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  1. I’m just going to pull a Will & Grace and pretend the fugly last season of Game of Thrones never happened ari3

    1. Hylia


      As one of the few season 8 stans on these forums, it’s getting lonely at the top ari5 

    2. Satori


      @Hylia It's not that I think it's worse, per se, than prior seasons, as the show arguably makes many of the same mistakes it has from the beginning, but it seems to matter more because this is "the end" and what the characters are stuck with. In addition, I feel a little ambivalent about the Starks' endings. It's clear the writers (and Martin?) are willing to break some of the rules to give them a happy ending, which is fine and all, but if they can break those, why did they have to fuck over Dany and Jon, not to mention Brienne and Varys.