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  1. The superior 911 song by a fad


    1. Mario


      wel, it's a very good song but these 911's are better


    2. Royalty


      Interesting lies

  2. Going through old posts because I'm bored in quarantine and I was a vile, awful mess! I really apologize to anyone who had the misfortune of talking to me. I was so depressed and miserable during that time but of course that's no excuse. Sad that now that I've got my life together I never come on here; y'all will just have to take my word for it.jj2 Ok, back to FOTP retirement

  3. Love Me Right has been on repeat for 20 minutes ladies
  4. I prefer to wait until it gets released. And honestly, the more embarrassing thing about the Madonna fans is that she could've released ANYTHING and a certain group of them would've trashed it. They have no reason to be acting so pretentious and holier than thou all the time when their fave is clearly in the beginning stages of a mental breakdown
  5. Because I happened to be lurking BGs when you posted it? I got time today baby, there's a thunderstorm outside
  6. I haven't even listened to it yet and I've stanned Gaga for 6 years
  7. It literally gets better with every listen. I kinda felt the same way you did at first
  8. A little underwhelming at first but that last chorus It's getting better with each listen
  9. You conveniently forgot to mention that in addition to the Superbowl hype, GMAYL featured M.I.A. and prime Nicki Minaj, while Stupid Love is solo. I guess we'll have to see how Gaga's follow-up singles do compared to "Girl Gone Wild" and "Turn Up The Radio" for a more fair fight. That should be interesting. Also, if ASIB was only Bradley's success and Gaga had NOTHING to with it, why did "Always Remember Us This Way," a solo Gaga song which was not released to radio in most countries, outsell GMAYL almost everywhere? Please enlighten me, Jjang. ARUTW: Australia (ARIA
  10. Superbowl hype. How did her follow-up singles do?