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  1. So did you like Fallen Kingdom (I'm assuming you've seen it as you've been rocking the Chris Pratt avatar for a while now)? I went to see it earlier today and boy, I haven't really been fully onboard a Jurassic Park movie since the first one and while this isn't an exception, I'll at least give it some props for the kitchen sinkness of it all. I have many more specific criticisms but I'll reserve those for now rip4 

  2. Dennis Reynolds

    The Blob (1988) Braindead (aka Dead Alive) Day of the Dead Evil Dead 2 The Fly (1986) Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky The Thing (1982)
  3. Apparently she tried to go to his vigil, and not only did they kick her out but they burned everything she left for him Good lord....
  4. @Electra Heart. if you'd like to tell me why you disagree with the content of my posts in this thread, I'd be interested in hearing it
  5. Hmm, I dunno guys, in the past year it seems like society has learned a lot about listening to victims of abuse - not that their feelings would be the ultimate determiner of justice, but they should always be heard and taken into account. But what I get out of this viewpoint (even if you didn't carry it out to this conclusion) is that victims have to be as angry, hurt and vengeful as possible, otherwise they won't be taken seriously and maybe even have their mental wellness called into question. If people don't always take them seriously regardless of their feelings, then it seems less like people care about the victims themselves and they view them more as a good reason to revel in the misfortune of their abuser. The feeling of justified anger can be pretty satisfying.
  6. I wore a Starfleet t-shirt to the amusement park, I've been here 15 minutes and I've already had three carnies Vulcan-salute me rip4 

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    2. Kenya

      fall4 slay a bit sis. TNE is my fav series tho

    3. Kenya

      I watch them mostly at random, but season 3 episode 23 (Sarek), Season 4 episode 15 (First Contact), Season 7 episode 17 (Masks), all the Q episodes, but no episode from s2 because I refuse to watch NGE without Dr. Crusher tbh

  7. Seems pretty feeble and insulting to suggest that she's mentally incapable in some way, especially after she's given her view on this and it wasn't what many expected or wanted to hear. I wouldn't exactly call "I didn't want him dead" a defense anyway.
  8. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    Found her GoFundMe page earlier and included it on my thread about her own take on this situation, so it should be all the easier for those you describe to chip in
  9. I'm sure the last movie will retread Return of the Jedi a bit, but less so than The Force Awakens did the whole OT and mainly the first film No way he won't get his Millennium Falcon back yet again, just like in the climax of ROTJ.
  10. I just love a Faith No More reference. I'd like to see him back mainly because he's actually passionate about returning as his character, and it does make logical sense for him to come back since they needed allies bad at the end of TLJ.
  11. If anyone is interested in donating to her GoFundMe page to help pay for surgery needed due to injuries he caused, here ya go: https://www.gofundme.com/2ubv19w
  12. Here's an article that describes the guy himself that should help some calculate exactly how bad his being murdered is: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/heavy.com/news/2018/06/jimmy-wopo-shot-shooting-critical/amp/ In spite of some legal issues, I'm going to guess he's not so bad that his death will be cheered on and instead we'll have a handful of people talking about how they didn't know who he was along with a healthy dose of gun control talk thrown in, since the unstable killer who shouldn't have had his hands on any guns to begin with didn't choose the right victim this time around RIP
  13. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    Nah, I'd heard of this guy maybe a couple of times before this thread and then I read about him after it popped up, so his fame had 0 to do with my own reaction - which wasn't about him, but about how others in this thread reacted. Not that we'd have heard about this story if he wasn't famous to begin with, but I suppose that's a different can of worms. You can say that others pointing out celebration/joy is not an appropriate reaction to death are "self righteous" or "on their high horses" or whatever if you like, and no one's saying you must feel bad when anyone dies, but apathy is not synonymous with rapture Not even close.
  14. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    In order for my hypotheticals to be comparable to your "maybe Hitler accidentally killed somebody worse" one, I'd have to be taking the view that XXX's cruelty to his victims would be right if they too were horrible - my entire point is that it wouldn't be, just like his own murderer isn't justified in killing him because he was bad. Cruelty does not become right if it is inflicted on the cruel.