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  1. General News

    Like really, in any other world these two would probably be best buddies With Kim Jong getting all pissy about movies like The Interview and Trump never shutting up about SNL and such on Twitter, they're two peas in a pod.
  2. I lived on Earth during 2001.
  3. I feel this was fairly straightforward tbh...
  4. She probably wouldn't have written it in a private letter 20 years ago if she wanted you to know but OK.
  5. Bizarre

    Arrested Development
  6. General News

    I definitely do; I'm a pretty avid action figure collector and it would be lame to see the last major chain bite the dust. Obviously I could still buy online but there's a certain fun to going there in person.
  7. Bizarre

    That looks like more of a Face/Off situation to me than a body swap.
  8. Suddenly I love Dakota Johnson? scream1 



  9. Damn. I hope they get out of this hole...losing HMV and Toys 'R' Us in the same year would be two pretty big blows for me. http://globalnews.ca/news/3754730/toys-r-us-bankruptcy-protection/
  10. That's probably a bit narcissistic. Probably more than a bit.
  11. What's worse than having dissolvable stitches in your mouth? Learning what dissolvable stitches are made of! vomit1 


    Dissolvable stitches are made from natural materials, such as processed collagen (animal intestines), silk and hair


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    2. TattooedHeart

      it's the lungs wrapped in the intestines! You don't eat the intestines though, it's like the corn husk on the tamale

    3. Breathless Mahoney



      You are much more adventurous with food than I am dead2 Mock turtle soup might be the only thing that sounds even less appealing to me than haggis.

    4. TattooedHeart

      Haggis is delicious! It's like dip n dots meat

  12. You should check out this website: https://trakt.tv/dashboard It's basically like the TV equivalent to letterboxd, you can rate entire series, seasons, individual episodes and also make lists and add stuff to your collection. Nice layout too.

    1. TattooedHeart

      I tried to use it for a bit and I found it to be too much laughcry1 

    2. Breathless Mahoney

      The only thing I don't really like is that it seems to lack an alphabetizing feature for the "Collection" section. But yea, I guess not everyone needs to track/log everything like me laughcry1