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    Music Video

    I mean, the NTLTC and GIAW videos set the bar incredibly high, so I knew there was a chance the quality would decrease for this video. It is no where near as great as the two other videos this era, but it was cute. A lot of the scenes were gorgeous.
  2. TOP ARTISTS CHART #1 - Ariana Grande (+2) #2 - Lady Gaga (-1) #3 - Clean Bandit (NEW) #4 - Nicki Minaj (+4) #5 - Christina Aguilera (+1) #6 - Taylor Swift (-1) #7 - Allie X (NEW) #8 - Britney Spears (NEW) #9 - Kim Petras (RE-ENTRY) #10 - Mariah Carey (-3) TOP ALBUMS CHART #1 - Sweetener (+2) #2 - Queen (+3) #3 - A Star is Born Soundtrack (-2) #4 - Liberation (RE-ENTRY) #5 - Turn Off the Light: Volume 1 (+5) #6 - Super Sunset (NEW) #7 - Reputation (RE-ENTRY) #8 - Lady Wood (NEW) #9 - Dangerous Woman (NEW) #10 - Dua Lipa (-8) TOP SINGLES CHART #1 - "Baby" (NEW) #2 - "Thank U, Next" (NEW) #3 - "Party For One" (NEW) #4 - "Close Your Eyes" (RE-ENTRY) #5 - "Barbie Dreams" (NEW) #6 - "No Tears Left To Cry" (NEW) #7 - "Dip" (NEW) #8 - "Always Remember Us This Way" (-5) #9 - "Breathin'" (RE-ENTRY) #10 - "APESHIT" (NEW)
  3. Official FOTP Music Charts Week 4 (October 28 - November 4, 2018) Chart Summary After weeks of stalling at #2, Ariana Grande finally nabs the #1 spot on the Top Artists Chart and the Top Albums Chart with Sweetener. On the Top Singles Chart, Sweetener singles "No Tears Left To Cry" and "Breathin'" at #6 and #9, respectively, and "Thank U, Next" also debuts at #2. "God is a Woman" barley misses the Top Singles Chart, while Dangerous Woman makes an appearance on the Top Albums Chart at #9. The Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj has a significant presence on the charts this week. Minaj sees herself at the #4 spot on the Top Artists Chart, Queen rises to #2 on the Top Albums Chart, and "Barbie Dreams" and "Dip" both chart on the Top Singles Chart at #5 and #7, respectively. Halloween week proved to be a benefit for Kim Petras as "Close Your Eyes" and Turn Off the Light both rise on the Top Singles Chart and Top Albums Chart. Petras also sees her debut on the Top Artists Chart at #9. After dominating the charts for the past month, Cardi B has completely fallen off all three FOTP Music Charts in Week 5. FOTP October Spotlight Artists Robyn and Dua Lipa see their decline on the Top Singles Chart and Top Albums Chart as they fail to keep the momentum they established last week.
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    so close
  5. What type of ugly ass album name
  6. okay. Tell me the username and I will use that one then!
  7. I'm confused. Do you want to make a new Last.FM account or contribute via PMs? And I don't blame you at all.
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    Or she can release another album/ep!