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  1. Other Gaga called Joanne a "bitch"

    She has the weirdest relationship with that woman
  2. Your fav lyrics about drugs

    High like amphetamine Maybe you're just a dream That's what it means to crush (pills) Now that I'm waking up I still feel the blow (coke) But at least now I know Where were you, cause I can't see But I feel you watching me Dilated, falling free (dilation of the pupils is a common side effect of drug use) In a modern ecstasy A druggie anthem disguised as an angry breakup song I stan a lyrical genius
  3. A one-year-old album is the third biggest female album of 2017 (according to Billboard 200)

    Congrats Gags
  4. What's Adele's biggest hit?

    SLY is the more remembered than RITD and more impactful than Hello
  5. Other Venus XCX's 17 Best Albums of 2017! (#17-6 revealed)

    I love her first album but I haven't really heard any of her music after that, I'll have to give her new one a listen!
  6. Other Venus XCX's 17 Best Albums of 2017! (#17-6 revealed)

    I haven't heard Places except for Love Is Alive, thank you for reminding me about it! "On My Way" from Louder is sort of the best song of all time. Also, Bjork released an album this year?
  7. Madonna's Successor as the next Queen of Pop?

    all that and she was still a big fat fucking flop that no one liked
  8. Review Taking a look back at 2017

    Started off with the biggest musical events of the year that had literally all of America shook, gained another top 5 hit, released her best video since the BTW era, headlined Coachella, dropped a standalone single/amazing bopT that was a big hit in several countries WW and cured her streaming, filmed a movie with Bradley Cooper, went on a SOLD OUT world tour, had her album and Million Reasons certified platinum, and was nominated for two Grammys. A YEAR.
  9. Madonna's Successor as the next Queen of Pop?

    Madonna was flopping for most of the 90s and she hasn't had a big album since 2005, yet she still holds the Queen of Pop title according to fossils I could address the "disease-faking fraud" comment with the counterpoint that Madonna exposed HERSELF as a disgusting pedophile in the SEX book; but I won't do that because I'm classy.
  10. Madonna's Successor as the next Queen of Pop?

    Fossils get really defensive about this dumb title for some reason but look up "new queen of pop" on google and see whose face pops up.
  11. Discussion The Dive Bar

    It was amazing! Especially the opener, I really didn't expect DH/AYO/PF/PI to snatch me the way it did. But the whole show was great. TEOG was dedicated to Harvey victims and the GG/MR was obviously extremely emotional, so those were highlights. And she was right by us when she sang Joanne I was freaking out Only complaint is these two extremely obnoxious gays who were trying to pass me and my friend but ended up just staying in front of us and taking our spots. When we called them out on it they started making a huge scene about it and everyone around started getting involved trying to defend us Finally one lady gave up her spot for us so we ended up getting a better view in the end. Overall, it was wonderful
  12. "I Stay In Love" Appreciation Thread

    Literally her best song
  13. Celeb News Demi Lovato calls Time magazine "hypocrites"

    This tweet is giving me Confident era teas
  14. Achievement Buzzfeed: The Cure is 2017's best pop song

    Inaccurate, but slay!
  15. Teens know Madonna's songs, but not Mariah's. Why?

    Which ones? I haven't heard a Madonna song on the radio since Hung Up when I was 9