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  1. While I don't think it would win, I definitely think it might've actually had a chance. NFR is so ... to me.
  2. SOTY for NFR is so confusing to me. Honestly, I hope she snatches AOTY. It would be so cool to see her win it over the others. Do I have high hopes for that? No, but..
  3. I like the concept to say the least!
  4. Slasher


    At the end of the day, this is all I really want!
  5. Random, but I guess not bad. Wish it was up for AOTY though.
  6. The gag of her pretty much stating all of the reputable actors and actresses of AHS have left and a bunch of meh actors and actresses tried to fill in the gap. She's not wrong though! Going from Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, etc. to Gus Kenworthy and Billy Eichner? Disgraceful.
  7. Slasher


    I was going to skip the Christmas and Misc sections, but I suppose I could muster up the energy to rate 5 from each.
  8. If only the Billboard Charts had this much taste.
  9. I would say that is good, isn't it? I mean, tickets don't need to be outrageously expensive anyways.
  10. Slasher

    Celeb News

    Regardless of stan opinions, this would literally obliterate the charts. Here for it!
  11. Her best song. Don't @ me.
  12. As she should. I mean, besides maybe Beyonce, she has pretty much owned this decade when it comes to female pop.
  13. Slasher


    How strict of a requirement is this?