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  1. Satori


    Truth. Facts. Case in point the entirety of Ray of Light
  2. Satori


    Omg the shriek I let out truly iconic emote usage to go with that sentiment
  3. Satori


    Truly a beautiful and heartbreaking song. First time I heard it it was almost uncomfortable because you just KNEW she and Guy were going to break up and I was sad for them. Parts of that record are so brutally revealing, it has some things in common with American Life and is way too summarily dismissed by some fans because they don’t like the production. Even Incredible and Give It 2 Me are included in that.
  4. Satori


    Wow what an unexptected quantum of tea
  5. Satori


    @Alvarø is right that really seems like a poem—maybe that wound up being used as the basis for “Rebel Heart.” I can’t see it being a new song. She’s referenced herself before but never that blatantly and with so many lines. What I REALLY like though is that she posted that and then a line from “Bedtime Stories” that emphasizes how inefficient words are. Because she used those words on RH but posted them again with the “fucked” meme because something seems to be troubling her and her recourse to words has not fully remediated the situation. Meta af. Queen. Off topic but the linguistic anxiety in the lyrics to Bedtime Story is fucking amazing.
  6. Satori

    OSD is cute but We Belong Together comes from another place. It’s timeless and I know her 90s stuff is too but WBT is in that sweet spot production-wise that means it basically hasn’t aged at all.
  7. Satori

    1. Dancing On My Own 2. Call Your (soon 2 b ex-) Girlfriend 3. Fembot 4. Indestructible 5. Hang With Me 6. In My Eyes 7. We Dance To The Beat 8. Love Kills 9. Include Me Out 10. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do 11. None Of Dem 12. Cry When You Get Older 13. Dancehall Queen 14. Stars 4-Ever 15. Criminal Intent 16. U Should Know Better 17. Get Myself Together 18. Time Machine
  8. Satori


    Kewt! The flashback photo she posted of them is even better.
  9. Satori


    Again with the crimped Barbie doll hair and may the grills give her a cavity so she never wears them again
  10. I like The Art of Letting Go best (one of my favorite songs of hers) but Eternal works even better, I think.
  11. Satori

    Probably a mix of Emancipation and Casual Lamb; she first got on my radar in 05 and I kept up with her stuff but didn’t really engage with her discography beyond the singles until I came here and found I loved most of it.
  12. Satori


    S’okay and a bop but that album and RH have much better songs. Arguably better than the three you mentioned in the OP though. GGW would be nothing without the video Bitch I- is fun and I love it some days but does have a cringe factor that will never go away and Champanyé Rose is..... not a step forward even though it’s a lil catchy.
  13. Satori


    I’m so fucking ready. I check her feeds every week for some sign she’s coming and it finally is
  14. Satori

    I feel like the one mistake was not letting GTFO keep its momentum instead of basically using it as a platform to announce With You. I LOVE both songs (and The Distance too) but GTFO was a masterstroke of an unexpected sound from her and people loved it. She could have pushed a clean version to radio easily and kept the title the same. Both of those first two singles deserved to smash though, in my book They’re FLAWLESS. As far as the vocals, I love the whisper register so I don’t mind, and it corresponds to the energy and vibe of what this album is shaping up to be. All three are bops but they’re also sonically so comfortable to listen to. I’ve been having a very stressful semester and they’ve really helped me mellow—so I admit I’m a lil biased but I love them all the same. The FIRST thing I pointed out on first listens of both GTFO and WY was how luxe and under control her voice was. Edit: This is off topic but there are other things that really signal a clean break from post-Emancipation Mariah to me too that are more subtle and effective. No text on the album cover, for instance. Iconic. Gone are the bloated tracklists (don’t come for me I love MIAM and Memoirs) and back is the dynamite 10-track classic format. Succinct one-word title instead of the ones that sound almost defensively long. Idk, everything about it thus far just really resonates for me but to each lamb ha own.