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  1. Divine


    i know that's right!
  2. Divine


    the way he's blocked Ariana from #1 so many times he's a danger to society and every day where he's still free and threatening to release is another day we have to live in fear
  3. Divine


    We were up against two Drake songs we were doomed from the start unfortunately
  4. Divine


    7 rings > tun > rain on me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nails on a chalkboard >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> stuck with u
  5. thank u, next 7 rings stuck with u Rain On Me
  6. they can, they have, and they will continue to do so on October 2, 2020 and for the foreseeable future! mind the business that pays you!
  7. we are truly on the weirdest timeline
  8. The blatant xenophobia against asians ever since the pandemic began disgusts me. News flash! South Korea has actually done an amazing job keeping the virus under control and containing it. So that group of men and Asian establishments you’re clutching your pearls over are actually less likely to be carrying the virus than your average white American citizen considering how many cases we are seeing state side! Get a grip weirdos.
  9. Tease of when Lady Gaga promoted Born This Way on FarmVille
  10. Divine

    the video is good some of y’all are just annoying
  11. Divine


    @Royale where did Michael go
  12. Holiday was cute for a day but nothing of their's has really STUCK since Glory Days. Really praying they pull through.