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  1. The music industry really is Taylor Swift's bitch I'm also dead at the fact that if she hadn't elected not to submit the Fearless re-recording in categories at the Grammys that she likely would have picked up 2x as many Grammys next year as she already will for other projects Lowkey worried she's at risk of overexposure again if she keeps this relentless pace up
  2. Kind of shook at how much of Damita Jo by Janet slaps gaga7 My 00s nostalgia is being very rewarded atm gaga13

  3. You unapologetic bitch! Olly has a beautiful voice and Years And Years are amazing and the blending of their voices really accentuates the lyrics. I love the melody too. It’s signature euphoric Kylie for me.
  4. 7/10 for the album release 8/10 overall including reissue. For a while I just couldn’t get into the album on a serious level, starting with the still-ridiculous title m. The project as a whole felt cohesive but far too gimmicky at first, which I know is part of what constitutes Kylieness and ha appeal but I wanted something more immaculately produced like Aphrodite/Confessions on a Dancefloor than what we got which was a bit more tongue in cheek than I was expecting. However, the reissue made me really reevaluate and I love most of the album now. Monday Blues an
  5. Idk I listen to Taylor because it’s fun and relatable and her more recent stuff is just excellent and enjoyable but most of what draws me to Madonna is because it’s not just about love and relationships. Her 90s records and a few of the ones after are more intellectually curious lyrically than almost any other pop music I’ve found, and musically she’s experimented way more comprehensively than going from country to pop (admittedly with a few trend-chasing missteps in the last ten years). M’s music has helped me grow as a person and explore things the same way books have while pursuing my degre
  6. I agree the bar is low because her albums generally are a lil monochromatic but I do think this one is better and not in ways as subtle as I expected. I loved the jazz influences woven through the album and she’s also gotten much better at employing emotion without having to belt to express it. Her falsetto and the more neo-soul-inspired delivery on songs like I Drink Wine recall the Amy Winehouse/Duffy type of stuff she was first known for and update that sound. Lyrically I agree some of it is not her best. I don’t understand the point of To Be Loved at all. I believe she’s sincere
  7. Omfg I howled but in Legendlor’s defense I’ve never met a white gorl magic Rebecca irl who can write like she can. Like the surface description of her lyrics is lowkey accurate for a lot of her early albums but the line from All Too Well you’re parodying is a lot more nuanced. I agree Adele and Taylor are both overhyped in some circles but they have a lot recommending them and excel at what they do even though there are other pop girls probably better at pushing boundaries and taking bigger artistic risks.
  8. If I were a public figure I would of course support Britney vocally but that’s not what the interviewer was asking. They were looking for dirt and it was a loaded question prying to see if Britney was doing ok and frankly her handler stepping in made it clear they were interpreting it as exactly that and they didn’t want to be seen as capitalizing on instead of supporting her and spreading love which is what Christina’s comment did.
  9. I adore Britney but this was so uncool. Homegirl has had no chill recently and her being uninformed on this shows because Christina is not obligated to talk about her and has been extremely supportive in the past. Imagine if Brinni was promoting a new record and was being obsessively asked to comment on a female artist’s drama—the same artist who has constantly overshadowed her for a decade plus. That’s no shade to Britney or X it’s just what’s happened and while Christina has been shady before this wasn’t a case of that and she hasn’t been that way in ages.
  10. "Betty" fucks me up every time I swear brit2

  11. THIS. My favorite song on the album with Exile and one of her best songs ever IMO. I saw some bullshit review saying the album needed to be edited down and this was the song they suggested cutting first and I was ready to fight.
  12. I'm not dead brit16 but grad school really is like being Brinni in 2007 brit15 . I mean the pandemic has been hell but it's been a rough 12 months regardless. However, I felt the need to login after ghosting again for months to say that 2020 has been a genuine blessing musically. I feel uniquely spoiled by the fact that Brightest Blue came out this year. My favorite album in years. And Chromatica and Future Nostalgia and now Folklore too have been remarkably bright spots in rotten times. Anyway, hope ya'll are well and stay safe!

  13. Gaga out here casually saving pop music like- giveup3 Wellcum back to dance pop gorl giveup3 I had no idea how much I needed this giveup3

  14. Sam Smith fucking SAVED MUSIC today clap3

  15. I’d say happy July 4 but I don’t commemorate the day white colonizers congratulated themselves on a racially unequal political victory that was accompanied by the largest quantity of moral hypocrisy maybe ever. Juneteenth OUTSOLD. ari4

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    2. Satori


      Google it and see what the real Independence Day is, sis julia1

    3. Chris
    4. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      I feel the same way about this day. There’s only one group of people that truly can celebrate it - straight, white men. Women couldn’t vote. Black people were enslaved. Gay people had no rights either. Truly a sham of a holiday. 

      It’s crazy how important this day was viewed as a child (especially growing up in a white family in the south) when really it’s one of the least inclusive holidays in history ari9  

  16. giveup3ughhhh Goldfrapp really saved pop with the Silver Eye era gaga14 The stunning visuals and artwork gaga13 and impeccably choreographed music videos imready1 The thick, viscous rivers of seductive electronica lana6 

    1. Chris


      Their remix Marilyn Manson's This is the New Shit bops too mess1


  17. That avvy clap2

    1. Saiga


      <3 thanks to @Dr. Slay

    2. Satori


      Bless urself and genuflekt gaga13

  18. Legend @Saiga reintroducing me to Erotica only for the light to be let in lana6 

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    2. Saiga


      Or I think I listened to KM94... I'm kinda lost

    3. Satori


      Lollll okay. Try Aphrodite then. It reminds me of Confessions a lot. 

    4. Saiga


      I will!

  19. I keep trying to define the best segment of Madame X tracks and finding it impossible because I really am grateful for every song. I wasn’t expecting to feel this taken care of as a fan this year but I really do. It’s good to follow the Queen. 

  20. Watching this cute lil Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe with an Asian cast 💅🏽 and Mariah’s “Always Be My Baby” plays at the end OOP too relevant moo11

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      We love a Curlyriah moment. 



    2. Satori


      @I Brings That Levity I love that she’s casually bragging about making new fans in 2019 ugh legend!

  21. I just love professionally inept bureaucrat desk ornaments. clap3 Like ugh their minds how else would the “hold” buttons on their phones feel valued if they weren’t there to make use of them? clap3

  22. Ok I finally listened to Dark Ballet and it’s the first time I’ve stopped listening to Jonna Lee’s album since it came out. What a showstopping song. giveup3

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    2. Satori


      Ugh impossible to say. I love it all so much. Even the interlude tracks have really grown on me. Right now I’d pinpoint i KEEP and Crystal as my favorites but in the last week I’ve gone through phases thinking almost every song is the best. Wipe It Off was the first one that really hit me. That shift at the 2:00 mark cry3. Then Mysteries of Love really captured my attention for a bit. Then I rediscovered Open Sea and just became obsessed with it. Then Silence My Drum. Some Body really grew on me too. I didn’t care for it pre-release but am very fond of it now. 

    3. SHANE


      @Satori wipe it off and crystal have been on repeat since the album dropped they’re just so good!!! She performed some body in Boston a few days before it dropped and hearing that beat live gave me chills so it’s a fave now ny10

    4. Satori


      Crystal just hit me like a truck a few days after the album came out. Like so many of the ones on the album, there’s this amazing progression that happens about halfway through. Her songs so frequently are these sonic odysseys that actually go places instead of just being chorus/verse rotations and I love it. 

  23. Writing about Brinni for a lil article I'm submitting online and Email My Heart came on and I legit almost cried. A classiq ballad.