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  1. You give me that fever I keep tryna break
    Been a little while but I don't mind the wait
    I'm gon' need a ride home now, sooner than late
    Must I reiterate? Can we pick up the pace?

  2. Mitski

    This entire situation is a mess Pete was on snl a few months ago telling Kanye to take is his meds and then wearing a Make Kanye Great Again hat. I'm confused as to how he can condescend to this man on national tv and then switch up like he wasn't actively contributing to what he's condemning. Ariana shouldn't have inserted herself into something she wasn't involved in, or been dismissive of a man spiralling due to mental health. Nicki, while the points she made are valid, are worthless coming from someone who goes out of her way to discredit victims of abuse and rape, as recently as last week. She can also keep Macs name out of her mouth bc we all know the ulterior motive she has in doing so. We all could stand to be a bit kinder and sympathetic on social media. Everyone involved in this drama is clearly suffering from some issues in their personal lives to which they hopefully receive help for.
  3. Mitski


    The only skips for me are TLIC Blazed and Raindrops. Its a really good album
  4. Nicki needs to run bc this man is bad news
  5. Mitski


    12 hours with St. Vincent!
  6. Mitski

    The taste jumped out loving this concept! omfg how could I forget Breakdown. A CLASSIC
  7. Cam'ron on Boy Slick Rick on Giving Me Life Nas on Dedicated Jay-Z on Heartbreaker Whats yours?
  8. I heard the Poppy influence in her cadence so this reassures me I'm not crazy! yes wonder what happened
  9. okay I love this. serving anime opening realness
  10. Mitski here



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    2. Darth Sidious

      Oh this is nothing, I was listening to Live it Up while raking leaves in my yard yesterday. I’m sure my neighbors loved the sight of me dancing with a rake. 

    3. Chris Morlock

      thats what they all say whit1 

  11. the damage control. BYEEEEEEE
  12. damn thats a lot of dates and a lot of cash
  13. Mitski


    I need to see an hd photo of that dress it looks stunninggg