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  1. Divine

  2. 20. Bang Bang 19. One Last Time 18. Right There 17. Everyday 16. Love Me Harder 15. Knew Better/Forever Boy 14. No Tears Left To Cry 13. Side To Side 12. Baby I 11. Be My Baby 10. Santa Tell Me 9. The Way 8. Dangerous Woman 7. Be Alright 6. Moonlight 5. Problem 4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 3. Honeymoon Avenue 2. Break Free 1. Into You
  3. Clean Bandit, I Will Never Forget You or w/e and Lush Life carrying 80% of those streams too oh wow!
  4. Last I looked it was still ME but that was months ago so it’s possible So Good (at selling 5k) overtook it by now
  5. leave the Kesha stan cave every so often and you would have known!
  6. ME is the most streamed female album on Spotify and has been for several years now
  7. Divine


    @Winnie. you snapped
  8. I’m out of the troll mood I was in earlier so yes I will keep ignoring y’all dd
  9. Should spell check before attempting to shade something. Just a tip from me to you. 💋