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  1. “Before Pharrell” basically confirms its fake af. He was involved with Sweetener since day one.
  2. Oh baby he’s just YOUR mutual now! woman hating trash was taken out! you enjoy him tho!
  3. You took months to follow me on your private account meanwhile you followed one of MY mutuals with a quickness. Don’t test me baby
  4. Side A and Side B are nothing but SERVES! Side C is super messy and Side D is mega boring bar Come N Goes Overall LOVE the album though! Annie Kim never misses!
  5. 1. test drive 2. main thing 3. worst behavior 4. someone like u 5. 34+35 remix (don't hate it, i just never listen to it and forget it exists ) god I really wish the songs were longer, especially test drive. they would definitely benefit from a bridge and third chorus added.
  6. stop being an Admin

    1. Tahj


      umm where is mine?

    2. Divine


      I'm being held captive

  7. already the biggest serve of the century
  8. the teaser is only the sub title track so we're likely getting two videos and the rumor that it's gonna be a mini/album is true
  9. the Lovesick Girls bathtub omg? we love a blackpink cinematic universe
  10. That would be interesting! But I can’t help but feel like he’s “teased” a bunch of collabs that definitely didn’t exist before
  11. a placement on TTH means inorganic now? despite it taking until the near end of the tracking week for it to end up there? I beg you to please leave the stan bubble and maybe you’ll understand why it smashed so hard.
  12. how so? it wasn’t sent to radios until after it started smashing, it wasn’t added to many popular playlists until after it smashed, it was hardly advertised and shoved down anyone’s throat when it was first released, so how is it not organic. y’all are really gonna need to learn that unexpected success due to it going viral on social media =/= inorganic.