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  1. I’m thinking Katy or Bey. “If I Were A Boy” got paid dust and the era still would have been fine BUT “Single Ladies” was a monster and shaped the whole era and her image going forward. So her career wouldn’t have been as effected but the era probably would have. Howerver, if DH hadn’t smashed there would be basically no defending Prism commercially. I love a good half the album so I’m not hating, but it was a big enough descent to go from 5/6 #1s to 2 from one era to the next, and if Roar had been her only hit that era (LL would NOT have gone #1 if it had been a single) it would have been a real mess, even more so than that era was after Teenage Dream. So that one.
  2. NOPE. Miley/HM is ded. HM arguably never was and as for Miley, even at her peak she was only iconic for a few minutes with that VMA shit. It faded. Which is sad because she’s actually talented but she really made a stupid career out of her privilege and head start.
  3. I lowkey agree with the OP but I lowkey also hate M’s ugly selfies. I don’t love her any less for them, and I know that only posting the best representation of yourself is JUST AS PROBLEMATIC as only audiences only expecting the best versions of celebrities, but that’s just where I’m at atm. Idk, I guess I feel there are more effective ways I guess of addressing representational double standards and beauty worship than posting cringe pictures...? Like if she were to post them with some kind of quote or something instead of the ridiculous hashtags and other weird things.
  4. Oh shit *is perched*
  5. It's "Baby" I guess but it feels a lil arbitrary choosing between it, "Genie" and "Crazy In Love." All of those could work as the answer to some extent.
  6. Of course. Even the ones I like such as Ari and Camila just haven't been around to have a really distinctive persona. Part of that is because it's 2018 and almost everything that allowed for big personalities in the 10 years or so after Britney and Christina debuted is not unacceptable. The only ones who get away with being problematic now are the older divas who have paid their dues, but the new girls have to stay vanilla. At least Ari has her voice to set her apart and Camila has a unique sound, but for the others, there's the fact that on top of the PC factor, 90% of them are vanilla anyway, so, again, in answer to the question, yes, the modern crop are boring as hell.
  7. I’m late af but this made my fucking night. I lost it laughing over and over. The shade the album covers a masterpiece!!!1!
  8. Event

    Her best and one of THE best albums ever. A gorgeous masterpiece, as rich and rewarding thematically as it is sonically and lyrically. It’s also lowkey effortless—I can’t think of another magnum opus from anyone that’s this graceful, assured, and composed. On a personal note, this album has been there for me basically my entire adolescent/adult life. I’ll always love it. 01. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 11/10 02. Swim 10/10 03. Ray of Light 11/10 This one seems to get lost in the shuffle but it’s one of the most timeless songs I’ve ever heard. Actual glory. 04. Candy Perfume Dick 9.5/10 05. Skin 9/10 06. Nothing Really Matters 9/10 07. Sky Fits Heaven 10/10 08. Shanti/Ashtangi 10/10 An effervescent, underrated, ecstatic experience of a song. It’s actual satori. 09. Frozen INFINITY/10 Utterly peerless. 10. The Power of Goodbye 11/10 11. To Have and Not to Hold 9.5/10 12. Little Star 8.5/10 13. Mer Girl 10/10 14. Has to Be 9/10
  9. here

    Self-drag:  noun. colloquial. A person whose fatuous hypocrisy gives their enemies free bait with which to effortlessly humiliate and ensnare them in vicious drags or accurate reads or other wig-flewing invectives.



    Calling people “forum fags” and “dragging” them for spending time on said forum—while doing (and probably being) the same thing, except also writing uselessly detailed no1curr essays licking ur fave’s taint instead of being someone significant in the “real” or “professional” world you speak of. 

    1. JupiterRising

      pussy: someone who lacks the balls to call you out straight up. 


    2. Satori

      Says the racist and homophobic POS who didn’t bother quoting me in the thread in question but who obviously had their eyes open on my feed. ayumi1


      Another self-drag henny. Is this another of your $15 degree-reliant skillz bc damn I’m shook. ayumi1

    3. Hunty Bear

      Keep the drama in NHB. Locked.

  10. 1+1 says hi If I Were A Boy says hi All Night says hi XO says hi Jealous says hi Rocket says hi Halo says hi Just because Beyonce is known for belts n' bops doesn't mean you can ignore half her discography to make a statement like that.... If we're going to generalize then Gaga is the one that hardly ever emotes without overdoing it and who literally made robot vocals in pop a standard again with Poker Face and who still routinely goes that route on her actual albums.
  11. tl;dr but #reported for looks shaming
  12. Rerelease the album bitch. But good job for them finally realizing it's 2007 and youtube is cool and what the kids are doing.
  13. This x1,000. I mean I don't care for her music anymore but Gaga is clearly an outstanding vocalist and only haters will deny it. She has the belts and when she fancies, she has a beautiful soft register. HOWEVER, Beyonce has a broader range and sounds controlled and not-flat (sorry Gagz) across that range which makes her better. She also knows her way around a song in a way that Gaga just, doesn't, a lot of the time. Gaga seems to sing a lot of the time like a child who's having fun with a superpower, whereas Beyonce is the seasoned pro who manages the instrument in superior fashion, and has done it while dancing for like 20 years now. All that's icing, though, because first and foremost, her voice is, I think, superior because of the range and her control. I can't think of another singer that's in Mariah/Whitney league for being able to belt and sing softly as beautifully as she does.
  14. Like, all of the ones listed plus a bunch more. Except for Lorde and MAYBE Julia Michaels. But all the others have like a few good songs and are vastly over-rated because pop crucifies women lately so the tiny bit of good shit we get is praised to heaven inordinately. The only one who feels like she may last (who isn't listed, thank goodness) is Ariana.
  15. If we're talking 2010-2018 then it's Britney = Madonna > Mariah > Christina. Britney had Femme Fatale and snatched them top 10s and her lil residency, but Madonna got a top-10 despite being 1,201 years old, did the Super Bowl, had a few #1 albums (fuq u Billboard Rebel Heart was the top seller that week so kick rocks), and some great tours. Mariah put out a good album that flopped but snatched that top 10 with AIWFCIY (#1 before it's over, just wait). I guess Christina had some features, but that's about it. Hoping things go better for her with the last few years in the decade that are left.