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    "A place for music and chart fanatics to have their own "HOT 100". With ZERO you can generate weekly charts of the songs you listen most based on your Last.fm. In addition, you can also access curiosities from your charts and create 'certificates' for songs and albums. To use ZERO, you must have a Last.fm account, a "social music network," where you can track the artists and songs you listen to most." They have this on ATRL and I saw a member ask about it here not too long ago so I thought I should make one for FOTP! Just post your Zero charts below! If you would like for your profile to be added to the OP, give me your username as well! Users: Divine
  2. Hello everyone and welcome to the week two vote of the FOTP Singles Charts! It's time to vote for your favorite singles again! This vote will work the same way as it did in week one. In case you aren't aware of how that worked, I'll give you a quick rundown. Pick up to 20 singles from the list below you would like to see chart and list them from 1-20. The more the song is voted for, the higher up on the chart it will be! Quite simple, yes? Please keep in mind that some singles from last week have been removed as they have surpassed the three month eligibility period. Reminder: if an artist or group from the census released something since June 11th and doesn't appear in our list of eligible singles, please let us know in the singles submission thread. If your favorite artist or group isn't in the census, you can add them by posting them in the music census thread. Here is the official list of singles you can vote from: Remember every person that posted their ranking will get one "raffle" entry into the Monthly User Featured Playlist! Each drawing will take place at the end of every month. The people that voted last week already have one entry and they can get a second entry by voting this week as well, thus increasing their chances of a win! If you don't want to be entered into the raffle, please let us know. You will have a week to post your list and the first chart will debut on FOTP and as a Today's Top Hits styled playlist on the official FOTP Spotify account next week! ICYMI here is week one's chart:
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    K lets revive this section a bit shall we? Add 5 to one song and subtract 5 from another: imagine - 30 needy - 30 NASA - 30 bloodline - 30 fake smile - 30 bad idea - 30 make up - 30 ghostin - 30 in my head - 30 7 rings - 30 thank u, next - 30 break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored - 30
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    1. Cruel Summer - Hylia 2. Cruel Summer - Hyun. 3. Cruel Summer - Daenerys 4. The Man - CharnyBoy 5. Cruel Summer - Divine 6. 7.
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    I'm.... not sure at this point
  6. Divine

    I thought that was Grimes we....
  7. Divine

    don't get it twisted, it's still on SIGHT for Momo and I don't claim anything prior to Fancy bar Likey and occasionally What Is Love.
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    Top Musics - Week 168 2019.09.08 - 2019.09.14 + Rank Img Title Artist Plays Peak Weeks 1 NEW Don't Call Me Angel Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey 267 NEW 1 1x 1 2 +2 Staring at The Sun (Feat. SZA) Post Malone 101 +16.09% 2 1x 2 3 = Slide Away Miley Cyrus 97 -6.73% 3 2x 2 4 +12 A Thousand Bad Times Post Malone 76 +230.43% 4 1x 2 5 NEW Graveyard Halsey 73 NEW 5 1x 1 6 -4 Umpah Umpah Red Velvet 73 -38.14% 1 2x 4 7 -6 Afterglow Taylor Swift 73 -49.31% 1 1x 3 8 +2 Adios EVERGLOW 70 +42.86% 2 1x 4 9 +3 Allergic Post Malone 56 +36.59% 9 1x 2 10 +1 ICY ITZY 41 -12.77% 1 2x 7 11 NEW I'm Gonna Be Post Malone 37 NEW 11 1x 1 12 -6 The Man Taylor Swift 37 -32.73% 4 1x 3 13 NEW Hollywood's Bleeding Post Malone 33 NEW 13 1x 1 14 = Ladies Night Red Velvet 30 +7.14% 8 1x 4 15 RE Sunny Side Up! Red Velvet 29 RE 2 1x 10 16 -8 CHERRY ITZY 27 -48.08% 2 3x 7 17 -12 Motivation Normani 24 -58.62% 3 1x 5 18 -3 Teeth 5 Seconds of Summer 22 -15.38% 5 1x 4 19 RE I Mean UNI.T 22 RE 6 1x 4 20 RE HANN (Alone) (G)I-DLE 13 RE 1 1x 29
  9. Divine

    Not Twice making me into a Once like this.... @Maraj and @Hyun. keep winning I can't stand it
  10. congrats @Liam for the deserved win and thank you for being such a great host! <3
  11. thank you to everyone that voted for me <3
  12. This is why Dogmation flopped
  13. did you buy it on Amazon Music?
  14. we'll ALL celebrate the deserving outcome!
  15. this is asking for quite a lot
  16. congrats @Onika omg thank you for keeping the FOTP lights on for us despite most everyone complaining about one thing or another all the time. truly deserved.
  17. Liam backstage getting ready to award Vanguard to himself
  18. Wasn't "imagine being this desperate" just one page of drama and 50 pages of spam between three members...
  19. why is everyone becoming an ASMRtist with these presentations
  20. coming for my looks omg reported
  21. Once again, this forum rewarded the most unstable psychopath. Best new member? Even the members that sign up and instantly log off, never to be seen again, are better. @Ghostface literally found out where I lived and left threatening messages on my car while I was at work. He DM'd me on twitter saying I will never marry Chris Evans no matter how many times I @ him on twitter saying I wanted to risk it all for him. This user has brought nothing new to the forum since he signed up other than stress and fear. Rumor has it it's because he doesn't stream Afterglow by Taylor Swift that he's this way so I hope someone close to him intervenes. But this forum will continue to ignore me. That is... until they become Ghostface's target...
  22. congrats to the inductees! all great selections!