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  1. Bionic Monster

    Top 101 smash "Fall In Line" ofc
  2. Bionic Monster

    The sheer ignorance in this thread💀
  3. Bionic Monster

    Music Video

    Its getting praise everywhere, October needs to come NOW
  4. Bionic Monster

    Her friend doesn't even care but twitter will continue with the useless hate bandwagon as usual
  5. Roseanne is dealing with severe mental illness and has been for pretty much her entire life. This may be controversial, but I think she deserves compassion. She’s obviously gone off the deep end. I do think ABC was right to cancel the show, shes a liability and the reboot wasnt even that good anyway. However, the first several seasons of the original show were revolutionary and important. I hope it’s legacy isn’t overshadowed by this.
  6. At first I thought she had her hair teased up to the side like that, tbh would've made the look even better
  7. Madonna is over
  8. Wow, what a disgusting piece of illuminati shit Mafossil is. I don't know how anyone could stan this old decrepit rotting pile of human garbage
  9. Bionic Monster

  10. Bionic Monster


    Serving The Cuntess
  11. Kanye isn't relevant enough to discuss, that's why I didn't mention his name I agree 100%. It's not like she can't be a feminist because of Bad Blood or whatever. I just feel like she's learned nothing from what happened, and it frustrates me because she's so talented and I like her sometimes but she's also a pretty awful person
  12. This thread is dumb but why are y'all acting like Taylor isn't a snake? She tried to get a man dragged by the media in the name of feminism for her own personal gain
  13. Why can't her family leave her alone and let her rest in peace?
  14. Bionic Monster


    -Hey Girl has always been amazing, y'all just want glittery avant gay disco sex bops all the time -So Happy I Could Die is dated trash -The Fame doesn't have that much filler, Born This Way has more -Joanne as a whole is good and enjoyable but feels half-baked -Born This Way is a great song -ARTPOP is one of her best and most daring albums that was ruined by the media, a hate bandwagon, and bad management -