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  1. Event

    Attention Barbz, Nicki needs our vote! Nominate her now!
  2. Event

    We have one!
  3. A VIDEO COUNTDOWN? IM SHOOK @Maraj Amazing job!
  4. That's a good point. I just always feel bad for Australian stans whenever their fave tours and never visits there, so I'm glad Ari is coming for you!
  5. Is there a reason why major pop girls never tour Australia?
  6. Game

    His verse isn't that bad imo. 9!
  7. @Tasso Can you merge these threads?
  8. All I'm trying to do is my job on FOTP as a News Team Member but people keep snatching my threads!
  9. It'd be ruined by the others featured anyways. I'll wait for a collab between just the two of them for a mv!
  10. I love your avatar wub1 

    1. Monster

      Thanks! wub1 Love yours too, Medoner! wub1 

    2. Royalty

      Thank you my whole set is a tribute to the best character in the Necki Menij show wub1