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  1. Such a random collab, especially since they all have VERY different sounds Perched to see what this will sound like!
  2. South of the Border feat Camila Cabello.... he knew what he was doing omg
  3. Divine

    I mean, yea. OTR will probably be #1 for many more weeks, and is showing signs of breaking the 16 week record since it’s not slowing down in the slightest. It’ll take a massive release to knock it down. However, there doesn’t seem to be any massive releases on the horizon so...
  4. Ariana queen of space confirmed
  5. Divine

    pfff DRAG meniniSM
  6. Divine


    First photo isn't from the album sis not really sure what you're trying to prove but let me reiterate that 1-3 photos (or however more of her you find with her head slightly more tilted as if that means anything) is hardly a photoshoot and fans are more than allowed to be let down by the lack of flair put into the era.
  7. Divine

    I don’t want to talk about Joy’s either. Get it away. Get it away from me now.
  8. Did you ignore the entire second verse where she tells the anti-LGBT+ protestors to get a job? Something tells me that was the reason for the increased donations
  9. Divine


    There was two. The cover and the iTunes banner. The album booklet was screenshots from the 7 rings video. Regardless, that’s hardly a photoshoot.
  10. Divine


    the random deflection and derailing. next person to quote me in here better not waste my time.
  11. Divine


    go for it, doesn't make my point any less valid baby girl
  12. Divine


    we're considering one photo for the cover a photoshoot?
  13. I like it! I probably won’t care for it in a couple days though, let alone when the album drops. I dont know I feel like the new songs are lacking something? Hoping a promo song or album tracks deliver though!