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  1. miss you idk if you remember me :(

    1. Mitski

      Of course I remember you, queen Snejana. How are you? Hope you've been well 🖤

  2. Mitski here

    Happy Pride!!!


    1. Saiga

      I'd be straight for you though

  3. Mitski


    this looks EXCELLENT
  4. Mitski here



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    2. Hylia

      Ciara is BRINGING IT this era 

    3. Mitski

      Ciara coming to save POP music cry1


    4. Mitski

      I get Carly vibes too BUT that ain't a bad thing UGH cry3


  5. What the fuck? No. We are not scapegoating the Jewish community for this heinous incident this evening. GoodBYE.
  6. A very sad day. The world is grieving with you, New Zealand. These atrocities against muslim communities are despicable acts of evil. Ideologies based in hatred should never have a platform to radicalize and inspire terror campaigns. Sending condolences and prayers from Canada
  7. How wonderful life is, now you're in the world hug1

  8. Mitski here

    He's no item! Please don't like him. He don't wife 'em, he one nights 'em!


  9. Mitski here

    Could this be Kehlani's best song? oprah12 

    1. Urbanov

      Honey exists oprah14 

  10. Mitski here


    1. Sylk

      Wig shes eating tonight!

    2. Mitski

      more like serving!!!!!

  11. Mitski here

    Katy really came and did THAT 


    24/7 365 katy3

  12. how are you

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    2. Sylk


      btw goodnight !!!

    3. Sylk

      wait this version


    4. Mitski


      thank you sweetie have a good day♡

  13. Mitski


    the evisceration and critique of war propaganda WHEW Ghibli snapped!!
  14. Mitski


    Yassss Spirited Away is absolute perfection! You can't go wrong with any of those really. Ghibli films are usually feel good movies with young spirited female protagonists. Miasaki has always said he felt it was important for girls to see themselves as heros just as much as men do and we STAN him because of it! btw all of these choices are high fantasy there's also stories based in the real world like Grave of Fireflies but dont watch that unless you want to curl up into a ball of depression and cry afterwards right @#Music? hope you enjoy let me know which one was your fave!