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  1. Divine


    only if you buy and stream Bad Boy by Red Velvet 💋
  2. Divine


    I’m an innovator 💋 Cackle wackle we-
  3. Divine


    I am homophobic wbk jk ofc I’m hosting a listening party sus!
  4. Divine

    She hasn’t indicated it’s changed which she usually would if she did change it so as of now yea. Who knows with her though, she might decide tomorrow she wants to name it something else.
  5. Divine

    Aww that’s horrible! ): buy and stream the thank u, next album February 8! 💋✨
  6. Omg February 8! We only have to wait two more weeks ladies!
  7. Divine


    I’ve never seen OAH’s lose so hard before 💋💋
  8. Divine


    Not counting my chickens before they hatch but the girls already seething is a scream!
  9. Genius isn't a credible source since everyone can edit it. Although many of the songs were at least teased or confirmed at some point, we still don't know the order, some songs were added and taken off so who knows at this point what the final tracklist is.
  10. I hope you’re all having a blessed Sunday! A day of rest, but not for Agugaga!
  11. Every post just telling Agu to shut up 😭😭😭😭 Give it up Deelishis!
  12. Divine

    You know you have to give props to Agugaga. Despite coming across as totally nonsensical and completely disconnected from reality, he’s nothing if not persistent. Keep it up Agu.
  13. Divine

    shut up Winnie and stream 7 Rings <3