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  1. I love that passion cause I feel that way about some of my fav albums Yas you queen stan Prism let that light in
  2. Has queen rake me over the coals and prove me wrong. Ugh you are so right though. I actually low key love Prism more than TD
  3. As a whole it was, especially compared to Teenage Dream. For Katy Perry standards it was a flop You do have excellent receipts though You came prepared. Love it.
  4. But it would still flop And I will not allow another KP era to flop like Prism
  5. I would actually be interested in that. But I still think a country Katy album would be trash and a flop.
  6. Stan card is being thrown away along with Gaga's nominee and that shirt
  7. How are we all just sitting on this Best Mistake 2.0? This is going to be my shit when she finally releases it All we know is that it is supposed to be released after Dangerous Woman Visual 1. Well, visual 1 has been released so Ari better come through.
  8. This bitch. How is she just going to give the biggest pop anthem on 1989 a sloppy tour video? The lord is testing me rn.
  9. Yes, I am new! Katy and Ari are my top favs of all time
  10. Who is this new Azealia? Where has the trash gone? Where is the thrashing?
  11. Even more Jacksons running around on this world I am so here for that
  12. Katy is most followed on twitter and a lot of the followers have eggs as their picture because the account is either really new or really inactive.