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  1. Satori


    New alberm AND something else afterward? This doesn’t sound like it’s tied to a film so I really hope it’s something tour-related or smth.
  2. It’s factually, actually, matter-of-factly what she deserves
  3. Satori

    I don’t know if I dare to hope pop girls in general are coming back but at least we have Ari BLESS
  4. Satori

    I’d say Ari has a good chance of holding on with TUN but AIWFCIY has a better shot of taking #1 this year than Imagine. Fans win irreguardless™️ bc all three are amazing
  5. Satori here

    Imagine ari7 Ari did THAT burn1 All five of her singles this year have been fucking amazing. Wig reported caught in the rings of Saturn alex1

    1. Littleswiftie

      All of her 5 singles already have hit top 10 because we all know Imagine will join the list at the end of this yearari5

  6. Satori


    Ugh your mind
  7. Satori


    Okay but this needs to be an emote yesterday
  8. Satori


    The good sis would honestly post every single one of those and thing they were amazing.
  9. Why Emma Stone though.... I like her but I can't see this working.....
  10. Satori

    I’d say it’s the substance abuse talking but the heifer stays not acknowledging abuse even if it’s fucking her in the ass
  11. Satori

    Ok first off where is this publication (?) from and what messy af editor let a line like that go on the cover I- As far as the acting thing, I haven’t seen ASIB but I have no problem believing Gaga’s probably a better actress. But to say she has what Madonna’s “always wanted” is a bit of a joke. Yes Madonna wanted to be a movie star. She didn’t have quite the chops or the luck to make it. It is what it is. A few of her films are great and the rest... aren’t. Idc. Her film career ending happened when her music was at its best so lowkey the fans won. Anyway, as far as Gaga, homegirl really stays winning this era. That’s basically the loveliest picture of her I’ve ever seen. And ASIB seems pretty universally embraced. But I’m interested to see what happens next as far as films for her goes. This was arguably a gift-wrapped role for her (no shade, most roles filled by musicians are—including plenty of Madonna’s) and it came out after a couple of years of her painstakingly rebuilding her reputation and earning the gp’s goodwill back. It’ll be interesting to see what kinds of opportunities she gets from this, and what type of work she’ll take on.
  12. Satori

    Own it
  13. Satori

    *stealing this gif omg
  14. Satori

    Bruno getting it teas *sighs*
  15. Satori

    Kacey should (and probably will) win. It's an understated but stunning album. I'd love to see Janelle or Black Panther take it but the Grammys are messy af. Those two and Cardi and Drake in the mix look good but they will split all the non-standardized votes of the main bloc, which will go for Kacey just like they did for Taylor, I expect.