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  1. Divine


    The rain scene was everything I’ve wanted out of a pop girl and then some
  2. Divine

    Well yea pretty much every girl nowadays gets Botox to help prevent age and smile lines, lip fillers are also super in but it’s not like she went fish lip like Kesha, and her nose job is pretty mild too. She’s barely done anything drastic enough to be worrisome
  3. Divine

    Duh Ariana changed the most given she was a literal teenager in the before picture and she’s 25 in the after photo. Her face and body matured, as one usually does as they enter adulthood. It’s hardly worrisome. You’re comparing her pictures to women who started out already in their 20’s and past that development. Obviously she’s gonna have the more dramatic transformation. She still has people telling her she looks like a toddler too so I’m sure she’ll be fine at 50.
  4. Divine

    Set swap pairings have been sent out to everyone and it is now time to create your sets! You have until August 23rd to PM me your completed sets! Remember, be creative and be messy! You and your partner could win a month of FREE VIP from it!
  5. Divine

    the fact that bad guy could have broken Mariah's record had it not been for OTR is crazy to me the top 10 has been SO stagnate this year, it's been such a bore..
  6. Divine

    are you ready for this? zimzalabim!!!
  7. he’s had ENOUGH of the raggedy stans coming for Ariana’s pen omg
  8. GATHER THEM BABY YES! Tell everyone about Ariana's pen xx
  9. Divine

    ofc songs like that they are stories that people can identify with. Children were singing this song, at graduations, at weddings... at funerals
  10. Divine

    Normani hands down. I hope it smashes and smashes hard. It's what she deserves!
  11. Divine

    Music Video

    It's a cute song but it really is not single material at all. It's the definition of promo single and album track.
  12. It wouldn’t have worked at all. Pink would have made Ally into herself and Pink’s entire persona and look is the “relatable” punk rockstar type that thinks sticking the middle finger up with a scrunched up face while chugging beers makes her a bad bitch. She wouldn’t have fallen for Bradley’s character so the plot wouldn’t have been believable. No acrobatics, no Pink!
  13. Divine