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  1. I remember in the late 2000s people were saying this too and now we would kill to go back there. The grass is always greener
  2. How exactly did I contradict myself? I stated a fact: the Joanne era is doing much better than the Witness era so far and you guys are mad about it. Gaga is superior to Katy in every department except YouTube and you guys are mad about it. No contradictions there. I can't believe you still can't see the victim complex in your posts. It's so blatantly obvious. After all the shit I posted from Madonna Nation, you still think monsters are the big bad meanies and obsessively hating on Gaga is "payback?" I don't believe I've ever made a BGs thread about Madonna on here except once or twice, because although her fans are stuck up, rude, and moody of all extremely obnoxious, I simply don't care enough to open a #MadonnaIsOver party every time a new single of hers drops off the Hot 100 after one week. That's called being a mature person who doesn't get personally offended when some troll Lady Gaga fan says Madonna is old
  3. I literally just saw you in a BGs thread about why you hate the artists you hate say that you don't like Gaga because her fans are scum. That's exactly my point: MADONNA FANS ARE NO BETTER. You forgot Selig and Earth Ripper. The two I just mentioned, Jjang, you, and Kevin make up the Gaga hate circle jerk and you are the one who are defending Katy. You expect me to believe that's a coincidence? Actually, Gaga is above Katy: more album sales, better performing singles, better performing tours, critical acclaim, liked more by the GP, etc. You're pressed because your fanbase was repping for Katy HARD and now she's bombing.
  4. Fossils literally in this thread proving my point while @Angelus still tries to argue it
  5. -Like I said, post receipts from before today -post them then! Like you said , words mean nothing. -sis I'm not shaming you for your English. You have proven many times in the past to be an intelligent person who posts well thought out essays on here, the fact that all of a sudden you cba to complete a sentence doesn't mean youre dumb. There are lots of people who have lived their whole lives in the US who write way worse than u you've just literally given up because you know your points are all invalid, and it shows in everything, including your grammar -you and the other fossils have literally sacrificed everything you stood for in the past to bend over backwards for Katy Perry for no reason? Why are you defending her? Oh yeah, because you and a huge chunk of your fanbase have an unhealthy obsessesion with my fave perched for the "but monsters are obsessed too!!1!!1!1!1!!1!" reply
  6. Actually the correct phrase is "keep contradicting yourself," not "keep contradicting to yourself." Thanks for proving my point for me.
  7. Didn't Merryem say that i after I posted receipts of vile Madge stans? How about receipts from before today sis? Do monsters have threads on GGD wishing death on Katy or Madonna? Do they post ugly pictures of them and mock them? No, but fossils stay perched in Gaga's 40 page Madonna Nation thread! It's funny to me how you've fallen so low you don't even bother to form a complete sentence anymore, but that is none of my business.
  8. You're not even forming coherent sentences anymore sis, just exit the thread.
  9. Please post those two times for me. I would like to see them. The fact is: Gaga stans have been extremely vile in the past. Madonna stans are STILL vile. You guys are hypocrites to look down on monsters when fossils are literally way worse. They are known for bullying anyone who doesn't blow smoke up Madonna's ass (Gaga, Mariah, Janet, Camille Paglia, Patti LuPone, etc.) It actually is true. Monsters on here don't make nearly as many threads about Madonna as fossils do about Gaga. That is literally a FACT. I could numerically prove it to you if I had enough time/cared enough.
  10. Sis there was literally one Gaga stan in the actual Lady Gaga thread who was being bullied by M stans saying "you won't survive one day on this forum" Or maybe Gaga stans just chilled tf out and aren't as vile as they used to be, unlike medonsters who wish death on an artist because she had a feud with their fave in 1995?
  11. I have never, in my two years on this forum, seen any monster call fossils "the most vile and delusional fanbase." However, I see @Ursula say that in literally every single thread he posts. The fact is that the content posted on Madonna Nation is literally 20x worse than the stuff on Gaga Daily and thats just the truth. It is also Madonna stans on here that start most of the drama. Yes, Gaga stans contribute but it's undeniable that fossils mainly do it, what with the #LadyGagaIsOver parties, endless paragraphs, etc. The only reason monsters on here talk about y'all so much is because of all the shit you guys try to pull. If you're gonna drag somebody that much you have to expect backlash from the fanbase
  12. @Angelus since you asked, here are some quotes I've found from the first 10 pages of the "Madonna" thread on GGD: "I loved everything about her in the 90s. Her looks, her videos, her music, she was everything back then." "ray of light is an absolute anthem. i will always stan for that song." "2000's all the way! American life, music and confessions are my 3 fav madonna albums " "Slay at the new thread! Jamming to Music." "Okay, so I've been giving Like a Virgin a second chance lately, and it has REALLY grown on me. " "Ray of Light the song is totally amazing and her voice really shines on it." "I'm starting to dig I'm Breathless. " I literally saw I think 1 hate comment in those 10 pages, and it was nowhere near the level anything on MNation was. There was literally nothing there but polite discussion. And believe me, I looked.
  13. The thing is monsters on here aren't hypocrites. We don't call fossils "the most vile and delusional fanbase," you guys call us that. When in reality, you guys have stans that are just as bad or worse.
  14. From the MadonnaNation "Lady Gaga" thread: "I simply can't get past the forehead, eyes and nose....let alone the mouth!!! It's just too much ugliness from top to bottom." "Only people who are into zoophilia can find this thing hot or attractive" "It's still alive? " "Katy Perry and Miley are both joining Ariana for a concert in Manchester in aid of the victims families. I bet she wished she tweeted something now!" "she may get exposed for paying some russian hacker to buy it all on itunes of the bigger markets a la breaking bad - wouldnt surprise me" this one is just funny "did someone claim "gaga is beautiful"? the ugliest tranny in pop." The "Janet Jackson" thread: (leaving out the racist comments about her infant child): " could y'all even IMAGINE Janet's ugly ass with pale skin and a blonde wig plopped on that lopsided head of hers? I just threw up in my mouth would any of her albums have even went aluminum? "That last name really took her places " "is that baby even related to her?! Definitely it was stolen." "Maybe it's one of them test tube babies Jacksons seem to love so much." "Mariah Carey thread": "Well Mariah has always been an 'escort'...a cheap one basically since she began banging Motolla for the shitty payola beats. " "Holy COW!! She's pretending to work-out in fishnets and rich. I could only bare about a minute of that video. Had to quit when she said "I'm just SITTING here". No, bitch, you're LAYING there, like usual. Only word that comes to my mind is LARD....aka hog lard!!!" "A lazy self-indulgent pig from hell is What she is." es! she loves to throw shade at Madge. And ppl wondering why I DESPISE this cunt so much. 2016 should've taken her instead of George Michael" So yes fossils. Thank you for being the martyrs for all pop stans and showing us delusional monsters the error in our ways. You guys are truly the victims
  15. Imagine taking stanning so seriously and hating an artist so much that you literally form a gang and peruse an internet forum looking for ways to drag her and her fans