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  1. Dennis Reynolds


    What day are you holding it anyway? The day after the deadline?
  2. Dennis Reynolds


    I quite like Mr. Burns and Chief Wiggum
  3. Dennis Reynolds


    I was originally going to make fun of how it didn't take her long to return to the idiosyncratic social media posts that you hate, but yea, that was truly unwatchable
  4. Dennis Reynolds

    Album of the Next Year possibly
  5. Dennis Reynolds


    You're probably onto about your seventh song since this started by now, huh?
  6. Dennis Reynolds


    Oh, that one looks good! Yea, I really like the red one, I guess I got lucky because it was only like $9 and it's in perfect condition
  7. Dennis Reynolds


    I did, yea, but on the Canadian version of Amazon so probably not much good to you: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/aw/d/0762102519/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There's also two movies based on the book, neither of which I've seen (I'd like to see the first adaptation though). I've also seen some movies based on his other books but this was the first Ira Levin novel I've read.
  8. Dennis Reynolds


    It's a pretty mild decline, so probably this is just the result of some people that listen to music on their commutes not leaving the house anymore.
  9. Dennis Reynolds


    Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of digital books either. I quite like the copy I have, nearly pure red hardcover: Would love to hear what you think when you read it, if you choose to get it!
  10. Do you have any favorite episodes of Clone Wars or Rebels? I've attempted to watch both, but I mostly don't really care for the animation style. I would still at least like to see some of the cream of the crop.
  11. A spin-off too, allegedly: https://theplaylist.net/ahsoka-tano-star-wars-spin-off-series-20200324/
  12. Dennis Reynolds

    Oh, OK, so she did comment on it. That seems like the mildest way of doing so though, I wouldn't say she reignited anything
  13. Dennis Reynolds

    Did she reignite it? I thought the full call just leaked, I didn't think she had commented on it or had anything to do with the leak itself