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  1. Bionic Monster

    Didn't Gaga win an Oscar, 3 Grammys and have a #1 single in 2019? Or did I dream that? Sis. Do you really want to open that can of worms? All the dumb shit you've said and done over the years in BGs alone could fill a novel. I know you're obsessed with the past because it's all you have, but I've grown and matured since 2015. And you're still here doing the same boring schtick you were when I joined. I agree with you though, I should post more! Thank you so much for the continued support. "I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me" teas
  2. Bionic Monster

    By pretentious fossils on here? Yes. By the GP? No. She was a cute pop star who took some risks back in the 80s and 90s, but we're in 2019.
  3. GagaChella 2017 was a serve but y'all ain't ready for that conversation

    1. Gravity

      We're not ready because we're having a conversation about Beychela like the rest of the world.

    2. SHANE

      The setlist, the outfits, the visuals it was more than a serve tbh. The Cure’s debut >>> all of Beychella gag1

    3. Gravity

      Too bad no one remembers this 'serve' you're talking about

  4. How could you not stan


  5. Bionic Monster


    TEOG > Angel Down > Teeth > Disco Heaven > Applause
  6. It's fitting that the production is circus/clown themed i low-key love this song tho
  7. Bionic Monster


    This has such "rah rah bitch" energy
  8. Bionic Monster


    Bloodpop and friends have just been making fun of us this whole time for being so thirsty and annoying, and y'all really proved them right by actually believing some of the shit they were saying and getting mad cause the false scenario you created in ur head didn't happen
  9. Bionic Monster


    OP is weirdly pressed for no reason but yes, they do look similar.
  10. This is a cheesy mess. #8 hit Dope is unbothered
  11. Bionic Monster

    Forgive me for not valuing the opinion of someone who thinks ARTPOP is a good album
  12. Bionic Monster

    Norman Fucking Grammy is her first good album in 5 years wottice dis
  13. Bionic Monster

    "21." about "Teenage Dream" as an album anymore, the singles are remembered. "1989" is the only album that comes close to "21" as a cultural moment.
  14. Bionic Monster

    Best of luck to her in all her endeavors!
  15. Bionic Monster

    It would be if she wasn't such a boring vocalist