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  1. Game

    I'll take White Mustang
  2. Discussion

    10+ because I'm an optimistic bitch
  3. Really? I enjoy Malibu, however I can't really get into Inspired that much. She definitely has created better ballads. On Jimmy Fallon she said she "kinda" knew when the album was coming, but kinda not because she doesn't know if she's completely done yet. So far this record sounds like a summer or late-summer release, so I'm hoping for August at the latest, but who knows.
  4. I stan @Alex., so I'll give this a read.
  5. When you start a trend in the status updates.


    1. Warrior

      You're a trend setter what can I say


    2. LOUVRΞ

      And then you kill it laughcry1

  6. Event

    She still can and she better with LG6
  7. AP @Tasso Merge please!
  8. Discussion

    And Love on the Brain tops all of them!
  9. I have a feeling it's as in Skrrrrrrt.
  10. I Kissed A Girl is, yes!