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  1. I just don’t get how Madonna “tried to play” her? It sounds like Regis was the one assuming pink was fangurling
  2. Nnn true butt P!nk was less mediocre back then before she had released like 5 indistinguishable alberms and I think initially Madonna probably liked her attitude. But she doesn’t like the hint of being upstaged. If anything this reminds me of the MIA Super Bowl mess.
  3. I liked Rihanna’s but it was less a HTS than an awards show medley with the floating stage gimmick thrown in. It was serviceable.
  4. I don’t get how Regis making the clown remark is Madonna playing her? Also confused how this means Madonna doesn’t like her unless she’s leaving out something that happened afterward. I like Pink but this is the dumbest story. It would make more sense if she said Madonna doesn’t like her because Madonna can be a bitch tbh. but honestly if Madonna doesn’t like her it’s because she was offered that VMA performance and said no to Madonna’s rehearsal demands and Madonna then have the gig to Brinni.
  5. Kind of shook at how much of Damita Jo by Janet slaps gaga7 My 00s nostalgia is being very rewarded atm gaga13

  6. "Betty" fucks me up every time I swear brit2

  7. I'm not dead brit16 but grad school really is like being Brinni in 2007 brit15 . I mean the pandemic has been hell but it's been a rough 12 months regardless. However, I felt the need to login after ghosting again for months to say that 2020 has been a genuine blessing musically. I feel uniquely spoiled by the fact that Brightest Blue came out this year. My favorite album in years. And Chromatica and Future Nostalgia and now Folklore too have been remarkably bright spots in rotten times. Anyway, hope ya'll are well and stay safe!

  8. Gaga out here casually saving pop music like- giveup3 Wellcum back to dance pop gorl giveup3 I had no idea how much I needed this giveup3

  9. Sam Smith fucking SAVED MUSIC today clap3

  10. I’d say happy July 4 but I don’t commemorate the day white colonizers congratulated themselves on a racially unequal political victory that was accompanied by the largest quantity of moral hypocrisy maybe ever. Juneteenth OUTSOLD. ari4

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    2. Satori


      Google it and see what the real Independence Day is, sis julia1

    3. Chris
    4. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      I feel the same way about this day. There’s only one group of people that truly can celebrate it - straight, white men. Women couldn’t vote. Black people were enslaved. Gay people had no rights either. Truly a sham of a holiday. 

      It’s crazy how important this day was viewed as a child (especially growing up in a white family in the south) when really it’s one of the least inclusive holidays in history ari9  

  11. giveup3ughhhh Goldfrapp really saved pop with the Silver Eye era gaga14 The stunning visuals and artwork gaga13 and impeccably choreographed music videos imready1 The thick, viscous rivers of seductive electronica lana6 

    1. Chris


      Their remix Marilyn Manson's This is the New Shit bops too mess1


  12. That avvy clap2

    1. Saiga


      <3 thanks to @Dr. Slay

    2. Satori


      Bless urself and genuflekt gaga13

  13. Legend @Saiga reintroducing me to Erotica only for the light to be let in lana6 

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    2. Saiga


      Or I think I listened to KM94... I'm kinda lost

    3. Satori


      Lollll okay. Try Aphrodite then. It reminds me of Confessions a lot. 

    4. Saiga


      I will!

  14. I keep trying to define the best segment of Madame X tracks and finding it impossible because I really am grateful for every song. I wasn’t expecting to feel this taken care of as a fan this year but I really do. It’s good to follow the Queen. 

  15. Watching this cute lil Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe with an Asian cast 💅🏽 and Mariah’s “Always Be My Baby” plays at the end OOP too relevant moo11

    1. jrdn


      We love a Curlyriah moment. 



    2. Satori


      @I Brings That Levity I love that she’s casually bragging about making new fans in 2019 ugh legend!

  16. I just love professionally inept bureaucrat desk ornaments. clap3 Like ugh their minds how else would the “hold” buttons on their phones feel valued if they weren’t there to make use of them? clap3

  17. Ok I finally listened to Dark Ballet and it’s the first time I’ve stopped listening to Jonna Lee’s album since it came out. What a showstopping song. giveup3

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    2. Satori


      Ugh impossible to say. I love it all so much. Even the interlude tracks have really grown on me. Right now I’d pinpoint i KEEP and Crystal as my favorites but in the last week I’ve gone through phases thinking almost every song is the best. Wipe It Off was the first one that really hit me. That shift at the 2:00 mark cry3. Then Mysteries of Love really captured my attention for a bit. Then I rediscovered Open Sea and just became obsessed with it. Then Silence My Drum. Some Body really grew on me too. I didn’t care for it pre-release but am very fond of it now. 

    3. SHANE


      @Satori wipe it off and crystal have been on repeat since the album dropped they’re just so good!!! She performed some body in Boston a few days before it dropped and hearing that beat live gave me chills so it’s a fave now ny10

    4. Satori


      Crystal just hit me like a truck a few days after the album came out. Like so many of the ones on the album, there’s this amazing progression that happens about halfway through. Her songs so frequently are these sonic odysseys that actually go places instead of just being chorus/verse rotations and I love it. 

  18. Writing about Brinni for a lil article I'm submitting online and Email My Heart came on and I legit almost cried. A classiq ballad.

  19. I know the day technically belongs to Kety but in the corner humbly and quietly Jonna Lee lowkey saved music itself today with her second solo album. She’s such a beguiling force of nature musically. The 2:10 mark alone in this >>>> some pop gorl careers 


    1. Satori


      EABF took a little while to grow on me, but almost all of the songs on this one have resonated with me already. 

  20. Did Kety just save pop ladies? I—— I think she didT

  21. I’m just going to pull a Will & Grace and pretend the fugly last season of Game of Thrones never happened ari3

    1. Hylia


      As one of the few season 8 stans on these forums, it’s getting lonely at the top ari5 

    2. Satori


      @Hylia It's not that I think it's worse, per se, than prior seasons, as the show arguably makes many of the same mistakes it has from the beginning, but it seems to matter more because this is "the end" and what the characters are stuck with. In addition, I feel a little ambivalent about the Starks' endings. It's clear the writers (and Martin?) are willing to break some of the rules to give them a happy ending, which is fine and all, but if they can break those, why did they have to fuck over Dany and Jon, not to mention Brienne and Varys.

  22. WTF is Madame X?

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    2. ajp


      Madame Rx sia1


    3. Satori


      Thank the lawd for Carly this week tbh

    4. ajp


      Album of the Year. The others can wait until 2020 now sia1


  23. Ugh FUCK Game of Thrones and that pathetic fucking mess of an episode 

  24. tay2 wya boo.....