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    YES Sega even made their own cable for it, but they're quite rare at this point and unlike many game accessories the third party ones for this are supposed to be good as well. This is the one I ordered, and the adapter: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01850DCRY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07JQM71H5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I'll have to tell you how it looks in person when I actually get my hands on it, but I already watched some YouTube videos on it and the difference is astounding
  3. So you get a time machine and instead of doing literally anything else with it, you're gonna go back in time and re-manage one era from one pop star! Who's it gonna be, and which era is it you'll be doing right? And what will you do differently?
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    Oh I actually didn't know they were doing two the first day! Neat, twice as much to look forward to.
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    This Friday! Are we excited @Divine @Hyun. @Tahj? Are we ambivalent @Daenerys?
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    @Jake I learned recently that Dreamcast can run on a VGA connection (the only one on my TV I'm not using), so I ordered the VGA cable for it and the male to female adapter for sound Apparently it should look WAY better than AV does so I'm excited to try it, plus I'm pretty jazzed about the free AV space and the fact that I'm taking full advantage of all the ports
  8. I was talking with my friend about this. Ringu/The Ring, VHS series, Sinister, the Polybius urban legend - somewhat modern technology with something supernatural behind it. I particularly enjoy this trope, and I think it's partially because there's something realistic about it. People enjoy being scared, and unlike screwing around with a monkey's paw or a Necronomicon bound in flesh and inked in blood, many people probably would want to watch a video tape that is rumored to kill you a week after watching. Like, if I saw one of these.... ....I would absolutely play it
  9. Could any British person possibly explain exactly what the phrase "What are you like?"/"What's s/he like?" means? bebe1  

    1. Jake

      I asked a close British friend of mine and he simply said "It's asking what someone's personality is like." 

      It's like going up to someone and asking "What is Jake's personality?" without saying personality lol

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Oh OK, I've seen it in a couple of British sitcoms and I wasn't sure rip2 For example on The IT Crowd they do a prank call ordering a pizza with extra grapes and they're chortling "Grapes?! What are you like?!", between that and some others I thought maybe it meant something close to a rhetorical "What's with you?" bebe1 

    3. Kuba

      It is a more light-hearted way of saying "what is wrong with you?" ellie1 So you were pretty much correct!

  10. Dennis Reynolds

    You know the setting can be changed to third person, even for characters with blasters?
  11. Dennis Reynolds

    Video Game

    @Mr. Mendes @Urbi how easy was it for you to start this? I mean literally, just start playing the game. It had to update to the latest version for me to play it whatsoever, so I wait for that, and then when that's over with I find out I seemingly must make a Square Enix account to play it. When that doesn't work, I'm part way through writing my threatening letter beginning with "Have you ever seen the movie Boxing Helena? Because here's what's gonna happen..." to the CEO of Square Enix when I try it again, realizing I had to shift to a fully different screen to play the campaign (because why would anyone want the campaign on the primary screen ) which finally does work so I'm not sure if I actually needed an account or not...here's hoping this game is worth the headache it's already caused...
  12. Dennis Reynolds


    Very true I was looking for the story to show you and apparently the tour guide embellished; he was a Dubai businessman, not a prince Apparently the value has risen because it's made of gold bullion, that is now a coffee table worth seven million dollars
  13. He didn't add it It also means "most respected woman in a particular field".
  14. Dennis Reynolds


    If you buy a half a million dollar Wii I don't think you play it Reminds me of the time I was on a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint and the guide talked about a gigantic million dollar coin that a prince bought as a coffee table