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  1. This GODDESS is releasing again this year and I love her so fucking much.

  2. bey3 thanks for checking in on me 

  3. The Roof. Spotify had my back playing this after the No No remix ugh their mind
  4. This amazeballs remixxx gave me a reason to live yesterday 


    1. Satori


      @fab Yes. I spent like two hours watching them yesterday. dead1

    2. Satori
    3. Chris


      who let the monkeys out of the zoo dead2 

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  5. We need this gif gaga3 with the Oscar in the place of her champagne

  6. bey5 this gif is actual footage of Beyonce listening to "Stay Flo" and "Binz" 


    1. Confess


      This is Bey while listening to Needy ari3

    2. Satori


      *Bloodline ari2

  7. She gets shade for her live vocals but Madonna has two of the fucking best live albums I’ve ever heard for the Confessions and Re:Invention tours and that’s the tea. mad3

  8. alex1 #justiceforourtracklistsofMedoner'salberms

    1. Satori


      oprah5 Go off sis lmao burn1


      PM then, whore!

    2. Saiga


      Tbh since I don't care about this forum anymore I don't really give a shit burn1


      Ok I will!

    3. Satori


      bey11 Living for this 'tude!

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  9. Jessica Simpson is basically a Pokémon but instead of Hyper Beam she has Nasal Beam and would hit them with that “note” in that one video of Take My Breth Away and they’d all die from laughing so she’d lowkey win. Unless P!nk really did show up, in which case I agree, she’d win because everyone would forfeit immediately and the cool ones would leave to get drunk with her at a bar.
  10. Olivia Coleman is a deserving winner but whut. ze. FUCK. has Glenn Fucking Close got to fucking do to win a FUCKING OSCAR?

  11. I tried to shadily bypass certain sections of the poll like the ASMR Kweenz section because taste®️ and because Error 404 @ them all but it didn’t register any of my votes. Ewps. Anyway, mine: 90s Divas: Mariah all the way bb ASMR: Janet I guess Queens of Pawp: The One & Only of course 00s PopRock: P!nk Beatiful Gowns: Tay bc she has beautiful songs and lyrics too Throwbacks: Nina Simone tbh Underappreciated Divas: Robyn, empress of the dancefloor and pioneer of weird experimental EPS that she made instead of alberm for 1,000 years
  12. Idk who’s responsible for the nicki5 emote but GOTDAMN ITS PERSISTENT UTILITY GETS ME EVERY TIME and they need to be THANKEDT. I don’t think I’ve ever not laughed seeing it. Nicki ha power queen of cross-eyed gremlin smiling and making forum gheis laugh at her. 

    1. Hylia


      Let’s also not forget Steve Buscemi his piwer

    2. Satori


      How cud we forget such an iconic lewk nicki5

  13. Mine too tbh but I loves me some Adele and the right gorl survived
  14. What I don’t like about the Jussie Smollet shit even more than how it sets progressive agendas back IS THAT BY LYING ABOUT ASSAULT HE DETRACTED FROM ACTUAL VICTIMS. 


    Yes it’s horrible that this will become political fuel for Trumpkins and the Right, but the ones who will pay the heaviest price are future victims of assault and hate crimes who have even LESS of a chance of being heard/vindicated now than they did before. 


    What he did was an abuse of privilege and suggests an almost sociopathic lack of concern for others, which is even worse considering he’s a member of TWO marginalized communities.


    Actual. Trash. 

    1. Venom


      I havent been paying attention to this drama but lying about assault? abusing his power? detracting from real victims?

      Poppy tease tay2

  15. Okay but the 365 video is really Katy clapping back for what happened with Witness.

    Hear me out:

    Robot Katy = Witness-era Katy. Zedd = the general public. 

    Robot Katy is the hit machine who's trying to genuinely connect with a "purposeful" pop album that's rejected by the general public. She's written off right at the moment she realizes she's part of a formula that isn't working and which has now made her completely disposable---there's a crop of new pop gorls phresh from the factory to take her place.

    That tear at the end is even more sad than I thought.

    The old Katy can't come to the phone right now.

    1. Hylia


      Loving this concept! Witness is still my favorite Katy album and I absolutely love the direction she took with it.

    2. Satori


      @Hylia I was listening to it again today for the first time in a while and was really living for it. It’s the one Katy album where I feel like even the weaker songs make sense on the album as a whole. I can’t say that for /Prism/, which has some really luminous moments punctuated by crap like “International Shit.”

  16. Ari invented music and vocals with “Touch It” just sayin

    1. August


      Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart also says hijj2

    2. Satori


      She’s a cute girl but <<<<< Ari’s best, in my opinion

  17. Me: “ugh pop music the frivolity I-“


    Maggie Lindemann:  “Some days I'm broke / some days I'm rich / Some days I'm nice / some days I can be a bitch.”


    Me: lana6cry0katy4ny10

    1. Urbi


      Maybe Maggie snapped

    2. Satori


      Fitting since the song slaps demi1

  18. I finally know the lyrics to 7 Rings!1!!2!! And Kylie is a Kween of bops. Everything from Fever to Aphrodite is popfection
  19. but: *Requiring Subtitles = Ari I love her but she mumbles sometimes. *Long Notes (that sound like a cat asphyxiating in a helium tank while also being violated): Jessica Simpson We agree! *(UNWARRANTED) Irrelevancy: Kylie A trew pop tragedy
  20. FINALLY getting to see /A Star Is Born/ on Thursday. Excited.

  21. Just got a fully-funded offer from a PhD program. Shaking. Honestly never been this shook in my entire life.  lana6

    1. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      wow congrats! that's absolutely incredible jj2 

    2. Satori


      Thank you! I almost waited until next year to apply but my professors convinced me to go for it. Still in shock. 

  22. Literally shrieking at battlegrounds today I-