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  1. Come back icon! alex1 

  2. While I don't think it would win, I definitely think it might've actually had a chance. NFR is so ... to me.
  3. The US Finales are definitely bigger spectacles for sure, but I really enjoyed this finale! This top three was honestly one of the best group of finalists in years! Each one of them really brought it all season, especially the top two. As far as who won, I wasn't rooting for them, but she really deserved it. I mean, she was fantastic all season and completely killed the final runway. I mean, I was speechless. The runner-up also did fantastic this episode too. Her gown was top notch as well. Those two really ruled this season. I loved the final lip-sync too! When Ru announced the winner
  4. SOTY for NFR is so confusing to me. Honestly, I hope she snatches AOTY. It would be so cool to see her win it over the others. Do I have high hopes for that? No, but..
  5. At the end of the day, this is all I really want!
  6. Random, but I guess not bad. Wish it was up for AOTY though.
  7. The gag of her pretty much stating all of the reputable actors and actresses of AHS have left and a bunch of meh actors and actresses tried to fill in the gap. She's not wrong though! Going from Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, etc. to Gus Kenworthy and Billy Eichner? Disgraceful.
  8. As long as it isn't a double win, I'm good!
  9. Are we supposed to be talking in spoilers if the episode has already aired?
  10. I enjoy them all too! In terms of winning though, I am rooting for Divina, but would be happy if Vivienne won too. I enjoy Baga, but I don't think she deserves to win over the other two.
  11. I was going to skip the Christmas and Misc sections, but I suppose I could muster up the energy to rate 5 from each.
  12. I would say that is good, isn't it? I mean, tickets don't need to be outrageously expensive anyways.