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  1. The Oreo Chronicles continue... For some reason it won't embed the video so here's the link: Oreo Pitch Perfect Durnk Found another one! Star Treatment Dunk
  2. Say what? How do u know? Is this some sort of cruel joke?
  3. Short but sweet mention on Billboard.com! "Billboard Dance Chart Upstarts: Christina Aguilera, Felix Jaehn & Goldroom Each week, Billboard Dance looks at rising songs & albums making moves on Billboard's dance charts. Christina Aguilera featuring Nile Rodgers, "Telepathy" Christina Aguilera soars into the Dance Club Songs top 20 in just three weeks with "Telepathy," featuring Nile Rodgers (up 28-18 on the Oct. 15-dated chart). The track, from the soundtrack to the Netflix series The Get Down, was remixed by Eric Kupper, Moto Blanco and Solidisco, to name a fe
  4. I cannot stop watching the choreography video. Wow!
  5. She's the mean spirited hateful one yet you're the one with hate? There was nothing mean or spiteful about the answers she gave. She's honest but definitely not hateful.
  6. I hope that one day xtina will hire Linda as her executive producer for a whole album. She doesn't have to write all the material with Linda but can you imagine if Linda didn't let her "ruin" songs with her perfection/over singing?! And the the icing on the cake would be a sia written track, xtina vocals and Linda perry production. Yas.
  7. Take up knitting and have several seats.
  8. mahalo. Cruz is one of all my all time favorite songs and I'm hispanic so I thought it'd be appropriate.
  9. Everyone involved in this project give me eargasms. I'm trying to not hype it up in my head but in reality I can't fucking wait!
  10. Lol no worries. My bad for not quoting. I'm newish at this. But def not new at stanning x.
  11. Because of the line, "who you love or THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN..." So much racial tension in the US right now revolving around cops and black men in our country. Would take the song to another level and make it the anthem for a group of people who want change and are close to losing hope. Xtina doesn't have the power to reach them in the way Beyoncé can. Plus, Beyoncé has already started the conversation with Formation and this would sort of be the continuation with an ally.
  12. She should record change with Beyoncé for the album. I would die.
  13. The demo leaks with sia are my fav. I love hearing xtina unfiltered and unaltered's emotion and hearing sia on the track is just a bonus. Those two are magic.
  14. How gorgeous would she look if they didn't photo shop her to try and make her look like a skinny 6ft model. Shes petite, curvy and beautiful.