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  1. Mitski here

    Could this be Kehlani's best song? oprah12 

    1. Urbanov

      Honey exists oprah14 

  2. Mitski here


    1. Sylk

      Wig shes eating tonight!

    2. Mitski

      more like serving!!!!!

  3. Mitski


    genuinely happy for her. the ring is gorgeous!
  4. Mitski here

    Katy really came and did THAT 


    24/7 365 katy3

  5. Mitski

    Music Video

    Katys acting in this is really good. She really had me empathizing with a robot, her power
  6. how are you

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    2. Sylk


      btw goodnight !!!

    3. Sylk

      wait this version


    4. Mitski


      thank you sweetie have a good day♡

  7. she's right. these awards are easily swayed by campaigning and politics good for her for setting her side straight
  8. Mitski here

    queen Lizzo is not playing around!! burn1


    1. Habits

      I just saw that performance it was so fab

    2. Mitski

      she's such a fun performer 

  9. Mitski here

    Normani and Sam delivering WHEW


  10. this and 19Katy9 always gets me
  11. OMGH. Style really is that bitch huh? always interesting to see people's rankings, thanks for sharing
  12. The Getaway Car love
  13. Mitski


    this truth