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    This was fascinating, but by this point Kurt Loder had his head lodged so far up Madonna's ass that he couldn't even ask questions anymore. He comes off like a blubbering idiot here. And his constant failed attempts to stir the pot between Madonna and other pop girls, literally ATRLer being hired to interview celebrities for MTV teas
  2. Celeb News

    Queens Normani and Lauren will be the most successful probably, Ally will make an attempt but fail miserably and stick to Gospel, and Dinah will become a housewife and sell workout equipment or smth on instagram. Bookmark me!
  3. Nothing that Madonna did musically (with the exception of Ray of Light) was ever that shocking or new? All her 80s albums were reasonably conventional, and Bedtime Stories was literally released to tone down her image after backlash. Erotica sounded like it could've come out of any New York club at the time, that literally was THE sound. Not saying she wasn't risky, but she was a trend follower just like pretty much every other main pop girl ever.
  4. LGBT

    He was hot especially in the later seasons of Glee but he's aged like milk Still love you tho Artie sis
  5. 1. The FKA Twigs argument is irrelevant because she hasn't changed with the times and been consistently on-trend for most of her career the way Madonna has. 2. Erotica is great, but you could've found production similar to a lot of the songs in any New York club around the early 1990s. Madonna made great albums out of the contemporary sound of the time (with songs that were often experimental and fresh in their own right while still being accessible) and usually threw in a couple of surefire hits as well. I'm still kind of confused as to why you seem to take this as a bad or insulting thing to Madonna, but whatever.
  6. It’s already like the #1 illegally downloaded song rn. Xtina is like the Adele of those charts
  7. I’ve listened to all her albums actually. Her 80s stuff sounds very of the time (with the exception of some timeless tracks on LAP), Erotica fit in with the new jack swing trend (and she threw a soft ballad and a glittery disco bop that sampled one of her own biggest songs in there for sure fire hits), and Bedtime Stories (while it is amazing) was her most overt attempt to get back into good graces after her previous album failed. From Ray of Light to Confessions on a Dancfloor she had given up on following trends and made imo some of her best work. We won’t discuss what happened after that.
  8. Ok.
  9. Discussion

    I saw the responses to an ATRL thread about this and the way people have reacted there and so far in this thread is kind of disgusting. He didn't consent, and it was sexual harassment. It doesn't matter that she's "Katy Perry," and y'all would've reacted a helluva lot differently if Luke Bryan or Lionel Richie had pulled that.
  10. Why do y'all act like Madonna wasn't breaking her neck trying to chase trends from when she debuted all the way up to Ray of Light? She's a great businesswoman, knew what was happening, and milked it as much as she could. That's nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn't mean her music was bad.
  11. There's so many bad songs on that album, it was hard to choose just one!
  12. It might sound like she's an unapologetic bitch, but sometimes you know she's gotta call it like it is!
  13. Music Video

    Is she trolling?
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    "She just wants to get laid."