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  1. Because its not an album of 14 Into You’s which anyone who’s been around for the past four years should have known this album was long overdue for her.
  2. AMAZING album! this shit is definitely going #1! top three right now are POV, obvious, and just like magic!
  3. it was so wholesome we love her
  4. not you thinking she would post that many words... we're getting "positions out now <3" at most YES ASLKDJHH the way she said it all endearing and confidently makes me holler
  5. now... the way I can't even argue with that aksjdhdg
  6. I don't even know the album name
  7. convinced myself you and @Hyun. haven't listened to the leak and it'll all be our first listen with @Tahj
  8. 45 minutes until I listen to the best album of all time
  9. Divine


    Gorgeous, edited my vote!
  10. Divine


    Can I change my vote to 7 rings then? I kinda want us to move on with people actually participating noah fence!
  11. Divine


    Why is 7 rings always nominated?
  12. Divine


    the way y’all hate successful women 7 rings
  13. she's been making songs about sex since Yours Truly so I would assume they would react the same they always do.
  14. Divine


    New SM girlgroup to debut in November! Will have four members, each member having an AI version of themselves as well. (Kinda like KDA) Members: Winter Karina Ningning TBA