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  1. Game

    REMINDER: The submission deadline is exactly halfway complete! That means you have two weeks left to submit rates for your favorite and least favorite Magnum Opuses! PM-Friendly Lists are located in the post below the OP, so get on it! I hope to see you all flooding my Inbox!
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    If you love, or hate, (or have just listened to) Kylie's Impossible Princess, be sure to send in rates for the FOTP Faves Magnum Opus Megarate here!
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    Hieeee! I'd appreciate it if you all could all support the Alaska Thunderfuck Stan Badge here! Thanks!


  4. She posted the comment in the comments section!
  5. https://twitter.com/ProducerOmega/status/966179444300959744 https://twitter.com/ProducerOmega/status/966181176426803203 The tweets aren't embedding, but it's nothing more than just false hope!
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    Well at least someone is performing her music!