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  1. Dennis Reynolds


    I don't hate it or anything, I just listen to it the least.
  2. Dennis Reynolds


    That's kind of playing people for suckers, isn't it? Imagine if you hadn't heard those songs at all, so you get the deluxe version and you're like "This is gonna be awesome" only to find three mediocre songs...
  3. Dennis Reynolds


    1. Lonely 2. Boys 3. I'm a Slave 4 U 4. Bombastic Love 5. What It's Like To Be Me 6. Overprotected 7. Anticipating 8. Let Me Be 9. Cinderella 10. I Love Rock N Roll 11. That's Where You Take Me 12. I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman I'm not a huge ballad guy, and I didn't rank the deluxe tracks because I haven't listened to them nearly as much, although it looks like you at least think they suck anyway.
  4. Never lost it in Canada and I still go there often, but this is pretty cool regardless!
  5. Maybe American kids will only have to live through one Christmas without Toys “R” Us. About a year after shuttering U.S. operations, the remnant of the defunct toy chain is set to return this holiday season by opening about a half dozen U.S. stores and an e-commerce site, according to people familiar with the matter. Richard Barry, a former Toys “R” Us executive who is now CEO of new entity Tru Kids Inc., has been pitching his vision to reincarnate the chain to toymakers, including at an industry conference this week, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. The stores are slated to be about 10,000-square feet, roughly a third of the size of the brand’s big-box outlets that closed last year, the people said. The locations will also have more experiences, like play areas. The startup costs could be minimized with a consignment inventory model in which toymakers ship goods but don’t get paid until consumers buy them, some of the people said. A spokeswoman for Tru Kids said the company wasn’t ready to publicly share details on its U.S. strategy. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-21/toys-r-us-back-from-the-dead-will-open-u-s-stores-in-2019
  6. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    Reading through this thread, I don't think I wrote out my thoughts very well. If this were to happen now, I suppose my posts would probably be about 80% the same, but that 20% matters a lot when a smug tone looms so much over everything else you wrote. On that note, I would like to admit that before this I had been acted similarly about the misfortune of others that I deemed bad and wished death on people before, which I had originally sidestepped in this thread, and I personally regretted that flippancy as I tried to be more generally empathetic over the years, and by this time that was one of the things I felt strongly about. I didn't consciously intend to be priggish, but I think it would be fair to say most if not all of my posts in this thread read that way (and even the ones where the text doesn't, the emoticons ruin it). I'm not gonna edit them now since I was quoted multiple times anyway, but I do regret some of what I said here. Ironically, I barely knew who this guy was when this happened, but thanks to this thread I certainly did afterwards, and I actually very recently saw a kid wearing a t-shirt of this guy at the car wash. That was kind of a bummer...
  7. Dennis Reynolds


    I guess this will most likely be a "one and done" thing for me in the theatre. I don't even like the original movie but I'm sure this will impress to some extent on the big screen.
  8. Dennis Reynolds

    I don't know if I can
  9. Dennis Reynolds

    Well, my world is shattered.
  10. Has anyone else seen this? I keep meaning to post about it but I always forget Anyways, for about a month now, I continuously see this Mazda 3 commercial featuring a cover of Can't Get You Out of My Head, but I've looked for the video and it doesn't seem to be on YouTube or the internet in general, but here's the cover itself (obviously only about 30 seconds of it is used in the actual commercial):
  11. Went on a drop tower for the first time ever earlier; pretty sure it's my least favorite ride ever at a carnival rip2 literally just being nervous for 20 seconds and then terrified for 3...

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      There's nothing fun about it rip2 It's just uneasiness and then very brief horror. At least any given rollercoaster would last a few minutes minimum so you can get something out of it. I try to go on something new every year, this year the tower was it.

    3. Hylia

      Have you seen this video that’s been going viral? It’s fake but it still makes my jaw drop fall8 


    4. Dennis Reynolds

      No, I hadn't seen that rip3 I guess that would be kind of a hybrid of the drop tower and those swings.

  12. In case anyone was planning to see this (and I know you're not) and you wanna be surprised I'll put it in spoilers:
  13. Dennis Reynolds


    1 digital probably. Actually, since Apple is changing iTunes into whatever the hell, I might just get the CD since them tinkering about with that doesn't inspire confidence.
  14. Dennis Reynolds

    I don't know about you guys, but I personally think the OP should be drawn and quartered.
  15. Dennis Reynolds


    Only needed two options I guess!