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  1. Divine

    “Old gays guess popstar goddesses” no.
  2. Divine

    You are wrong sus. Not only has she changed the way the music industry releases music (changed release days from Monday to Friday, popularized surprise releases), she’s also done great things for her community such as helping Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. I’m sure the BeyHive have a longer list than that too since they actually keep up with her but let’s not be too delusional for the sake of dragging Bey
  3. Divine

    There’s no such thing as “too many pop girls”
  4. Divine

    Diamond Heart - Lady Gaga In My Head - Ariana Grande Va Va Voom - Nicki Minaj I Did Something Bad - Taylor Swift NASA - Ariana Grande Eclipse - LOONA
  5. another moment but for the wrong reasons
  6. But wow what a moment... a moment I will never forget. So simple yet SO effective. The second most upvoted post on FOTP. They just don’t make posts like these anymore.
  7. Divine

    Was just about to ask everyone's thoughts on it! I didn't like it at first but I listened some more and I love it. The 1920s vibe to it is so great omg
  8. Divine


    The disrespect to croissants. Disgusting. I'm OFFENDED. But pains au chocolat are amazing yes I'll give you that. Omg ok clock my summer plans a bit. Maybe I'm a hermit rotting away while oomf explores France.
  9. Divine


    Is this a threat? I'm reporting you to the police. Good luck throwing hands while you're behind bars.
  10. Divine


    oh wow... OH WOW... I could eat my own weight in crepes and croissants alone. France is so dangerous. No plans as of yet! Hopefully I get to spend a week at my friends lake house but to be determined! What about you??
  11. Divine


    screaming! poor Chris, there was an effort at least.
  12. Divine


    I always forget how long I’ve been rotting on FOTP until someone reminds me Old hags but still THOSE bitches 💋
  13. Divine


    Well youlive in France so you have an excuse since all of the food there is literally 10/10 No receipts aww 💋💋