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  1. Wonder Woman = Shazam! >>> BvS > Aquaman >>> Suicide Squad >>> Justice League >>>>>> the other one

  2. Dennis Reynolds

    It's not even six months old
  3. Dennis Reynolds

    I think it's really good.
  4. The 21-year-old and a relative have been detained and face up to eight years in prison if convicted. The suspects recently took out injury insurance, police say. The woman allegedly stood to gain about €400,000 (£340,000; $450,000) in compensation and monthly payments of about €3,000 from the policy. Four members of the family were initially detained earlier this year, but two were later released. Police say the group deliberately cut the woman's hand above the wrist at their home in the capital Ljubljana. Relatives took her to hospital, saying she had injured herself while sawing branches. Officials say the group left the severed hand behind rather than bring it to hospital, to ensure the disability was permanent. But the authorities recovered it in time to sew it back on. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-47531957
  5. Dennis Reynolds

    Well, nobody's gonna say anything funnier in this thread than a post referencing the Chunnel. I'm out.
  6. Some good news! Very happy to hear this, he's a great, talented guy and aside from being happy the third movie won't feel like a lame impression, I'm pleased that the Trump people have lost a victory.
  7. It may not be a moral thing on their part, or that they think their viewers won't tolerate Loughlin's presence, it may just be that her time will be largely occupied with trying to avoid prison and she can't film the show. For similar reasons (although in this case obviously way more severe crimes), it was looking like Bryan Singer might not direct X-Men: Apocalypse for a short period, just because he was going to have to spend a lot of time in court and wouldn't be able to shoot the film.
  8. This guy we're driving behind has two stickers on the back of his car, one reading "Savage Milfhunter" and the other "I Like Boobies" (with a smiley face) and yet he has still somehow managed to get a woman in the passenger's seat...

    1. ajp

      His mom nicki4


  9. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    I've heard dumber celebrity baby names.
  10. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    Did Woodward and Bernstein blow this one open?
  11. Ah, just read the article again and I missed the bit where you can turn them on: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/slate.com/culture/2019/03/netflix-oscar-academy-award-eligibility-spielberg-entire-movie-including-credits-please-please-please.amp Still weird that it does that automatically, and with no permanent feature to disable them
  12. I read an article on Slate about this and apparently Netflix cuts off the credits of any and all of their movies with ads? Can you really not even disable them or does this heap of garbage pop up every time?
  13. This is close to what I originally said in my post but I kept editing/walking it back because I felt I was being too harsh You put it better than I did. But yeah, she already had means to get started that were a few steps above privilege, and yeah, "Kylie" Cosmetics wouldn't mean anything if she wasn't famous to begin with That's not to say she hasn't achieved anything, but I think we're on the same page...
  14. Yowza. Might be splitting hairs here but I'm not sure "self made" is quite the term I would've used but I guess not everyone in her family has made as much of what they already had as she did, so good for her.