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  1. Discussion

    No I'm not even home
  2. Discussion

    Screenshot it before it goes away tomorrow!
  3. Discussion

    I actually don't mind updating it, it gives me something to do when I can't sleep
  4. I have something to ask you and I'll cut straight to the point: Are you Ariana Grande? 

    1. Royalty

      I knew it, queen of rep points moo5 

  5. Touché!
  6. Where are your votes?
  7. How could I forget two of my favorite Cher Lloyd songs Killin It and Alone With Me? Omfg add those too! I'm in a Cher Lloyd mood now
  8. Ok @blankdreams. I thought of some! Breathe - Astrid S Hurts So Good - Astrid S Hands On Me - Ariana Grande Stay Together - Noah Cyrus Pure - Hey Violet In My Mind - Maty Noyse Bind Your Love - Cher Lloyd
  9. Discussion

    An anthem yes stan it!
  10. Discussion

    @Luca. @Maraj @TattooedHeart @Royalty @Dr. Slay Updated your avis in the OP btw! (Before Luca changed his again this morning lmfao) @Taylor @Halcyon I tried updating yours too but they refused to be uploaded to imgur for some reason Will try again later today or when you change Avis again!
  11. Discussion

    Put your hands on me don't take em off until I say so, lemme break you off, we'll be takin off or maybe making love, you just keep your eyes on my you know what
  12. Butterfly aka the first Mariah album I listened to in full, thanks to @Sylk's suggestion!
  13. Sorry I just got from crying over Looking In. A ballad btw.