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  1. Bionic Monster

    Fossils are always generalizing Monsters because of GGD/stan twitter so I don't really get what you were trying to do here
  2. Bionic Monster

    When are you gonna get over 2015? You've been whining for almost 4 years now.
  3. Bionic Monster

    Celeb News

    Haus Beauty is CONFIRMED
  4. Bionic Monster


    They knock her down 9 times, but she gets up 10
  5. Bionic Monster

    Omg H.A.T.E.U. teas!!!!!! I wonder what GTFO actually stands for
  6. Bionic Monster


    This is a grower photoshoot, you have to let it marinate in your body first and then you'll love it
  7. Bionic Monster

    Wait Nazi said something about Kulture? Why is she always coming for infants??
  8. Bionic Monster

    I really came in this thread thinking Matty B was getting exposed on Twitter or smth, kinda disappointed
  9. Bionic Monster


    Somebody needs to gif the nose scene tho
  10. Bionic Monster


    The actress jumped out!
  11. Bionic Monster

    Joni Mitchell pioneered a whole new form of guitar and bass playing and wrote all of her albums by herself over the span of 41 years, but Madonna is the best female musician of all time
  12. Bionic Monster

    Y’all can repeat this lie as many times as you want, it will never become true
  13. Bionic Monster

    “Best female musician”