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  1. I don't see any lies in my post
  2. It may be a hit but I'm honestly worried about her. Her behavior in interviews is becoming really erratic and she just seems really lost, as an artist and as a person. I may poke fun at ha sometimes but I really do like the good sis, OOTB is literally one of the best pop albums of the 2000s
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    All the legends that matter love Gags
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    She is serving consonant pronunciation
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    ...Katy sis? Are you ok?
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    Someone please tell me this is not real.
  8. Bringin On The Heartbreak is her best song
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    Michael- I vaguely remember. My brother made some dumb jokes about him being a pedophile which annoyed me and that's sadly most of what I recall. Whitney- Yes, I remember I saw the news and realized I hadn't really heard her songs beside IWALY and IWDWS. So I listened to ha GH album and I've been stanning her since then. Prince- Oddly this is the one I remember the least, even though it was literally last year Honestly, it didn't really have an effect on me since I was almost completely unfamiliar with his music/image. I have since discovered how iconic his (and Bowie's) aesthetics are, also he was SO hot
  10. TF/M. Katy could've had 20 #1 hits off TD but she still wouldn't have had the cultural impact Gaga ha during that era.
  11. #35 actually.
  12. She was literally on top for DAYS before the discount and has done no promo. Katy has had a discount on CTTR for weeks, yet I haven't heard a peep from the fossils. Interesting
  13. I mean I would report but that "drag" is so pitiful and lame I don't think it deserves one.
  14. Only because you quoted me first, I literally can't be arsed with you anymore and neither can most of the forum