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    Bad Decisions being your fifth most played Ariana song makes your last.fm plays look ugly. My Nicki scrobbles can't relate.
  2. Photos

    She's my fave, I can drag her and her disgusting fashion choices through the gravel all I want
  3. Photos

    You shaded an FOTP fave so consider yourself reported! I'm sure your ban will be incoming
  4. Photos

    I mean I wasn't shading the sunglasses, I was just making an observation. But drag Ariola's horrid fashion, we been knew it was garbage!
  5. Photos

    and they are sunglasses yes
  6. Photos

    She really loves those glasses huh
  7. Now you can be a bitter jury member and drag the final three during the jury roundtable yes!
  8. @Michael. now has the chance to save either @Maraj or @Simón. or he can choose to save no one. Michael has decided to...
  9. The veto winner is...
  10. Veto competition time! @Diamond and his nominees @Maraj and @Simón. will play. Since there's only five people left, @Michael. and @Cosmic will also be playing. Winner will be announced next!
  11. Hope you join us again one day to show everyone how the King Floater runs shit
  12. Um why did my nominations post get deleted and replaced by Maraj's post?
  13. Something king @Rico did in BB4!
  14. @Diamond is about to make this final five into a final four, oh yes!