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  1. I was going to skip the Christmas and Misc sections, but I suppose I could muster up the energy to rate 5 from each.
  2. I would say that is good, isn't it? I mean, tickets don't need to be outrageously expensive anyways.
  3. Slasher

    Artist Randomdonna

    Hello. so, I wanted to watch the iconic, immaculate MDNA Tour the other day, but my DVD was at home (and I am at school). so, I was going to rent it off of Apple or Amazon or literally any platform and I couldn't find it. Am I stupid and unable to find it or it is not available and I am unaware? Let me know!
  4. This constant disappearing act... make a full blown return NOW

    1. Slasher


      I'm so embarrassed. wendy3 Maybe if I just keep rebranding myself every time I reappear people won't know I disappeared. wendy3 Hopefully I remain more consistent this time around! jj2ny1 

  5. I've been dying to join a BB Game for a while now, but I think it'd be better and have more participation if it were an actual album. Just my honest opinion.
  6. Oh! I knew it was a rumored title for an album, I just assumed it was NFR since it was finally on this album. It probably would've came off a bit like that, but the quality would've matched the title at least! And if we're being completely honest, I wasn't that interested until Doin Time came along. I literally couldn't make it through Venice Bitch and I thought MAC was dull. I didn't even listen to HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI ( ) right away because of the shitty artwork and because I didn't love MAC and VB. But I am glad to report that my nonsense has since been cleared up. I don't
  7. Honestly almost any other song could've been used for the title track and been a better fit then NFR. It is just so random to me, especially with her explanation as to why she named it NFR. I also think that the rumor it was originally titled TNBAR got me super excited, so when she changed it to NFR I was like, wtf? but oh well, it's her album, not mine! One thing I do appreciate is that the name made my standards lower, especially since I didn't love almost any of the pre-release singles, so when I listened to it I was pleasantly scalped. I even found I liked MAC and VB much
  8. While TNBAR is nowhere near the best song on NFR, I would've loved that as the title track for this album. I feel like TNBAR suits the album and era aesthetic perfectly. NFR is just so awkward to me.
  9. Seeing you say this makes me scared.
  10. I'm excited to for DRUK as well! I've heard that British drag is much different than American drag, so I hope that is showcased on the show and Ru doesn't 'Americanize' it. And an All Stars season of US vs UK Queens sounds amazing. Hopefully they can figure out work VISAs and everything to make that happen! If they do decide to do that, I hope we continue to get UK seasons as well. I'm sad that Ru isn't involved in DR Canada. The budget probably won't be nearly as high as it would be if he was hosting, but I'm still excited for that one as well! I've seen a lot of complaints abou