawn's Slave

      Shawn's Slave

      The boobs being bigger than the head... brit15

    2. Entea


      Cock destroyers, quite literally

  3. help???? what was wrong w him Jinkiesjadj


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    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      The epitome of being gay man on stan Twitter ny4

    3. Horn.E


      Honestly, he is a horrible individual at least online.

    4. Tomás
  4. chile... lemme pretend i do not see it 

  5. la respuesta a tu pregunta es no @Entea demi1 

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    2. Entea


      Oh, looks like a dodged a bullet there then awk1

    3. Tomás


      he's a honorary latino honey!

    4. Kylie


      @Entea I catched the bullet so you could doge cry9 

  6. one of the boys by katy is art change my mind juicy1 

  7. this is sending me

    1. Moist Megatron

      Moist Megatron

      He's so hot, he would so get it!

    2. Tomás


      he's honestly ugly to me nicki5

    3. Moist Megatron
  8. Updated Kali Uchi's artist thread xo Still gotta add some more shit but yea

  9. giving LAMB by Gwen a first listen and the transition from beaner to japanese with Luxurious and Harajuku Girls lmfao1 

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    2. Tomás


      also the way the intro of luxurious is in french??? i- 

    3. Sunshine Kitty

      Sunshine Kitty

      The girls just arent culture vultures like they used to be iggy1

    4. LÉON


      @Madonna the way Then cherry-picked various cultures and blended them together on one disc cry7

  10. si tu novio no te mama el culo pa eso que no mame gaga11

  11. ever since i've learnt how to make my own avi's i can't stop someone make me stop 

    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Be careful what you wish for kylie9

  12. new username bc why not 

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    2. WinnieIsFree


      The way I changed my name and set a trend btw

    3. Ariana
    4. Tomás


      @GagaSavingPop there's lit rally an option to see my past usernames girly

  13. okay haha i know what it is NOW! my crush just hasn’t asked me out yet cause he wants to wait till February the 15th to take me out since all you cringey couples are gonna be flooding the restaurants and he wants to avoid that ugh he’s sooo smart i luv him

  14. proof all parasite haters are mentally challenged


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    2. LÉON


      I suppose in Korea this wouldn't be a very diverse film

    3. Tomás


      well korea isn't a very diverse nation

    4. Urbi
  15. el tiempo que tú esté' dentro yo te esperaré

    1. Luca
    2. Tomás


      voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?