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  1. Dennis Reynolds

    If you don't get in that plane you'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.
  2. Dennis Reynolds

    Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?
  3. Dennis Reynolds

    You had me at hello.
  4. Dennis Reynolds

    And now folks, it's time for "Who do you trust?" Hubba hubba hubba, money money money, who do you trust? Me? I'm giving away free money! And where is the Batman? HE'S AT HOME, WASHING HIS TIGHTS!
  5. Dennis Reynolds

    Like the rest of the world, everyone is probably distracted by Zayn bogarting the promo spots that should go to Tinashe since he just cancels them.
  6. A new guy at work told me a story today about how his sister moved in with their grandmother and barely spoke with their mom for two years because she revoked her One Direction tickets rip3 

    1. VaginasAreDisgusting!

      What a fucking boss ass bitch! Not even joking, mother deserved that. You don't revoke things from your kids!

    2. Urbanov

      Taking stanning to another level nicki5 

  7. Dennis Reynolds

    I guess it's too late to do the Taxi Driver in the mirror bit.
  8. I never expected to see the words "President gets revenge" on the bottom ticker of MSNBC...

  9. Dennis Reynolds

    General News

    Yeah, it's right up there for me too! I do understand what you're saying about the style working in animation over live action, Hulk tried something similar and it didn't work anywhere nearly as well. I particularly loved the contrasting animation (Peni's anime, the classic cartoonish Spider-Ham). I'm kinda infamously not one to cry at films (or in general ), but it was definitely easy to get emotionally involved in.
  10. Dennis Reynolds

    General News

    I remember liking the soundtrack as I was watching the film, but the only songs I can remember by name now are Hypnotize by Biggie and of course that Spidey Bells song, lol. Maybe I'll buy it and listen to it solo. I decided to go with Spider-Gwen first because she seems the easiest (her universe/setup begins with her own story, I mean, unlike Miles who has over a hundred Ultimate Spider-Man stories preceding him) and Spider-Man Noir is kind of in my wheelhouse, I will pretty much certainly get it if I buy a Kindle. Peni seems pretty easy and I'm not terribly interested in Spider-Ham, although he was a fun character in the film.
  11. Dennis Reynolds

    General News

    Were you very familiar with the main set of characters in that movie before seeing it? I wasn't, other than obviously Parker, but I still thought it was pretty fucking wicked. Since then I did buy the first two collections of the Spider-Gwen comics, and I got a cheap SP//dr toy from Amazon because it was an add-on item I want to read the Miles Morales stuff but I would prefer to get there by properly reading the rest of Ultimate Spider-Man up to that point, and I wanted to get Spider-Man Noir but the comic is apparently out of print and about $250 It's on Kindle for a real price though.
  12. Dennis Reynolds

    General News

    I was momentarily irked when he didn't have his bubble helmet on, but then I saw that he had it when he went into battle If they ever do Electro again I'm holding out hope he'll have his ridiculous lightning mask...
  13. Dennis Reynolds

    General News

    Must suck to be any other Spider-Man movie after Into the Spider-Verse
  14. At first I was chuckling at this thread but I just feel sad now