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  1. I’m late but Thor:  Ragnacock did that bey5

  2. That feeling when you're listening to a song and it's so good you almost have a panic attack trying to process it, because even though time is passing and you can't keep that moment, you realize it's enough to see the moment for what it is, even though you want it to go on forever, because the whole world is just you and what you are hearing:  the actual best.

  3. "Feels So Good" >>>> careers.  oprah14 Kween Kylie bringing divine bops even on an album I couldn't get into for ages. A legend.

    1. TattooedHeart


      omg one of my faves from KMO yas2  That one and Fine cry6 

    2. Satori


      @TattooedHeart Same! Those two and Sleeping with the Enemy are my trinity from that album. So. Good. antm1

  4. When you tamper with the wording for 30 minutes but finally have a coherent thesis. cry7

  5. "Leave me now, return tonight oprah4
    The tide will show you the way oprah4

    If you forget my name oprah4

    You will go astray oprah4

    Like a killer whale jj4
    Trapped in a bay" oprah4


    Never change Bjorkllah queen of bizarrely apt animal references


  6. I am confusion can someone explain me please what is a Cyndi Pauper?

    1. Bionic Monster

      Bionic Monster

      "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and "True Colors," and yes, "Time After Time" is the thirdoprah1

    2. PoisonCandy


      Sis, how old are you. She's an icon dead2

    3. Satori


      @Bionic Monster Oh, ok—I know those! I think I knew True Colors was her but forgot about it; that’s a good one. I know “Girls...” too but I always forget that’s her. And @PoisonCandy I’m old enough to know about her but M is one of the only 80s acts I’m familiar with. I’ve heard more about Cyndi re “Kinky Boots.”  Most faves wish they could write a musical tbh. antm1

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  7. Lana del Slay:  *sings “You Must Love Me”*


    Satori:  *cries instantly* cry5 “I DO HUNNI, I DO LOVE YOU, I’M UNWORTHY” cry5

  8. “You make me crazy / you make me wiiiiiiild oprah2 / Spin me around / just like a chiiiiild / cry4 Your skin so golden brooooohoooowwwn / be young, be dope, be proooooouuuwwwwddd / lyk an American” bb yas1 

    1. Tyler Joseph

      Tyler Joseph

      I’m not an American but it’s by far my favorite Lana song. Sooooo good yas1 

    2. Satori


      @Pageant Material Lol it really is. That song makes me more patriotic than our national anthem™️ lmao. But I just love that song. 

  9. Ray of Light got me emotional and FUCKED UP today cry6 Every single song... yas1 The all of it-ness... antm1 20 years ago today since Madonna invented music and the color blue and visuals and lyrics and vinyl dresses exposing nipples in booklet photographs.

  10. So Kylie also did THAT with “Like A Drug”... poor self-hating gheis who deprive themselves of and it’s bopness. 

    1. Aidan.


      Really would have liked the electronica on tracks like LAD and Speakerphone to carry throughout the album oprah14

    2. Satori


      Lol that’s fair @Body Language. It’s an uneven album; I’m just partial to it because it saved my life one summer working at Walmart being miserable. Used to go to my car on lunch breaks and bawp to it. The highs on it are really high for me. 

  11. Kylie really did THAT with “In My Arms.” brit11

  12. iggy1 Janelle girl it's just the way that song "Make Me Feel" imready1

    1. Satori


      I can't stop listening to it! cry6

    2. SHANE


      I was just listening to it, it's so good. I've had it on loop for days cry1

  13. Self-drag:  noun. colloquial. A person whose fatuous hypocrisy gives their enemies free bait with which to effortlessly humiliate and ensnare them in vicious drags or accurate reads or other wig-flewing invectives.



    Calling people “forum fags” and “dragging” them for spending time on said forum—while doing (and probably being) the same thing, except also writing uselessly detailed no1curr essays licking ur fave’s taint instead of being someone significant in the “real” or “professional” world you speak of. 

  14. Why all these Xtina threads in Battlegrounds.... ari1

  15. Battlegrounds today ayumi1.... like kylie2

    1. frankgutz


      wig, it was messy af but lowkey fun lmao sha1

    2. Satori


      It was highkey a kii @frankgutz lol

  16. Literally the actual WORST halftime show I’ve ever seen. oprah14

  17. Your new username is already iconique™️  antm1

    1. Anna-wa


      Why thank you cry7

    2. Satori


      Welcome legend bey3

  18. Don't you down vote me for praising Honeymoon, hoe!

  19. Why is it always in Battlegrounds that new thots on here try to cut their teeth?  Like can you go away please until this isn't your first day...

  20. brit0

    1. Satori


      I need to come back to the Mariah section more often.

    2. Sylk


      Yes you do alex1 we need more LAMBS cry6 

    3. Satori


      I'll be there.  I quite liked "I Don't" antm1

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  21. Hey you!

    1. Firdawsi


      you're alive? gasp1 

      happy to see you again katyanna1 

    2. Satori


      Mess has it really been that long? 

    3. Firdawsi


      only a couple of months lol