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  1. Logan Beauty and the Beast Ghost in the Shell The Fate of the Furious Split Wonder Woman am planning to see: Justice League (hope it doesn't disappoint bec i really love JL. they better do it justice!!! ) Spider-Man: Homecoming (not sure if i want to see this anymore, it's like i've seen the whole movie via the trailers.. Lol) Kingsman: The Golden Circle Thor: Ragnarok
  2. Just another manic monday... brit12

  3. Call On Me by Janet usrs1:D

  4. Stars are Blind is a cute song. Wow. 

  5. asstaticx


    If I like the album and its artwork, why not?
  6. asstaticx


    I love the song but the video is... the song deserved a better video 3
  7. asstaticx

    He's repetitive. He has a great voice but he needs to do something different. Getting tired of his throwback songs. Finesse & Chunky are cute songs tho... while Uptown Funk is