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  1. Just because Critics say something sounds good doesn't mean it does either My point still stands and don't quote me again you're very tired.
  2. Girl do you think i'm going based off what the critics say? they are humans and have flop taste just like a lot of you people on this site Also I wouldn't expect a Madonna stan to know anything about vocals especially one who argued that Madonna was more successful than MJ the king of pop. Do me a favor stop quoting me.
  3. Stop putting your foot on my heart Slay brandy with those beautiful vocals Jeeze I love her and her runs are so good I like her teenage voice though I can imagine how it would've sounded if she retained her tone.
  4. You sound ignorant Ariana has been dancing and not many artist are in shape and can sing and dance at the same time unless you're P!NK or Beyonce and if you have been following up with Ariana she has infact improved since her debut. When she was on tour she was belting like crazy and even hit a bb5 repeatedly. Two times for selena for improving but Ariana and Demi have both been improving and she's still shit vocally compared to the two so run a long.
  5. Aaliyah -At Your Best Mariah- Without You, Open Arms. Whitney- I Will Always Love You and every song she ever covered
  6. I'm gonna stay by your side be there to cool you off and let you know that everything will be alright!


    Her mannerism here are giving me Whitney. Brandy truly loved her some nippy.


  7. If her songs aren't work tier nobody will be here for it. She won't have album of the year but i hope she does have a decent album.
  8. Wow @Aguagaga not the fighters here on FOTP dragging you and telling you you're an embarrassing mess You were kicked out of ALD now they are basically saying you need to stan someone else girl you are a complete utter mess.
  9. Girl I sent that last year. New year new me and we are better than that now. love you
  10. Exactly what i thought it says MADONNA IS NEXT. Not Madonna is DYING and i was honestly hoping you were going to respond and i was going to say something random not that she's dying