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  1. I've been listening to P!nk ever since this new album was released and I didn't know she had so many BOPSgiveup1 

    1. Dan

      So many! bey6 

  2. Discussion

    I still want the 8 finished songs from these sessions
  3. Literally only one of the kids who was asked could name her before they told her who she was tho?
  4. FB: "Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time." Same kid: "I think I'm gonna faint." Looks like he's a rare OGH/OMH hybrid!
  5. Review

    I screamed
  6. Review

    These kids need to join FOTP (2 second in) "Aw, this song is old" "If we were in 1920 we'd probably like it" "Who is this you're showing me? Lady Gaga....when she was young?" FB: "Madonna holds the record for best selling female pop artist of all time." Kid: "I think I'm gonna faint"
  7. Somebody make this tweet viral so she can be down with the kids again!
  8. 1. Hitchhiker 2. Concentrate 3. Tell Me You Love Me 4. Sexy Dirty Love 5. Crybaby 6. You Don't Do It For Me Anymore 7. Games 8. Ruin The Friendship 9. Sorry Not Sorry 10. Only Forever 11. Daddy Issues 12. Lonely
  9. P!nk outlasted them because she is more talented than the other two at almost everything. She's a better and more consistent songwriter than both, and obviously her voice is better than Britney's and about equal to Christina's.
  10. 22366425_776772799196135_116978622432456

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    2. SWINΞ

      Wtf did I just read

    3. Princess Aurora

      Edcation and Busines though dead4 even Lisense lmfao2 alot awk1 it should also be and a real estate school rip4 

  11. I hate her new single but still low-key stan for ha early and mid 2000s bops so I'm happy for her!
  12. add pls
  13. It's not even her best album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie is like 10x better than JLP and sold less than half of it
  14. Madonna- no Mariah- no Kylie- Britney- no Xtina- oreos are sold all over the world Gaga- Yes, even TC was pretty successful in some big markets tho. Now imagine if she would've promoted it! Katy- yes if she releases good music again Taylor- yes Beyonce- yes Rihanna- yes Kesha- im gonna say no but i guess i could see it for her Ariana- yes
  15. Did you not hear? She's an Instagram model/part time actress now!