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  1. Performance But like take my wig

    killed it
  2. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    It grew on me! I'm so chill but you make me jeal o u s
  3. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    let the light in sis
  4. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    stan talent
  5. I-I loved you in spite of

    deep fears that the world would divide us

    1. Venus XCX

      #that second verse fall7 


    2. Kali

      she really did that rav3

  6. LGBT Australia Votes "Yes" on Marriage Equality

    wonderful news
  7. Performance Taylor's performance of "New Year's Day" on Fallon

  8. Celeb News People Magazine's 2017 Sexiest Man Alive is...



    but we were DANCIN' mess1

    dancin' with our hands tied, hands t i e d mess1

  10. Discussion Trinity from Reputation?

    End Game (a fucking BOP) Delicate Dancing With Our Hands Tied
  11. Wonderland

    we can't make any promises now, can we, babe? But you can make me a drink...
  12. I wanna be your end game ny9 

    I wanna be your first string ny9 

    I wanna be your A-team ny9 

    I wanna be your end game, end game ny9 

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    2. Andrew Michael

      Off topic but I miss you oprah4 

    3. Kali

      miss you too hug1 let's talk more ♡

    4. TattooedHeart

      I bury hatchets but I keep maps of where I put em ny9


  13. Album #MyFirstListen Reputation!!!