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  1. Glad she still has a good relationship with that family. After her feud with Kanye last December, I was worried Ariana wouldn’t get less free promo from them!
  2. Divine

    Music Video

    The song is AMAZING and the video is so SEXY She’s really back y’all omg I hope the song does well!
  3. Divine

    How would this even work? Adele’s depressing ass lyrics about her divorce then suddenly the beat drops and Nicki shouts about how she’s the queen of rap, these bitches are her sons, chun-li?
  4. At this rate, Juice will start to smash in 2021!
  5. They were at the Sweetener Tour today and apparently this happened? Which is weird because I haven't seen anyone else mention this happening to them so take it with a grain of salt. If it's true, lets hope it gets a Netflix release or something more official than a YouTube series riddled with that ugly VHS filter!
  6. Mess at us posting at the same time Perched to hear this though! The original is cute and I’m always here for a good Ariana feature
  7. First posted on ATRL by Mr. S, who has predicted many correct collabs and releases including breaking the news about Don't Call Me Angel.
  8. Or how about just all non-black people just not say the n word and let black people use it however they want! It’s not that hard! feel like this tweet perfectly explains it
  9. Divine

    General News

    What an amazing choice
  10. Divine

    At a loss for words. Such a sweet, talented, beautiful girl. It’s so terrible how she was criticized for every breath she took. I hope she’s resting easy now.
  11. Divine

    the budget! she looks so good omg
  12. Divine

    1. Lonely - Noah Cyrus 2. Nice To Meet Ya - Niall Horan 3. Sweettalk My Heart - Tove Lo 4. Umpah Umpah - Red Velvet 5. Slide Away - Miley Cyrus 6. Graveyard - Halsey 7. Devil - CLC 8. Feel Special - TWICE 9. Adios - Everglow 10. Motivation - Normani 11. Teeth - 5SOS 12. Circles - Post Malone 13. Don't Call Me Angel - Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey 14. ICY - ITZY 15. Clementine - Halsey
  13. Divine

    Why has kpop been so dead the past month or so? I feel like it's been nonstop since last August then all of a sudden there's nothing. I'm BORED.