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  1. "Martha."

    "Yes, Bob."

    "I thought we’d send out a picture of our little Mindy with this year’s Christmas cards."

    "Well, that’s a great idea, Bob, theoretically, but – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Mindy – and she’s adorable – I mean, TO ME – but, her face is rather, it’s, well…"

    "Fucked up?"

    "Exactly, Bob.  Her snaggly teeth, the bags under her eyes.  What will people think of me?"

     "Well, I believe I have a way to take care of that – "

    "Isn’t four a little young for a face-lift, Bob?"

    "Not that, dear.  I know a guy.  He does photo retouching.  Doesn’t cost that much.  We can turn Mindy into the little girl we always wanted!"

    "Fantastic, Bob!  And while you’re at it, could you make her face look like a sheet of flat fucking plastic with a couple of taxidermist’s glass eyeballs?"





    1. Hermione

      JonBenet, is that you?

    2. Chris Morlock

      omg nicki is that you lol1 

  2. Discussion

    yea, it does sound kinda might've just been a female equivalent to that shitty Judge Dredd movie with Stallone tho.
  3. Discussion

    - She developed her own superhero film called Warcop in the early-nineties with comic book writer Grant Morrison that would've starred her as a space-faring cop from the future who traveled back in time to the present day in order to catch a criminal. She eventually pulled the plug on this project before it got very far. - An action figure of the Blank from Dick Tracy saw a very limited release because - Weird Al Yankovic's parody "Like a Surgeon" was actually her idea: this is the only time ever Weird Al got the idea for a parody song from the original artist.
  4. Ah, good ol' think they closed the forums down because they thought we were a bunch of negative assholes!



    1. TattooedHeart

      Could Squirrel Girl happen?

  5. This is...kinda weird. With four months worth of filming by Lord & Miller already done and three and a half weeks (plus five weeks of reshoots by Howard), I'm curious how the final film will turn out. Ron Howard is fine at what he does, but he's pretty much the definition of a pedestrian director. He's probably the ideal person for this sort of project, though, experienced with special effects, totally competent and totally willing to let the studio have their way.
  6. Does the Tin Man have a metal cock?
  7. Discussion

    Also, Bulworth is one of my favorite movies, and this song is great too (Remember Mỳa? I love Mỳa!)
  8. Note - this thread is made for people who like rap, so feel free to keep comments such as "I wouldn't listen to that shitty music" to yourself! Deservedly iconic: A really underrated one from Training Day: Probably actually listen to this more than the original Ghostbusters theme song: Also I hate to admit it but I sorta dig most of Will Smith's hits Especially Wild Wild West.
  9. Too bad she didn't show up late for the production of Glitter enough to kill it.
  10. Imagine having Kim & Kanye as parents, Caitlyn as a grandmother and Khloe as an uncle.
  11. I knew it was gonna be the fucking Macarena...
  12. Is there a gay equivalent to being pussy-whipped? And if so, what would the onomatopoeia be instead of "Meow! FUH-CHHH!" jay1 

  13. Are you in London yet? Did you bum a fag with some chavs by the loo yet, or were a pair of blokes too busy snogging, leaving you to just bugger off? rih1 

    1. TattooedHeart

      Screaming! I'm in scotland, but I'm Paris bound today wub1

  14. Selena Gomez probably has better things to do than give a flying fuck about this