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    It’ll go top ten in August or sooner I’m manifesting it
  2. Divine

    Music Video

    I don't hate it and it's one of very few Gfraud songs I didn't instantly get bored with so hello!
  3. Divine


    Jisoo will leak the exclusive to the Hannah Broadcasting Company anyway poor you
  4. A part of me wants it to be her so her friends and family can have some closure but a part of me hopes it’s not and she’s still out there and there’s still a sliver of hope that she’s still alive.
  5. Divine


    Tahjy News Network losing all credibility I fear
  6. Divine


    we're still waiting
  7. Divine


    15. Best Song Of All Time
  8. Just wait until you hear Naughty omg it’s somehow even BETTER
  9. Divine


    gonna be so good omg
  10. Cool it in here. This isn’t the thread for arguing, ESPECIALLY about something as sensitive as depression and suicide. Get a grip people or warnings will be handed out. Post your concerns and grievances in a respectful manner and be on your way.
  11. Rihanna. She plays way too many games. Tired of her. now am I gonna still buy the new album when she finally drops it in 20 years and pretend like I was never fed up with her ass? ofc!
  12. do you like the b sides as well? Feel Good is euphoric
  13. Divine

    Music Video

    not when he kinda spilled it’s kinda one of the weaker tracks she’s released since Roller Coaster but it’s at least miles ahead of Love U, like that’s hard to accomplish!
  14. not you wanting it to be more jarring... ma’am we already got Zimzalabim
  15. seeing you go from hating it on first listen to stanning has been a journey
  16. they’ve CLEARLY never listened to Ghostin by Ariana Grande!
  17. until they can find five aces, let alone two on the same level as miss Irene and miss Seulgi, they simply won't be able to have the vernacular
  18. and then the other groups take notice and try to replicate them and come up short every time... lets unpack this!
  19. the horror concept while all the girls release their bright and happy summer cb's... why are they like this and why am I living for it
  20. they also teased a scene in front of a merry go round in their teaser for Level Up MV of the year and SOTY coming
  21. this is like if psycho had an older badder bitch sister