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  1. Bionic Monster

    WOw what a creative and thought-provoking response!
  2. Bionic Monster

    Her self esteem is literally hinged upon whether she's successful on the charts or not, it's actually really sad.
  3. Bionic Monster

    Doesn't sound that far-fetched given what we know about her personality? He does seem a little mentally off but still.
  4. Bionic Monster

    Madonna will never be as popular or loved or have as much impact as MJ. Your desperate attempts to convince us of anything different sadly do nothing but make you look stupid. Please just accept it and move on. - an open letter from moi to fossils everywhere
  5. Bionic Monster

    The word "iconic" has totally lost it's meaning, and almost none of the performances y'all listed are actually iconic
  6. The background music is a whole SERVE
  7. Bionic Monster

    She's just really boring to me recently. Ashley O on the other hand...
  8. Bionic Monster

    This makes me sad. Seems like she has some body image issues.
  9. Bionic Monster

    Go back to local twitter with those 2011'd gifs sis
  10. Bionic Monster

    I don't care what she was "going for." It wasn't her place to show that to the world, even if it did help some people. What she did was inexcusable and if you watch the "Strike A Pose" documentary, Gabriel's mother still cries about what happened all these years later. For you to act like she's had the biggest effect on the shift in attitude towards LGBT acceptance when actual gay people like Ellen and others had to publicly come out to the world and lose everything they had built up in their career because of it, and then persevered and became more popular than ever, is truly laughable. And all you little medonsters can keep downvoting me all you want cause I won't stop speaking the truth
  11. Bionic Monster

    I mean you're an absurdly easy target but I'm not interested in fighting for 10 pages. I'm just stating facts.- Ellen DeGeneres would like a word. Still lied to, outed and publicly humiliated a gay man. She used all of those dancers as pawns and disposed of them like trash when they no longer were of no use to her. So forgive me for not bowing down to her gay activism.
  12. Bionic Monster

    So gay representation is just a "theme" that she can drop once she's "said what she had to say?" And then she can go back to being basic and singing smooth R&B ballads and getting #1 hits again, right? And we're supposed to applaud her?
  13. Bionic Monster

    Yes, gay imagery like the JML and Erotica videos/SEX book. Which she then abandoned to become a pompous "Lady of the Manor" with her homophobic husband. I'm merely pointing out that she's not the perfect gay icon y'all try to paint her as. She's fake as hell.