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  1. oh... this footage seems super invasive not to mention opportunistic. hope this won't affect their livelihoods or well being
  2. Mitski

    i was thinking stepford wives or somthing maybe hylia snapped skskskkskkkkkk
  3. That painting is fucking cool
  4. Mitski

    I can't at her possibly guaranteeing herself a top ten hit every year with the same song for Infinity.mp3
  5. Mitski

    I'm shaking in anticipation for that collab Drake better come through and get Mimi that multi-week 1# smasha
  6. Mitski here

    Taylor: "Time slows down whenever you're around. I can feel my heart, it's beating in my chest wub1"

    Me: Was that clarification really necessary Taylor?when-nick-young-the-basketball-player-me

    1. The Plague

      She had to clarify that she has a heart. jj2 

  7. Mitski


    Suddenly I believe in love again 7
  8. Mitski

    Here for the new sound A lot of shit has gone down in miss Mariah's life the last four years and I'm ready for her to transform it all into some TUNES
  9. Mitski

    it sounds promising
  10. Mitski

    here is utena! https://myanimelist.net/anime/440/Shoujo_Kakumei_Utena . good luck with your goal!
  11. Mitski

    you are literally the queen of discipline and organization As far as anime, I watched The Boy and The Beast the other day and it was cute. Have you heard of Empire of Corpses? I might check that out next still haven't caught up on Shingeki no kyojin season 2 yet I also recommend Utena bc it looks amazing and serves saphic realness ♡
  12. Mitski here

    Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die
    Horoscopes often lie, and sometimes "y"
    Nothin is for sure, nothin is for certain, nothin lasts forever
    But until they close the curtain, it's him and I: Aquemini ◇

  13. Mitski


    whew the acclaim 9
  14. i'm loving the harmonizing