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  1. The music industry really is Taylor Swift's bitch nat1 I'm also dead at the fact that if she hadn't elected not to submit the Fearless re-recording in categories at the Grammys that she likely would have picked up 2x as many Grammys next year as she already will for other projects lana7 Lowkey worried she's at risk of overexposure again if she keeps this relentless pace up

  2. On 11/12/2021 at 6:59 PM, Unapologetic Bitch said:

    Second to Basic ass gay would be much better as solo song or literally anyone else as feature, but in this version its sound basic af because feature is basic af hottie1

    You unapologetic bitch! scream2 

    Olly has a beautiful voice and Years And Years are amazing and the blending of their voices really accentuates the lyrics. I love the melody too. It’s signature euphoric Kylie for me. 

  3. 7/10 for the album release


    8/10 overall including reissue. 

    For a while I just couldn’t get into the album on a serious level, starting with the still-ridiculous title m. The project as a whole felt cohesive but far too gimmicky at first, which I know is part of what constitutes Kylieness and ha appeal but I wanted something more immaculately produced like Aphrodite/Confessions on a Dancefloor than what we got which was a bit more tongue in cheek than I was expecting. 

    However, the reissue made me really reevaluate and I love most of the album now. Monday Blues and Where Does the DJ Go are the only songs I won’t listen to, and of the ones left there are some truly monumental songs. Say Something, Magic, Dance Floor Darling, Miss A Thing, and Celebrate You are divine. I also think the Real Groove redux was amazing and A Second To Midnight is SUCH a grower. On a minor note I’m also really pleased with the new cover and infinitely better packaging on the Guest List Edition. Lowkey wish she had Colman’s with Madonna instead of the Jessie Ware track but I’ve accepted that she’s going more for real 70s sounds for much of the album than trying to intervene/update a classic disco texture. 

    I’m really glad she repacked it. Covid limited the era in some ways and I’m glad she found a way to revive it. 

  4. Idk I listen to Taylor because it’s fun and relatable and her more recent stuff is just excellent and enjoyable but most of what draws me to Madonna is because it’s not just about love and relationships. Her 90s records and a few of the ones after are more intellectually curious lyrically than almost any other pop music I’ve found, and musically she’s experimented way more comprehensively than going from country to pop (admittedly with a few trend-chasing missteps in the last ten years). M’s music has helped me grow as a person and explore things the same way books have while pursuing my degree, while Taylor’s music has been more of a pastime and a way to think through gender/romance constructs in a very broad sense, which is I think why her listenership is so wide. That and the fact that she’s undoubtedly a very good writer. But tbh it’s a relatively fruitless comparison to try to really unpack if we’re being asked to be seriously evaluative. At the very simplest level, we won’t be able to compare until Taylor has put in a lifetime’s work like M has. As far as impact, I think Taylor’s impact is much more traditional in that she’s just listened to a lot and she definitely has started to shape industry policy more. M did that in prior decades but her impact is much more on an ideological and cultural and political sphere/level.

  5. I agree the bar is low because her albums generally are a lil monochromatic but I do think this one is better and not in ways as subtle as I expected. I loved the jazz influences woven through the album and she’s also gotten much better at employing emotion without having to belt to express it. Her falsetto and the more neo-soul-inspired delivery on songs like I Drink Wine recall the Amy Winehouse/Duffy type of stuff she was first known for and update that sound. 

    Lyrically I agree some of it is not her best. I don’t understand the point of To Be Loved at all. I believe she’s sincere but I can’t make the actual phrasing make sense. And some of the love songs are way less compelling than Rolling in the Deep and SLY, but there are others where she’s definitely being more honest and not just about typical “you hurt me; love is pain” platitudes. Easy On Me is too broad/generalized to be a good example, but My Little Love and Woman Like Me (with resentment that’s a lot more mature and nuanced than something like Send My Love or Rumor Has it) are much more individualized than “universal” and stronger for it. 

    Lastly the Cry Your Heart Out / Oh My God / Can I Get It sequence is freaking amazing and the closest to Adele heaux anthems I’ve ever heard. 

  6. On 11/20/2021 at 10:52 AM, WarrenThanksYouAll said:

    Two extremely overrated colonizers who cares 


    One writes for the soccer moms and the other writes for all the Rebeccas who got dumped by Chad in Chemistry class. At least Adele could sing and that saves her, the other gets praised for writing metaphors like "I was ahead of the curve and then it suddenly became a sphere" or "maybe we got lost in translation cause im a crumbled piece of paper here" aura1 Yall buy into HYPE like deers in headlights 

    Omfg dead1 I howled but in Legendlor’s defense I’ve never met a white gorl magic Rebecca irl who can write like she can. Like the surface description of her lyrics is lowkey accurate for a lot of her early albums but the line from All Too Well you’re parodying is a lot more nuanced. 

    I agree Adele and Taylor are both overhyped in some circles but they have a lot recommending them and excel at what they do even though there are other pop girls probably better at pushing boundaries and taking bigger artistic risks.  

  7. If I were a public figure I would of course support Britney vocally but that’s not what the interviewer was asking. They were looking for dirt and it was a loaded question prying to see if Britney was doing ok and frankly her handler stepping in made it clear they were interpreting it as exactly that and they didn’t want to be seen as capitalizing on instead of supporting her and spreading love which is what Christina’s comment did. 

  8. I adore Britney but this was so uncool. Homegirl has had no chill recently and her being uninformed on this shows because Christina is not obligated to talk about her and has been extremely supportive in the past. Imagine if Brinni was promoting a new record and was being obsessively asked to comment on a female artist’s drama—the same artist who has constantly overshadowed her for a decade plus. That’s no shade to Britney or X it’s just what’s happened and while Christina has been shady before this wasn’t a case of that and she hasn’t been that way in ages. 

  9. I’ll keep it to the pop girls because there are too many non-pop ones to even begin to narrow them down:


    Madge:  Ray of Light, Confessions, Bedtime Stories, Music, American Life

    Florence: all of them tbh

    Kylie:  Aphrodite, Impossible Princess, Body Language

    Britney:  Blackout

    Lana:  Honeymoon

    Beyonce:  Beyoncé (ST)

    Lorde:  Pure Heroine

    Ellie Goulding:  Halcyon

    Kacey Musgraves:  Golden Hour

    Robyn:  Body Talk


    I love some others by Katy and Gaga, e.g., but there are always a handful of songs that I dislike, whereas the albums above have few, if any, songs I don’t adore. 

  10. On 7/5/2017 at 7:39 PM, Satori said:

    Bedtime Stories - Inside Of Me

    Music - I Deserve It (good song tho emoji20.png)


    scream1 Wow what a flop bitch ignore her she drinks wtf brit3

    Inside of Me is one of my favorites from BS now. The only acceptable answer to which song to remove is Don't Stop. It's one of exactly two songs on the album that feel formulaic compared to how amazing the rest of the album is.


    And the only song that could feasibly be taken off Music is Nobody's Perfect but it's still a great song.

  11. TUN but it has to be the one with the black background. I’m kinda over that washed out ugly shade of pink she always uses but that’s just me. Either way, the Polaroid photo is beautiful and the upside down effect actually works for it well. Sweetener’s cover photo is gorgeous too and I know the reason why it’s upside down, but it’s a very simple and classic pose and position so it being upside down is always slightly jarring, like it was a mistake. The TUN cover escapes that entirely, at least to me. 

  12. 27 minutes ago, Taylor said:

    I think the scene with the yellow suit almost rivals it but both are top notch. My favorite scenes / looks from any of her videos so far.

    The suit was a real surprise and I liked it too! The other highlight for me though was the liquid dress at the end. A lot of the video reminded me of aspects of the Moulin Rouge! aesthetic (giveup3) and that part especially did 

  13. 27 minutes ago, Taylor said:

    I think the scene with the yellow suit almost rivals it but both are top notch. My favorite scenes / looks from any of her videos so far.

    The suit was a real surprise and I liked it too! The other highlight for me though was the liquid dress at the end. A lot of the video reminded me of aspects of the Moulin Rouge! aesthetic (giveup3) and that part especially did 

  14. Classix

    1. No Tears

    2. Better Off

    3. Goodnight N Go

    4. God Is A Woman

    5. Breathin

    6. Everytime


    Good but meh

    7. Get Well Soon

    8. Pete Davidson

    9. Sweetener


    Atrocious and/or Filler

    10. The Light Is Coming

    11. Raindrops

    12. R.EM.

    13. Successful

    14. Borderline

    15. Blazed

  15. On 4/4/2019 at 3:51 AM, Hylia said:

    Since it’s been brought up a few times here, I actually quite like MDNA myself. It’s obviously nowhere near her top tier of albums but it’s fun, personal, and I have good memories with it. I like Rebel Heart too, but MDNA feels way more cohesive and makes for an overall more enjoyable listen.

    100% all-natural organic gluten-free loose leaf BPA-free antioxidant rich phreshly brewed Earl G(r)ay tea right here tea1 

  16. Some of mine:

    • Memoirs, Charmbracelet, and Chanteuse are some of Mariah’s best
    • Eroticerror should have been an EP
    • The Fame and The Fame Monster are both messy. The Fame has some truly ridiculous songs and even though every one on TFM is good the best ones (like BR and Alejandro) make other overrated ones like Derp in the Dark seem trivial. 
    • Beyonce’s album trinity does not include Mildred Pierce OR DIL or Bidet
    • Aphrodite is amazing almost start to finish
    • Both Hard Candy and MDNA are perfectly good albums with a small number of dud tracks.
    • Most of the new pop girls are unlistenable
    • pre-Rainbow Kesha is the most overrated set of pop albums ever. I still can’t understand it. No shade to her, I just think the contrast is literally unreal.
    • Ellie is way more talented than half of the faves
    • I love her but Ari needs to stop with the mumbling
    • Honeymoon is a gorgeous album
    • Circus has some good songs but is a pointless album. It has no soul or identity.
    • Living for Love is amazing. 
    • Bionic is Xtina’s best album. Easily. 
    • P!nk and Gaga and X have amazing singles and great voices but listening to any of them for a whole album is exhausting
    • Dangerous Woman is still Ari’s best album 


  17. 15 hours ago, Urbanov said:

    Bedtime Stories is extremely underrated and Madonna’s second best 

    Memoirs is Mariah’s best album

    Unlistenable Princess 🤷🏻‍♂️


    Femme Fatale is Britney’s best 

    IASF is a stain on Beyonce’s discography

    Xtina sounds the best on rap inspired beats (tracks made by DJ Premier on BTB are fire)


    Born This Way is Gaga’s worst

    Rated R is shit minus Rude Boy and Fire Bomb

    Last Kiss is Taylor’s best song

    Waking Up In Vegas is Katy’s best song from previous decade. When it comes to this decade - it’s Tsunami.


    Spaceship is Kesha’s best song

    Honeymoon Avenue and Tattooed Heart are boring

    Paradise is a filler in Lana’s discography


    Billie’s debut album is overrated / not as good as people claim it is

    Marina’s debut is her best; every next album was less interesting with FROOT being über-awful. At this point I don’t think I care for her upcoming album

    Ugh stan Godtime Stories and Memoirs  lana6


    And yes Sasha Fierce is a fugly bloated bitch even though the singles are CLASSIX (imagine an ep with the best songs like SL, Sweet Dreams, IIWAB, Halo, n Ego legend1 instead of that gorged clusterfuck moo13). As an album whew the bitch tried it kylie10


    Impossible Princess is an album that rewards patient listening though so I can’t agree with that one... I didn’t like it the first few times I heard it but I absolutely adore it now. IMO it’s her most meaningful album, albeit not her most accessible.  

  18. Today I’ve listened to Light Years then Impossible Princess start to finish and now I’m on Golden for the first time since its release. Lowkey shaking at what a flop I was to not having noticed how magical the title track and One Last Kiss are. gaga14 haven’t made it past track 6 as a result