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  1. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/emilia-clarke-secret-invasion-marvel-1234955746/ She's obviously playing Veranke. Cool. Happy birthday @Daenerys
  2. Well by that logic the album should've been called Nine Years of Hits You see my point... Enlighten me
  3. I mean, they weren't gonna get sued for false advertising Did it do poorly? I never paid any mind to how it did, I thought it did at least OK given they did a new version for the new Mulan Are all the other songs on it true hits then? Surely there's one or two that didn't set the world on fire...
  4. Ah, perhaps. I mean, I think that's kind of a bent/stupid logic on their part personally, but maybe that is the reason
  5. I don't even like the song all that much but I think it's pretty weird that the album is subtitled "A Decade of Hits" and then the only song that came out in '98 isn't on there, not to mention it's kinda a significant point in her career. So what's the dealio?
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  7. I guess they're pretty confident they'll be able to actually make the announced release date which is good. This and Eternals are the least familiar I have ever been with the source material of a Marvel movie before it was released. Action looks pretty slick.
  8. Supposedly they were originally stealing vaccines from that truck in episode 2, and Mama Donya had some sort of fictional virus instead of tuberculosis. I can kind of believe this might be true given that there's only one episode left and how exactly the goals of the Flag-Smashers relate to their actions in the series are sorta murky (which is easy to miss, given how well written Sam and Bucky are and Walker continuing to degrade, but at the same time if all that is so well thought out, why are the plans of the main villains so vague?).
  9. Did you hear the rumor that the Flag-Smashers' original plan had something to do with an engineered virus/pandemic but for obvious reasons that had to be rewritten/reshot rather late in the game, thus somewhat explaining why the deets of their plan have been a bit unspecific? I don't know if it's true, but I could kind of see it.
  10. I could Loki kinda being in between the two Although that's supposed to be at least two seasons, so whatever we see this year won't be the end So are you gonna pay the premier fee to see Black Widow or is you seeing it in theaters realistic given the situation in your neck of the woods? I can't imagine I'll be vaccinated/theaters here will be open by then, so this is the first time Disney will sucker me in to paying $30 at home Although I think I already paid something like that, maybe 25, for WW84 and Godzilla vs. Kong
  11. I'm not the one who made the thread but my interpretation is that given the 2010s are over, whoever was "the voice" then always would be regardless of how much they improve or slip this decade
  12. That's very true, I guess the main thing I'd been wondering was how far Walker was gonna go off the deep end but his fate seems pretty cemented now