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  1. Divine

    Normani is really the only member who talks about her past group and fellow members with grace and elegance despite being treated like trash by Camel Toe, Camila fans, and the music label that was so far up Cumila’s ass they couldn’t see daylight. Normani is the last person to blame for Camila’s upcoming #3, possibly even #4, debut and impending empty tour despite being shoved down everyone’s throats since the beginning of her solo career
  2. Some more discussion about her masters in case anyone cares to read it
  3. Divine

  4. Divine

  5. Divine

    come again?
  6. Might as well make a thread for her now
  7. feel like you should expose him on Oscar night, but that's just one girls opinion ot: yaaass Bad Idea (Live)
  8. love being mod so I can deem your off topic as warranted, especially in this case where you spilled! feel like it's kinda your impact since you're the one who made it! you might as well have directed the movie while we're at it but I guess that's a conversation for another day!
  9. when No Tears and No Tears (Live) are my top two most played songs on last.fm
  10. we need to talk


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      Neither do you. 



      Low blow, but this is Hollywood, babe.


    3. Divine

      why did I holler


    4. Daenerys

      roleplayers have nothing on us truly.


  11. @Kuba hacking other peoples accounts is not allowed on FOTP. Please refrain. You will be banned next time this happens.
  12. Divine

    choke, the OEC ballad sounded cute