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  1. Hunter.

    I'm not quite sure. But I appreciate the participation anyways! Fixed!
  2. Hunter.

    One thing we're not going to do is let this flop for filth, so get those submissions in because my inbox is officially open!
  3. Hunter.

    Golden - Kylie Minogue Liberation - Christina Aguilera Everything is Love - Beyoncé & Jay Z Sweetener - Ariana Grande A Star is Born - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Caution - Mariah Carey PM-Friendly List
  4. Welcome to the 2018 FOTP Faves Album Megarate! Rotting Returning for my third consecutive year, I'm your host, Hunter! Over the past year, the music industry has been filled with a multitude of new releases! Ranging from strong debut albums, such as Camila and Invasion of Privacy, to highly anticipated comeback albums, such as Dancing Queen and Queen, this year in music has certainly been eventful! With a year packed full of new music, we have experienced the release of six albums by the FOTP Faves! Among the FOTP Faves' releases, Kylie Minogue made her comeback with the country-tinged Golden, Christina Aguilera served the matured Stripped-esque record, Liberation, and Beyoncé teamed up with her husband Jay-Z to produce the joint album, Everything is Love. Additionally, Ariana Grande reached new career heights with Sweetener, while Lady Gaga produced her fifth #1 album, A Star is Born. Mariah Carey rounds out the 2018 FOTP Faves Album releases with her comeback album, Caution. Perhaps the six most discussed albums on FOTP this year, these albums have been widely critiqued by FOTPers as either excruciatingly awful, extremely amazing, or anywhere in between! As the year comes to a close, it is now time to decide which album the FOTP Community believes is superior! HOW TO PARTICIPATE 1. Fully listen to at least one album included in the Megarate. I will only accept ballots that have albums completely rated. It is not required to rate all the albums, however, I will not accept half-rated albums. Additionally, I will not accept ballots that are clearly trolling or rigging the outcome. 2. Assign a numerical rating, out of 10, to each song on the albums in the Megarate. For each album, you are allowed to score one song as an 11, meaning your favorite track, and one song as a 0, meaning your least favorite track. It is also encouraged that you include commentary on songs! 3. Send your completed list of scores to myself via personal messenger by December 31, 2018 and tune into the Results Show later that week! I hope you all enjoy this event as we celebrate the FOTP Faves and their releases this year! I would like to extend a special thank you to @Onika, @Lachlan, @RihannaRTT, @CHANEL #1, and @Luca for making this event possible and as great as it is! Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns below! No matter what the outcome is, just remember to have fun!
  5. Hunter.


    Truly surprised at Like I Do. I guarantee it won't win, but the nomination is amazing nevertheless!
  6. hello yes I've rihturned from the dead to announce that Miss Minaj quite literally tore the wig right off my head. Wayne jumping on for a remix wasn't needed, but it also didn't ruin it thank god. The Queen era visuals remain her best to date.
  7. Hunter.

    Music Video

    I mean, the NTLTC and GIAW videos set the bar incredibly high, so I knew there was a chance the quality would decrease for this video. It is no where near as great as the two other videos this era, but it was cute. A lot of the scenes were gorgeous.