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  1. how so? it wasn’t sent to radios until after it started smashing, it wasn’t added to many popular playlists until after it smashed, it was hardly advertised and shoved down anyone’s throat when it was first released, so how is it not organic. y’all are really gonna need to learn that unexpected success due to it going viral on social media =/= inorganic.
  2. Divine


    tea although I’m not upset about it not being on the same tier as those songs. it definitely shows a different side of her which I think was the point. I quite enjoy the song tbh!
  3. Divine


    sounds interesting and different!
  4. Divine


    its giving very much graphic design is my passion
  5. Divine


    I mean she looks good at least...
  6. One of them is definitely Doja since she already has a verse for the song. Not quite sure who the other girl could be
  7. Divine


    It’s actually the song she released last year called Everybody Has. It’s cute but kinda mega boring
  8. Divine


    why are so many people getting cakes of this... am i the only one who finds this corny
  9. Divine


    the SMASH omg as it deserves to be
  10. Divine


    nope, X and the album both got pushed back. X will be released this month but still no word yet on when Querencia will be released but I would say February.
  11. Divine


    this was still happening? I-
  12. Divine here

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