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  1. I was wondering who tf Regine Filange was, so I googled and watched this video and now I'm cracking up. lmfao1 


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    2. Queen

      ... no. wendy3 I've never really been a dedicated Friends viewer. sia1 

    3. Régine Filange

      you did not said that. oprah10

    4. Queen

      I know. wendy3 I think I need to get into it more based off of this video. jj2 

  2. okay but if her lips stayed like this the entire era it would've been perfect.
  3. Up in Flames - 110 Freedom - 50 Hell Yeah - 55 High School - 60 I'm Legit - 25 Va Va Voom - 100
  4. Queen


    Roman's Revenge vs. Roman Reloaded
  5. someone said the Woohoo and Express choreo can be seen. If I see Express live I will definitely faint omg.
  6. This. I want her to realize how much she loves being a pop star and actually start giving a shit again, but unfortunately I think that ship has sailed.
  7. Not Ooh La La reaching 100M before some of her videos that actually deserve it.
  8. I think I'm going to see it every day of opening weekend.
  9. okay so the pre/post show look is a shoot, but wtf is with the hat for the show look? It would be so much better without it.
  10. Up in Flames - 105 Freedom - 55 Hell Yeah - 55 High School - 60 I'm Legit - 30 Va Va Voom - 95
  11. Queen


    FUCK Barbie Dreams vs. Roman's Revenge
  12. Queen


    Cruel World - 70 Ultraviolence - 175 West Coast - 60 Pretty When You Cry - 55 Fucked My Way Up To The Top - 60 Old Money - 180 Black Beauty - 115