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  1. Rumor

    I think this music video looks far too expensive for it not to be attached to a full-on single
  2. Discussion

    Watching this again, I've actually realized that the black cloak Taylor and the android Taylor are two different individuals. The cloaked Taylor is about to tap on the glass is actually the same person who the android Taylor is lashing out at, so I'm guessing this is even more of a Frankenstein story about the evil Taylor who already commands the cyborgs making another one in her image until it gets loose.
  3. Discussion

    Yeah here's some of the specific things I'm talking about This is from Ghost in the Shell (both animated and live action), with the same sort of faux-nudity, kinda like a doll: The Chinese graffiti from Blade Runner: And of course black cloaks and cyborgs are a huge thing in Star Wars:
  4. In light of talent winning and JT being confirmed as the Superbowl '18 act, it's probably a good time to revive this thread Hopefully one of the songs he does will be a new single! I'd be surprised if he didn't have one out by then, tbh.
  5. All right, so from this 15 second teaser I'm already pretty certain that this will be by favorite video she's ever done and I'm already pretty obsessed with all the sci-fi homages she's squeezed in there and the possible plot of the video itself, so bear with me It starts o with a cloaked figure (Taylor) walking with her back turned to some sinister-looking Darth Vader-esque characters. She is likely their leader. Then we see Taylor as sort of a nude android, certainly a reference to Ghost in the Shell. She appears to be frightened, and there's a later shot of her examining her own body beneath. I'm guessing that she has just been created in the first shot, and in the later shot she's accepted her existence just enough to try and figure out what she is. Here she is fascinated by a lightning-filled orb, levitating in her hands. I would say this takes place between the scenes of her as an unsure, recently created android and the beginning shots of her as the intimidating commander of various cyborgs. The orb is probably the source of her later power. Another one of the Vader types. Taylor surrounded by some illuminated spirit-looking things (probably right after touching the orb). A large machine bursting through a wall - notice the Japanese (or maybe Chinese) characters written in graffiti on the wall, much like in Blade Runner, Taylor using her lightning powers inside her glass prison (again, probably right after she touched the orb). Taylor displaying her lightning powers again - this is later, given she's in the cloak like in the beginning. Another Vader-type. Taylor lashes out at someone (her creator?) and breaks free. And finally, another display of power on a staircase with "THEY'RE BURNING ALL THE WITCHES" written in graffiti on the side. So based on this, here's my guess for the loose plot of the video: - Taylor is created as an experimental android in a lab, and is treated harshly by the scientists that made her in this dystopian world. - Eventually Taylor acquires the orb (or maybe the scientists give it to her in a move of poor judgement) and becomes infinitely more powerful. - She kills her creators in revenge. - She uses her newfound powers and the resources of the lab to create her Darth Vader-esque minions. Possibly she even uses the dead bodies of the former scientists to make them, as they appear to be cyborgs. Thoughts?
  6. Celeb News

    I guess I'll get my Star Wars homages after all! Some Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell in there too.
  7. Me Against the Music did save 2003 from being a total waste of time in Madonna's career.
  8. Celeb News

    It would probably be a bit cocky for him to do Rock Your Body again as part of his setlist but I'd love it if he did Surely he'll do Can't Stop The Feeling. Some sources are reporting his album as due for early 2018 so I could see him doing the lead single for that if the timing works out.
  9. Celeb News

    Completely and utterly here for it Bring it on, JT!
  10. Not that I think I would have made it into the main 25 or anything but I may have screwed myself a little by changing my username like a week and a half before this started
  11. Congratulations on our two hosts @Hannah and @Hyun. placing at #2 and #1 respectively because that isn't suspicious at all or anything
  12. Yeah but like you said they're all pretty much the same on here so even a slight difference is noticeable
  13. If anything I think I do agree with you more often than I do others
  14. Did you, uh, put every single comment except mine or what?