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  1. Bionic Monster


    Love that my meltdown era is still causing conversation 3 years later, and that you felt the need to sift through all my threads to find this stuff. Fortunately since then I've managed to clean up my reputation on this forum, while you've become more universally hated with each passing year!
  2. Bionic Monster


    This is one of the worst songs I've ever heard
  3. It's true, but a commercial for shaving cream isn't the place to say it.
  4. Bionic Monster

    Congrats on finding four tweets from stan twitter trolls to fit your narrative. Most monsters are supportive of Ava and unbothered by her success.
  5. Bionic Monster


    Most of BTW is amazing (The Edge of Glory, You and I, Marry The Night, Born This Way, Government Hooker, Scheisse, Bloody Mary, and Heavy Metal Lover). The problem is most of the other songs I didn't list suck so bad it couldn't possibly be considered her "magnum opus."
  6. Bionic Monster


    It also has more bad songs
  7. Bionic Monster


    It's a great album but TFM sweetie...
  8. The fact that this didn't win Grammys and sell 10m+ copies literally haunts my dreams at night


    1. Freaky Prince

      Right??? It's such a beautiful song dead4

  9. Bionic Monster

    Celeb News

    lowkey she should delete this version too tho since he still get coins from it
  10. Might just wild out and become a full time Lindsay Lohan stan

  11. Bionic Monster

    Somehow I think that's not the reason.
  12. Bionic Monster

    You're right, they are different scenarios. If you look at the lyrics of Do What U Want at face value (sex), then the song is literally about giving consent to someone. There's no references to Michael Jackson or date rape in the song. I honestly think that the DWUW video could've been good had it been a reflection of her pain and anger from being a rape survivor, but she chose to work with R. Kelly and Terry Richardson and ruined it. The SNL performance is also indefensible. But still, the fact that Gaga is being criticized while all the men that have worked with and supported him over the years get off scot-free is really disgusting.
  13. Bionic Monster

    He clearly knew what he was doing making a sexual song with a title suggesting unconsciousness and featuring you-know-who. There's even a line where R. Kelly talks about making the girl "his drug." And then there's the thinly veiled Michael Jackson reference. This is NOT a good look. But nobody seems to care about this. He is given a free pass, while Gaga (who admittedly fucked up big time with her collab as well) is pressured by the media to apologize. I just don't get it.
  14. I'm having a really hard time with this still. I hadn't heard the quote where she said that "a lot of people write a lot of lies about R. Kelly" until all this drama started recently. It's just icky. That being said, the apology seems very sincere and I do forgive her.