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  1. I hope they can achieve K/DA's success but I think after the momentum K/DA has had with shocking everyone with the quality of videos and music is going to be hard. I'm interested in seeing this as well maybe even a possible K/DA collab.
  2. K/DA did NOT come to play!!
    They killed this video!
    And Seraphine's part is SO CUTE!


  3. How come nobody told me about Lexie Liu like?!?!
    潘洛斯阶梯  freaking SLAPS!

  4. Justice for Afterlight by Dua Lipa brit2antm1

  5. Kim Petras is featured on a song for my league main Evelynn called Villain antm1 & Madison Beer is returning as the vocalist for Evelynn brit2

  6. Miss Romy killed it antm1


  7. The fact that I just started my onlyfans two days ago and I already have 30 subs is blowing my mind antm1

  8. Call it a flex. K/DA "THE BADDEST" ft. G_I_DLE, BEA MILLER, WOLFTYLA Youtube: https://t.co/fw75CgZg7W?amp=1 Apple Music: https://t.co/s8QhgdTUgC?amp=1 Spotify: https://t.co/Ldgxq1FAtG?amp=1
  9. “You can’t see us, but you can see what we represent. MakeYouKnowLove is an idea, that you can be whoever you want to be, no prejudice or preconception”. 
    Ya'll Stream Don't Need Heaven by MakeYouKnowLove antm1


  10. Stay Gold by PVRIS is my SOTY antm1

  11. This is so fuc**** good!! You absolutely killed it!! I'm switching this to the cover in my iTunes
  12. New art piece I'm pretty proud of.

  13. Can someone link me to a download of tonight by miss Kesha please