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  1. Former President Donald Trump raised $1.5 million in the three days after he falsely claimed on Truth Social that he'd be arrested on Tuesday, per multiple media outlets. Trump's 2024 campaign confirmed the sum to Fox News, the outlet reported Wednesday. The money was raised from grassroots donations, according to Fox. The Washington Post, citing an anonymous source familiar with the matter, reported the same amount raised in that time frame. Receiving $1.5 million over three days means Trump raised an average of $500,000 per day — almost double the daily average when he announc
  2. Just popping on another tag in case anybody who wants to play missed the first one! As of right now, everyone has approximately one week to send in their answers. I've had nine people do so so far @Members @Members (No BG) @Members (No CAL) Remember that playing does not necessarily obligate you to participate in every round; there are no eliminations in this game, it’s simply about how many points you can rack up by the end.
  3. Eating at a burger joint offering a Billie Eilish-themed burger lol



  4. The Top Answer Game is back once again! (Thank you @Shego for the graphics! ) Most of you are probably familiar with the game, but if you aren't here's a short run down.. How to play: During each round I will post 10 questions for you to answer. You will normally have 6-7 days to send me your answers through PM, but longer preceding this first round. You should NOT answer with your personal opinion, but go with the answer you think most of FOTP will choose. For example, if you give an answer that matches with seven other players, you would get 8 points, whereas if only you and one o
  5. Has anyone else seen this yet? I did last night and it was so, so good. If they can keep this momentum going I hope they keep up the sequels I honestly had no idea what the meta angle was going to be for this one and I was very impressed. @harry @Teenage Wet Dream @Madonna @V For Vendetta @max @Lynk Edit - and @Shego!
  6. Hopefully he doesn’t mind waiting for around a decade
  7. I don't ever really agree with editing pieces of art to fit modern standards, I think putting disclaimers on stuff is a good idea but not altering it or removing it from the archives. I can somewhat soften my stance when the media is explicitly targeted towards children, because arguably they don't necessarily appreciate context as much as adults should, but this in particular is pretty mild. "Ugly" especially strikes me as weird, I'm not sure who's offended by that when it's targeted towards a fictional character. Not that Dahl was the nicest person in real life...
  8. @Mr. Mendes have you seen Quantumania? I saw it on Thursday night, I enjoyed it a fair bit but the Wasp felt fairly ancillary for a title character Curious what you think of the movie since it seems surprisingly polarizing, although I get moving from two smaller scale heist films to a Star Wars-esque plotline may have been jarring for many.
  9. Actor Bruce Willis has frontotemporal dementia, his family has announced. In a statement on social media, they said it was a "relief to finally have a clear diagnosis". The 67-year-old was diagnosed with aphasia - which causes difficulties with speech - in spring last year, but this has progressed and he has been given a more specific diagnosis, the family said. They expressed their "deepest gratitude for the incredible outpouring of love". The family went on to say frontotemporal dementia is the most common form of dementia in people under 60. "Today there are no trea