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  1. Just another manic monday... brit12

  2. Call On Me by Janet usrs1:D

  3. Stars are Blind is a cute song. Wow. 

  4. Still Not a Player - Big Pun ft. Joe is still fire. cry7 Drake could neva

  5. can someone send me a link of mariah's E=MC² album (320kbps pls jj2 ) ?!?! cry5 i don't know how i lost that folder !! cry8  "i can't even know what to say" moo1 

  6. Can someone send me the original gif of these clap1gaga13cry1ny1 pls pls pls pls pls ty 

  7.  I used to take piano lessons. I only learned the basics bec I stopped so soon brit2 & I probably forgot it all already brit2 i really want to be able to play so i can pretend like i'm alicia keys brit2

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    2. asstaticx

      Didn't see your question yet when i typed that lol

    3. Kirjava

      Oh, I see. fall2

      I'm just asking cuz I'd assume an electric piano would be cheaper than a real one.

    4. asstaticx

      Oops i forgot to mention that detail.... dead2Yeah I'll be buying an electronic one but I don't know what I'd choose

  8. just downloaded Alicia Key's discography and just started listening. i was already slayed with  Piano and I cry1 

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    2. asstaticx

      Almost done with Songs in A Minor cry1 had to repeat a few songs antm1

    3. Blue Blue

      I'm still sad too, honestly, but just don't think about it anymore default_smile.png

    4. asstaticx

      I'm doing my best :) thanks :) 

  9. Queen cry1cry1cry1 


    1. asstaticx

      badass. sexy. effortless. what a queen cry1

  10. Tell me one good reason I shouldn't kill myself.

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    2. asstaticx

      I'll try later and thank you. It means a lot.

    3. Firdawsi

      Sis, I have had a hard life too

      But I don't wanna give up just now


      You should find your destiny

    4. asstaticx

      I hope I will.