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  1. Oh! I knew it was a rumored title for an album, I just assumed it was NFR since it was finally on this album. It probably would've came off a bit like that, but the quality would've matched the title at least! And if we're being completely honest, I wasn't that interested until Doin Time came along. I literally couldn't make it through Venice Bitch and I thought MAC was dull. I didn't even listen to HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI ( ) right away because of the shitty artwork and because I didn't love MAC and VB. But I am glad to report that my nonsense has since been cleared up. I don't have the urge to skip VB and I really love MAC! Also, Hope is definitely one of my favorites on the album.
  2. Tough Lover

    Lana Del Rey - The Greatest Megan Thee Stalion (f/ Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) - Hot Girl Summer Katy Perry - Small Talk Lizzo & Missy Elliott - Tempo Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter Madonna - God Control Nicki Minaj - MEGATRON Miley Cyrus - Slide Away Taylor Swift - Lover Lana Del Rey - Fuck It I Love You Kygo & Whitney Houston - Higher Love Iggy Azalea & Kash Doll - Fuck It Up Ariana Grande & Social House - Boyfriend Billie Eilish (f/ Justin Bieber) - bad guy Normani - Motivation Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita Ashley O - On a Roll Taylor Swift - You Need to Calm Down Beyoncé - Spirit Ava Max - Torn
  3. Tough Lover

    What a great Top 10 to start the charts with! Definitely shocked to see Ava Max at #8, but happy to see it nonetheless! Even happier that Lizzo is in the Top 10 as well! Hot Girl Summer needs to rise next week! Also can't wait for Don't Call Me Angel to snatch.
  4. Honestly almost any other song could've been used for the title track and been a better fit then NFR. It is just so random to me, especially with her explanation as to why she named it NFR. I also think that the rumor it was originally titled TNBAR got me super excited, so when she changed it to NFR I was like, wtf? but oh well, it's her album, not mine! One thing I do appreciate is that the name made my standards lower, especially since I didn't love almost any of the pre-release singles, so when I listened to it I was pleasantly scalped. I even found I liked MAC and VB much more within context of the whole album.
  5. While TNBAR is nowhere near the best song on NFR, I would've loved that as the title track for this album. I feel like TNBAR suits the album and era aesthetic perfectly. NFR is just so awkward to me.
  6. Tough Lover


    Love the title! Hopefully she doesn't switch it!
  7. Tough Lover


    Norman Fucking Rockwell - 80 (-) Venice Bitch - 70 Fuck It, I Love You - 20 Doin' Time - 90 Cinnamon Girl - 85 The Greatest - 75 (+)
  8. Tough Lover


    Seeing you say this makes me scared.
  9. I agree. I think I might've set my standards too high, or I overhyped myself, but I wasn't floored by the song. Hopefully it's a grower!
  10. I'm gagged people remembered me enough to consider me.
  11. Tough Lover

    Also, here are some songs I noticed weren't on the list, but could be considered: Tempo - Lizzo & Missy Elliott (July 26) Fuck It Up - Iggy Azalea & Kash Doll (July 19) On a Roll - Ashley O (June 14) Mother's Daughter - Miley Cyrus (June 11)
  12. Tough Lover

    So excited for this to make a return!
  13. Tough Lover


    Hey You Got Drugs? & Glad He's Gone
  14. Tough Lover


    Black Beauty, Old Money, & Off to the Races
  15. Tough Lover


    Rainbow, Spaceship, and Love Into the Light