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  1. Satori here

    Sam Smith fucking SAVED MUSIC today clap3

  2. Literally SHAKING at how much her catalogue is worth. A friend and I were discussing this the other day and the hypothetical scenario of whether she’d be able/willing to buy them back if given the chance. I have a suspicion she would want to, because it’s truly a sound investment, and unlike buying someone else’s masters, she’d be investing in herself. But even if the actual cost was way lower, like $100 million, to imagine her having to cut her net worth down that drastically is insane. All that to say, you can see the ugly leverage the label had in trying to tempt her with the “earning them back” option.
  3. Satori here

    I’d say happy July 4 but I don’t commemorate the day white colonizers congratulated themselves on a racially unequal political victory that was accompanied by the largest quantity of moral hypocrisy maybe ever. Juneteenth OUTSOLD. ari4

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    2. Satori

      Google it and see what the real Independence Day is, sis julia1

    3. Lover

      I feel the same way about this day. There’s only one group of people that truly can celebrate it - straight, white men. Women couldn’t vote. Black people were enslaved. Gay people had no rights either. Truly a sham of a holiday. 

      It’s crazy how important this day was viewed as a child (especially growing up in a white family in the south) when really it’s one of the least inclusive holidays in history ari9  

  4. Satori here

    giveup3ughhhh Goldfrapp really saved pop with the Silver Eye era gaga14 The stunning visuals and artwork gaga13 and impeccably choreographed music videos imready1 The thick, viscous rivers of seductive electronica lana6 

    1. Chris Morlock

      Their remix Marilyn Manson's This is the New Shit bops too mess1


  5. That avvy clap2

    1. Saiga

      <3 thanks to @Dr. Slay

    2. Satori

      Bless urself and genuflekt gaga13

  6. Satori here

    Legend @Saiga reintroducing me to Erotica only for the light to be let in lana6 

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    2. Saiga

      Or I think I listened to KM94... I'm kinda lost

    3. Satori

      Lollll okay. Try Aphrodite then. It reminds me of Confessions a lot. 

    4. Saiga

      I will!

  7. Satori

    Music not the bling tbh. At the end of the day Madonna’s music has soundtracked my life ever since I was a child, and she’s been there as I’ve grown and learned more about the world and myself, sometimes illuminating the way before I saw it for myself. If I didn’t have that connection to her music I wouldn’t be okay with a version of the “stan” label being used, but with her it’s okay. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from her music and all the messages she associates with that music, on tour and in interviews etc. Years before I was able to love myself or ask anyone else to accept me she was literally the one voice in my life urging me to get to that place. That’s not an insult to my family or friends, but before I could confide in people it felt like I had confided in her and her music was her response to me. Or something. And that’s to say nothing of how great most of her music is in general. Erotica and Bedtime Stories brought me to house and R&B, her early 00s stuff brought me to dance and electronica, Confessions brought me to disco, etc., etc. (I feel the same way re Florence and Beyoncé to an extent, but Madonna’s the one who’s been there since the beginning, so I responded in reference to her.)
  8. struggelín Anyway on topic I can see Beyoncé releasing quality material at this point in her career. She grows with every album.
  9. Satori

    I used to bop to Full Moon and Aphrodisiac a lot. She has a really mellow voice that suits understated bops really well.
  10. Satori here

    I keep trying to define the best segment of Madame X tracks and finding it impossible because I really am grateful for every song. I wasn’t expecting to feel this taken care of as a fan this year but I really do. It’s good to follow the Queen. 

  11. Satori here

    Watching this cute lil Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe with an Asian cast 💅🏽 and Mariah’s “Always Be My Baby” plays at the end OOP too relevant moo11

    1. I Brings That Levity

      We love a Curlyriah moment. 



    2. Satori

      @I Brings That Levity I love that she’s casually bragging about making new fans in 2019 ugh legend!

  12. Satori here

    I just love professionally inept bureaucrat desk ornaments. clap3 Like ugh their minds how else would the “hold” buttons on their phones feel valued if they weren’t there to make use of them? clap3