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  1. Oh, I was wondering what the crying was about. Guess I'm not all that surprised that that's probably the reason but that's a bummer.
  2. Is she getting sued or something? I do find it an odd mentality to leak these garbage quality recordings, especially as the release date draws closer. I'll never understand the people losing their minds frantically searching for a link when it'd be just days or even hours in advance. They really can't wait?...
  3. Or anywhere where you don't control the radio, really. Anyway, I find that I've heard them substantially less than the singles from pretty much any other era of hers. I've heard Me! like twice and I only heard You Need To Calm Down one time last Wednesday (when I was at a KFC in a very religious city, of all places ).
  4. Dennis Reynolds

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  5. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    Is it known if Cruel Summer is actually a cover of the Bananarama song or is she doing that stupid thing where you call a song Nobody Does It Better even though it isn't the James Bond theme?...
  6. Dennis Reynolds

    Just busting your balls!
  7. Dennis Reynolds

    No, she probably doesn't know that it's August.
  8. Dennis Reynolds

    A very strange coincidence
  9. Build me up just to knock me down...
  10. Dennis Reynolds

    The soundtrack is pretty good. I didn't actually know the movie was set in the 80s until I watched it so I was a bit surprised by the synthesizers!
  11. Dennis Reynolds

    OK, so first thing I have to get out of the way - did not know @Sylk came from this movie, had to rewind and turn on closed captioning to make sure when somebody called Padma Lakshi's character that. I guess I'm really gullible because I totally believed his story about his username just being a typo of Silk Anyway, so yeah, it's not good. It's not as horrible as its reputation suggests, but I would say it's worse than the majority of some others films of the same ilk that came out around the same time, say Coyote Ugly or Save the Last Dance (not that those are good movies either - they're all pretty cliche ridden). I have to say I really hate the editing, it's just irritating and overly frenetic. So obviously the main plot is somewhat influenced by A Star Is Born, but the problem here is that Mariah and the male lead have no chemistry at all. It's hard to believe that they want to spend any time together. I also have to say I find it strange that Mariah's performance/role here is kind of understated. What I mean by that is even though she's obviously the main character, I'm pretty certain that she has considerably less lines than Dice. Maybe it just feels like it, and if that actually is so I'd be curious as to why. I'm not sure if they were unsure about her acting ability and chose to embrace subtlety from the get go or if she recognised that most of the dialogue was really bad and had her own trimmed down. A few other random observations... - Seems like a weird choice to say that they haven't found Dice's killer, not sure why they don't simply say "Terrence Howard has been apprehended"... - I don't really get the Milli Vanilli nonsense in the first act with Mariah singing for Sylk (!), generally you'd do that with someone who can sing but isn't attractive, no? It'd just be easier to skip that step, forget about Padma Lakshi and get Mariah to do everything, no? - There's like one scene with glitter So yeah. It's a bad movie, but not one of the worst ever, or even the worst I've watched in the past week. Drive safe, everybody...
  12. Dennis Reynolds

    Yeah, OK. I also had qualms about this because I suck at making avatars (pretty sure every time I've ever tried to change it, I initially fuck up and make it super tiny and then do it right the second time), but I guess I can do it OK with a week's notice. I'll do it.
  13. Dennis Reynolds

    Oh, I'll post my thoughts, for sure. I am hoping that maybe people are overselling exactly how bad it is just because it's a Mariah Carey vehicle.
  14. Dennis Reynolds

    So last week I went out to rent some movies, and among the sixteen I'd rented, having seen none of them before...was Glitter. I'd been to this place several times before and noticed Glitter there before, but this time my morbid curiosity got the best of me and I figured "Hey, maybe I'll be dead before I get to this one". Well, I've watched nine of them already, including the Jenny McCarthy joint Dirty Love (whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger I guess) and it doesn't look like that's gonna happen so I suppose I'll be watching it relatively soon... So, have you seen it? Do you like it, better yet?
  15. They must've been even more embarrassed considering the tweet is gone now When I first saw this thread, I just thought it was a different song at first until I saw the Lesley Gore mention