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  1. sh0ckw4ves


    You did the Lord's work
  2. sh0ckw4ves


    The album is so incredible. Spaceship is her best song EVER.
  3. sh0ckw4ves


    She’ll still get #1. And most of us have preordered anyway - I’m just THIRSTY and have two days off work now.
  4. sh0ckw4ves


    I don't think it will tonight to be honest. All the people that got it today will be highkey stans I guess. Tomorrow is more likely though. The biggest thing is most laptops don't even have a CD drive though. Like when I got Witness a week early I literally couldn't listen on my phone/laptop until the release day lmao.
  5. sh0ckw4ves


    A snippet of Let Em Talk got posted on Instagram (it's down now) and it was SO good! I guess Live Nation really did ship the tour bundles early. It'll probably leak tomorrow when more people get them delivered.
  6. sh0ckw4ves


    It's so beautiful
  7. sh0ckw4ves


    I was super excited to hear Rose, especially if the snippet was legit. I thought we'd have got it because she played it for the NY Times last year
  8. I need an explanation, let me talk to the manager
  9. sh0ckw4ves

    Are you kidding I got the email from the mailing list today and just got home from work but BYE at this dream
  10. Okay for about 10 seconds I was like I don't love it but then she slammed that car door and I woke up and saw the light and the heavens
  11. sh0ckw4ves


    Flop for not maxing out a credit card on Rainbow bundles
  12. sh0ckw4ves


    To be honest it's Honeymoon. It's such a great song to be played LOUD, and you can hear every single nuance of the strings and bass. It's incredible. Honeymoon > Cruel World > Born to Die > Ride > Love
  13. sh0ckw4ves


    I really think Hunt You Down is second single material (meanwhile Hymn isn't to me but whatever).
  14. sh0ckw4ves


    Pretend entirely killed her momentum. Was that her choice or RCA's? All Hands on Deck had so much potential, and the video was fire potential too. Pretend could've followed that and instead by now Joyride would have been released and she'd soon be releasing her third album and have a total of 5 Top #10s