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  1. Does she tho? Also count me in with those supporting Discipline because “Feedback” alone > careers
  2. It was a lil shady I guess but it was scalding tea all the same. The dress was basic™️ and lowkey frumpy. She didn’t lie.
  3. Satori


    If this is legit when she says she has no artistic freedom g0rl.....
  4. I lowkey hope not. Unless it’s a standalone release. That’d be fine. In which case give us Between the Bars too.
  5. Satori

    I love Ari and the song but it felt like an uncharacteristically weak performance from her. Normally she's fire. Now Camila on the other hand.... lordy.....
  6. Make Me (fight ) > Slumber Party > Accelerate (I actually love this song ) >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fall Offline
  7. Satori

    I am too, but as much as I love her she hasn't given us much reason to expect something new. Circus, FF, BJ, and Glory are all good albums and better than more basic pop g0rl albums, but nothing compared to ITZ or Blackout... I wish she'd go full R&B or Hip-Hop even, just something for a change
  8. Fucking yikes sis wyd
  9. Satori

    Idk I think she finally released one too many “solid” albums and as a fan it was just meh in a way. She’s due for an experimental shift a la ITZ or Blackout.
  10. Satori

    Ok but Accelerate is lowkey a bop. I don’t really get it but it’s catchy as fuck. Yeah the video sucks but I wasn’t surprised by that. But her attitude of late is amazing. The only thing I honestly fucking can’t with so far this era is he revolting fake lips. It’s such a contradiction to the less-make up thing she has going on (which is great in itself). And vocally she sounds more fresh than she has in years. So I’m here for it.
  11. Satori


    This all feels so random and messy
  12. Satori


    I agree “Get Together” hasn’t aged as well as I thought it would which is odd because it used to be my favorite. Now it’s “Future Lovers”. And YES “Beautiful Stranger” belongs on that album. Mine: 1. “American Pie” should have been on Music too. 2. “Jump” sucks and sounds like a censored Kidz Bop song lyrically. 3. MDNA is a decent album. 4. Erotica needs some Pepto Bismol™️ because that shit is bloated as fuck. 5. “Girl Gone Wild” is basic and she sounds worse than she did on her 80s records. I swear she had a cold or something when they recorded that. 6. The “Miles Away” / “She’s Not Me” / “Incredible” sequence on Hard Candy is lowkey iconic, wildly experimental, and better than lessor’s whole albums. 7. “I’m So Stupid” is amazing. Like holy shit.