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  1. Three. Alice Cooper, Justin Timberlake and Carly Rae Jepsen.
  2. I didn't see that one I think most of the supe costumes are pretty garish/loud on this series, which is definitely the intention, but he has one of the cooler looking suits Queen Maeve and Black Noir are the other ones that would pass in a more straightforward superhero film.
  3. Liked the episode quite a bit overall, nice to see Hiddleston have a big role as Loki again and I already like Wilson's character. My only issue is Looking forward to episode 2.
  4. @Hyun. @Daenerys so here's the first look at Soldier Boy
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  8. For future reference you can, the three little dots in the top-right-hand corner of the OP.
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  10. No, they don't know, I'm just saying that yes, since we as the audience know what the company is really like it gives the film an odd feeling Because in another ten years or whatever they'll find out and feel remorse for what are their biggest goals in the prequel. There's also a picture of them shaking hands with Mr. Waternoose which is supposed to be heartwarming but is also weird because we again know that he's really evil
  11. I was thinking about Pixar movies earlier and specifically Monsters University, and it becomes really weird when you register that the entire premise of the movie is that the protagonists are trying to join a company that we know is totally corrupt, inundates their workers (and the whole world really) with false information and terrifies children unnecessarily like anyone who's seen the first movie will know I told my friend about my thoughts and he agreed and compared it to a hypothetical prequel to The Incredibles where Buddy is a comic protagonist, which I think is spot on.
  12. So what'd you think of it? I thought it was OK, I like any attempts to make zombies more unique from the common tropes but I thought the movie was a little overlong and the drama wasn't the best. Still had some cool action and was entertaining enough, but I think Snyder's remake of Dawn of the Dead is definitely the better of his two zombie films.
  13. Anyone watch this yet? I'm going to later tonight.