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    The fact that she sold more than Warrior in pure sales in 2017 A comeback
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    Wow she has no problem taking credit for pretty much everything
  3. Ok. Why did Joanne do better than Rainbow first week?
  4. I love Kesha but PI had better peaks WW and Joanne did way better than Rainbow first week
  5. I love Kesha but PI had better peaks WW and Joanne did way better than Rainbow first week
  6. Because it's possible to reinvent yourself while still keeping the same basic quality that made people like you in the first place. None of the new pop girls understand this. Hell, Madonna hasn't even understood in since the "Confessions" era
  7. "Teenage Dream" is her signature sound. Carefree, nostalgic, and explosive pop music. She is was unapologetically bubblegum and she does that way better than almost all of her contemporaries. That's why Witness isn't clicking, once you find what works for you and what you're best at you should stick to it imo. Katy's lucky, she can always go back to that but some artists have been working for ages and STILL haven't found that "signature sound."
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    I checked my phone during class and saw "Lady Gaga tweeted: LADY GAGA/NEW SINGLE/PERFECT ILLUSION/COMING SOON" I ran to the bathroom so quick and then it started raining and I got really wet but I didn't even care Shook AF basically
  9. Dolly's is very touching but there's just something magical about Whitney's rendition. I don't think anyone will ever beat it tbh. Literally tho EVERYBODY in the south loves Dolly.
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    A trendsetter in 2017
  11. If the reply on SJW twitter is always gonna be "it's not our job to educate them!!!!111!" that attitude will never solve anything. Like they spend hours coming for people who do/say anything problematic on social media; I think you can spare the few minutes it might take to tell someone how to be a good and productive ally.
  12. Madonna- an·ti·quat·ed ˈan(t)əˌkwādəd/ adjective old-fashioned or outdated. "this antiquated central heating system" synonyms: outdated, out of date, outmoded, outworn, old, stale, behind the times, old-fashioned, anachronistic, old-fangled, antique, antediluvian, passé, démodé, obsolete; More
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    At least she's trying even if it comes off really extra