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  1. For years I watched as FOTPers mocked, dragged, lashed, and relentlessly tugged on Christina Aguilera's bleach fried scalp. I sat back with a grin on my face and would think to myself "thank god this would never be my fave." The yearly thread of "Xtina confirms she's working on new album!" only for absolute radio silence from the Oreo spokeswoman until the next year when she would say the same thing, like an evil cycle. My sister Ariana Grande was popping out hits left and right as if tomorrow was her last day on earth, many of which debuting at #1 btw. Every album except Dangerous Woman (fck
  2. forgot to say thank you akjdhg ! it looks stunning thank you love of my life!
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    and if you wondered if i hate @Urbi I do !!
  4. My boss was lying about a bunch of wage discrepancies and he blamed us for him not paying us well enough to live in this shitty economy we live in we're not being overworked and underpaid in this house gworls! never forget your worth and always remember to act your wage! I miss you too omg! can't believe I have to crawl back here to rot just to talk to some of yall again. it's disrespectful honestly! truly! yes yes 1:36-1:40 and maybe add 1:57-1:59 if it looks extra cute
  5. the sia to my beyonce. back to the basement he goes!
  6. Update:: I quit my job and went somewhere else but now I hate it there too and I'm trying to figure out where to take my life next because this is NOT it. also fake bitch for not following me immediately upon recreating a new account! hope a pigeon SHITES on your head on your next morning stroll! but I hope things are getting better king, you don't deserve to deal with such trash! subject change but could you do me a favor? deleted my photoshop membership and this avi is not giving. could you make me one of Irene from the Queendom video?
  7. To make matters worse, Travis continued to perform for over 30 more minutes while festival goers begged him, security, and staff to end the show and get help for the people being crushed, trampled, and suffocated. Kylie was posting photos of the set with the ambulance in the shot. People were getting on top of the emergency vehicles to "rage" and Travis encouraged this behavior. Everyone involved in this show deserve imprisonment. People need to be held responsible for the roles they played in the deaths of 8 innocent people, several of which being CHILDREN. Are we even surprised Travis i
  8. hi my king! I've been fine, got a promotion at work so I'm in charge of these girls now and me and my mans are getting pretty serious! how have you been? you've been missing on the bird app I see
  9. down with Nicki Minaj and down with Jesy Nelson!!!


  10. oasis for this kitty period
  11. Nicki and Jesy are both such bitter, vile, and nasty women. The members of Little Mix, especially Leigh Anne, have done nothing but show Jesy grace since her departure from the group. In fact, the shadiest thing they did was unfollow her on instagram a few days ago but Jesy unfollowed all three of the girls months ago already so is it really all that shady? Nicki is a nearly 40 year old woman and mother and has been on social media all day attacking a woman who was expressing her concerns to a former friend regarding a clear case of blackfishing. Attacking Leigh Anne and brushing off a fe
  12. if I eated soap, I dont eat it bc I did. No I didnt ❤️

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      Aw is it almost summer now? Bitch i care? Stare at me daddy boy. Im fk next dua lipa bsbe, Im giving u Lati k realness.💁🏼‍♀️


      I miss you icon! jodie4 


  13. she has so many immaculate bridges and this is the one they chose...?
  14. Maybe it's the fact that the kpop industry has been a total SNOOZE fest this entire year, but I actually don't hate it like everyone seems to