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    I really don't see Ariana collabing with any of the faves. However, you never really know with her. I never thought we would have an Ariana and Lana (and Miley) collab but yet it's likely we're getting one Ariana doesn't really make duets with pop girls bar the upcoming one I mentioned and the scrapped one with Dua. She performs special duets live and loves and respects most of the faves, but that's probably as far as it'll go.
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    Thought the Ariana stans would enjoy this song! It’s by kpop singer Chung Ha and it’s on her most recent mini album, Flourishing! This is her first song entirely in English and it gives me Ariana vibes! Hope y’all enjoy!
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    @Divine @Luca @Yoncé. @Law @Sweetener @Royalty @Urbanov @Jake Former No Tears Lounge thread names: Hosted By: @Hannah | May 23, 2016 1. Love Me Harder 10. My Everything 2. Problem 11. Best Mistake 3. Break Free 12. Intro 4. Be My Baby 13. Too Close 5. One Last Time 14. Only 1 6. Break Your Heart Right Back 15. Cadillac Song 7. Why Try 16. You Don't Know Me 8. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart 17. Bang Bang 9. Hands On Me Hosted by: @Hannah | June 15, 2016 1. The Way 9. Lovin It 2. Tattooed Heart 10. Piano 3. Baby I 11. Better Left Unsaid 4. Honeymoon Avenue 12. Boyfriend Material 5. Right There 13. Almost Is Never Enough 6. You'll Never Know 14. Popular Song 7. Daydreamin' 15. Put Your Hearts Up 8. Pink Champagne Hosted by: @Hannah | July 19, 2016 1. Into You 10. Let Me Love You 2. Touch It 11. Knew Better / Forever Boy 3. Dangerous Woman 12. Be Alright 4. Side To Side 13. Leave Me Lonely 5. Moonlight 14. Focus 6. Everyday 15. Bad Decisions 7. Thinking Bout You 16. Step On Up 8. Greedy 17. Jason's Song (Gave It Away) 9. Sometimes 18. I Don't Care Hosted By: @Hannah | September 9, 2017 1. Touch It 10. Knew Better / Forever Boy 2. Thinking Bout You 11. Focus 3. Into You 12. Let Me Love You 4. Moonlight 13. Leave Me Lonely 5. Side To Side 14. Bad Decisions 6. Dangerous Woman 15. Everyday 7. Greedy 16. Step On Up 8. Be Alright 17. Jason's Song (Gave It Away) 9. Sometimes 18. I Don't Care Hosted by: @Luca | November 30, 2018 1. God is a woman 9. raindrops (an angel cried) 2. no tears left to cry 10. successful 3. breathin 11. borderline 4. goodnight n go 12. pete davidson 5. better off 13. sweetener 6. get well soon 14. the light is coming 7. everytime 15. blazed 8. R.E.M Hosted By: @Divine | March 8, 2019 1. ghostin' 7. thank u, next 2. bloodline 8. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 3. needy 9. imagine 4. 7 rings 10. in my head 5. bad idea 11. fake smile 6. NASA 12. make up Hosted by: @Hannah @Luca. & @Hyun. | October 8, 2016 Hosted By: @Hannah & @Hyun. | September 24, 2017
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    I knew before I even hit submit post that I would have your deaf ass in my notifications omg be GONE
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    Chungha released aoty with Flourishing btw not a single skip
  6. Divine

    5. I don't hate it but I'll probably never seek it out. I enjoy the "bratata" parts though!
  7. Divine

    Many Miley fans have disagreeing opinions of Miley's last album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. They either really love it or really hate it. So where do you stand and why?
  8. Starting this era with a bang She called Miley perdue chicken PLEASE
  9. song is a total bop but the video was a complete let down
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    I don’t stan Iggy Azalea?
  11. Divine

    Sounds worse than hell
  12. Divine

    “For the entirety of 7, it’s unclear if Lil Nas X actually likes music. He uses a lazy, out-of-tune melody on the reflective “Kick It,” a song that looks back on the past six months, which is apparently the only thing he has anything to say about. Then, there’s the sloppy finale “C7osure (You Like),” which sounds like B.o.B. got hired to make a J.C. Penney commercial in 2010. The EP ends up being a set of nothingness, like watching a Kylie Jenner vlog, content made for the sake of justifying its existence.” Pitchfork really hit the nail on the head here huh. His music is nothing more than cheap beats and meaningless lyrics about literally nothing. He is destined for one hit wonder status.... and we’re happy about that! Now we need for Agu to ask the nurse at his retirement home to adjust his hearing aid because it’s been faulty for far too long.
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    What universe? Certainly not this one!
  14. Divine

    not Cool Hot Sweet Love
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    She would never do this seeing as streaming is currently the most popular way to consume music nowadays and is only gaining in popularity. It'll soon put an end to sales completely.
  16. please did anyone actually believe Nicki wouldn't keep being messy? the minute she announced Megatron, I knew another round of mess was incoming
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    iTunes? Spotify? Apple Music? Amazon music? A physical cd?
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    Didn’t even know this was a thing
  19. Straight people celebrating or making a joke out of the death of someone in the lgbt community? So... every day life? Being happy a gay person died and being glad a homophobic, woman hating abuser died are not equivalent scenarios. Saying “he did horrible things but we should spread tolerance” is ridiculous considering WHAT he’s done. He was literally about to be prosecuted for his actions and only escaped said impending prosecution because he was no longer alive. He was a scummy human being that showed no signs of changing his behavior. The holier than thou attitude some of you are portraying in here is corny. Y’all keeping that same energy for other abusers, murderers, rapists? Y’all outside death row protesting for the serial killers to be spared? Y’all mourning the loss of Stalin too? He did some bad things as well but we should be spreading positivity after all! Please spare me.
  20. If celebrating the death of a homophobic woman beater makes me tacky, I will happily wear that title! Cheers to another year with one less scummy piece of human filth on this earth! See you all again in 2020!