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  1. so is the album dropping after this performance or next week's performance?
  2. Discussion

    oop that is tea
  3. Same Hopefully the rest of this era goes this well!
  4. ngl I was surprised at the amount of publicity she got today. The Barbz are a powerful force but it seemed as if it reached a lot more people than usual.
  5. Discussion

    Was about to pick "Im iconic and can't decide" but then I saw Barbie Tingz was losing.
  6. Music Video

  7. Living for this era already.
  8. Discussion

    She wasn't in an era though
  9. Discussion

    Omg pls @Onika we need a section for our wigs to be collected
  10. Discussion

    Y'all we need to start a petition to add Nicki to the Spotlight section. @Maraj @Royalty @Royale
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    Wig missing I prefer Barbie Tingz, but this still scalps.