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  1. I prefer Witness than snake's discography
  2. Well I don't care about movies or the voice,I care about her music She hasn't released a new album since 5 years but got time for oreo commercials,nashville,private concerts,the voice etc because it doesn't last long,it's better for her to tape some the voice auditions for a few days than go on tour for 7 months
  3. Witness is pretty good bey6

    Favourite songs:Power bey3 Into Me You See cry3

  4. I'm 18 and I have no friends or boyfriend...I spend my time watching tv or sufring the net which is pathetic...I can't pass my driving I'm 18 and I have no friends or boyfriend...I spend my time watching tv or sufring the net which is pathetic...I can't even pass my driving exam...I have had 7 exams so far...it's so annoying and pathetic...I should have fun,spend time with friends and have time of my life and insted of it I am sitting alone in my room orangu1 

    I'm sorry for writing this but I feel like piece of shit today

    1. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      I don't know what's worse, going out and seeing everyone with their friends and boyfriends then wanting to go back home or feeling isolated at home with you, the internet, and your thoughts, wanting to go outside and hang out with "friends" fall1cry8katyanna1

    2. BackToBasics


      It makes me so sad...time flies so fast and I feel like I've been waisting my life since 3 or 4 years brit2 I don't know what's wrong with me...I had few "friends" but apparently they didn't like me enough to become real friends...I feel like piece of shit tbh  jj4

    3. Miss Movin' On

      Miss Movin' On

      Well, Witness is out NOW!  So YAAAYYYYY!!!

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  5. I have never said that mother can't travel...I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER ON TOUR but she really prefers spending time with her children and I can't change it.She prefers going to disneyland with Summer (she was there like 2 days ago) than attending some event Also she earns 3-4m$ per private show and was earning 12m$ per season on the voice so that's why she doesn't give a fuck about touring.She's just lazy
  6. 1.In 2010 her marriage came to an end so she wanted to focus on her son 2.In 2012 she released Lotus but didn't give a fuck about it because she had recorded it just to end her contract with RCA 3.In 2014 she gave birth to Summer Rain and hasn't released new album since 2012 because she prefers being a mother than singer
  7. I would NEVER pay 1 dollar to see Britney's "performance"...my mother dances better than Britney does Also everytime she "performs" she looks like she would love to run away from arena and go home to eat some cheetos Xtina earns 3-4m$ per 45 minutes long performance so
  8. And yet Xtina has better voice,sings LIVE and was named one one of the best vocalists of all time
  9. 3.9 million copies ww in 2008 is kinda flop but the thing is,she had released womanizer which debuted at #1 in US,she promoted album and went on tour.That's why they call it "big comeback".Comparing to 2007,2008 was a great year for Britney
  10. Beyonce is not a God...she's just a human...when will people understand that?!dead2 

    1. BackToBasics
    2. hector


      Tea tbh, Beyoncé ain't nothing else than an overrated "artist"

    3. Ciggy Socialist
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  11. If Britney wants to dance and "sing" at the same time she should learn from Beyonce aka queen of pre recorded vocals It's not a drag,Beyonce dances so she uses pre recorded vocals because no one's able to dance&sing at the same time for 2 hours but she has great pre recorded vocals so almost no one notices that she lip sync
  12. Is Illuminati real?Does it run music industry etc?

    P.S.I'm serious orangu1

    1. Michael.


      @Nixter omg let me apply right now

      stay perched for my debut album ladies, coming for that main pop girl status

      Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gif black girl atrl"

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  13. In your opinion he is important,in my opinion he doesn't mean a thing right now,10 or 15 years ago yes,but now he's not so important
  14. Beyhives would be proud of you-they also love forcing people to believe in fake statements he's relevant in your opinion,but in my-he's not.He has had one solo hit so far which no one remembers anymore
  15. I don't care about Pharell get a life girl and stop talking shit
  16. Xtina has nothing to do with it I just don't care who produced song,I care about vocalist and songwriters...
  17. I can't deny that he has done this but girl...who cares if ge produced 20% of songs playes in uk radio..when I'm listening to music I don't care who produced it