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  1. tomás

    what the fuck is chola descent im screeching
  2. i mean she looks a lot younger so good for her but at the same time she doesn't even look like the same person eye
  3. that CAN'T be her. "she's serving beauty wtf happened" sending
  4. i literally cannot believe this omg i'm so shockeddd i'm praying they find her
  5. saw this on twitter a few weeks ago. crazy how much of the US and western society is built upon racism
  6. i guess it's like her own accent mixed with andalucian accent but... yeah it's not giving
  7. everytime she sings she does that sksk. in KLK she says " bendeci'a" instead of bendecida, in TKN she says heri'a instead of herida for interviews id have to look them up but im kinda sure she does it there too
  8. Omg the accent SENDS me I'm not familiar with Spaniard accents by region but I can tell when somebody's faking and everytime she skips a "d" or an "s" I scream a little
  9. I don't hate her but I literally can't stand Rosalía. I still love her music but I think she's as dumb as it gets
  10. the funniest part about it is that they'll say shit like that on a POP FORUM
  11. tomás

    Music Video

    i'm not feeling her i'm afraid... the fake outrage abt the "cultural appropiation" beyond annoying tho
  12. tomás


    you can still see a bit of the fillers there, specially on the corners of her lips but let's pray she doesn't
  13. tomás


    i love the fact her lips look human again, she should've never fooled around with them to begin with
  14. tomás


    yall don't understand i was OBSESSED with Monte Carlo
  15. tomás

    i think it's because her sales were never as big as her peers' were but her impact in the music industry is undenieable tbh
  16. this again chile?
  17. i thought you meant impact as in on other people i doubt the performance was the only thing to boost the songs though surely the oscar wins helped as well
  18. americans are doing everything BUT what the BLM movement is asking of them
  19. this one was so disgusting who tf even is that
  20. what impact did Bradley and Gaga's peformance have other than the one to bradley's marriage?
  21. tomás


    Bad Girl laughed