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  1. Oh wow
  2. here

    You're the kinda reckless that should send me running but I kinda know that I won't get far tehe1

  3. Oh wow. I wish to renew my subscription to this fascinating program
  4. Discussion

    King Vilppu has blessed us this day lemme send in my rates
  5. Me outside Big Machine Records
  6. Yet another early fotp mornin'

    And you log in like it's nothing

    Hold up, hold up, hold tight!


    Ain't no pms, ain't no upvotes

    See, I know you seen me online


    I should report you right for the ban time


    Let me take a breathe

    And regain my composure 


  7. I love it!!!! Very fresh and fun and Kesha!!!
  8. I know!!!! I'm so happy for Kesha and her fans finally you have your girl back!
  9. Omg that video clip is everything
  10. It's happening
  11. here

    And darlin' it was good

    never looking down

    And right there where we stood

    was holy ground


    1. Taylor

      A boppp!! yas1 

    2. Yuna

      @Taylor The downvote though lmfao1

    3. Taylor

      54 minutes ago, Yuna said:

      @Taylor The downvote though lmfao1

      I thought it would be someone else, nglrih1 

  12. here

    You can trip, flick a switch negative
    Break the circuit between us
    But electricity lingers
    In our fingers

  13. here


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Yuna

      It's going good! tehe1 wbu? creep1


    3. Saiga

      I'm good! A little sleepy though. I think I'm going to sleep creep1 I just want the semester to end mad5 

    4. Yuna

      Omg when will you be free? cry4 yes me too, I'm gonna sleep soon creep1

  14. No worries, it's 2D queen!