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  1. Dennis Reynolds

    Neither am I
  2. Dennis Reynolds

    Peaked? Peaked, @Simón.? Let me tell you something...Nicki hasn't even begun to peak. And when she does peak, you'll know. Because she's gonna peak so hard that everybody on FOTP is gonna feel it.
  3. Winnie fools you people once, shame on him. Winnie fools you 73 times, shame on you
  4. Huh, wow. Murder, statutory rape, assault, racketeering and robbery. Really couldn't have happened to a nicer douche.
  5. Dennis Reynolds


    Oh, the original Nobody Does It Better is one of my favourite Bond themes, I didn't know Ariana did a cover. I'll have to check that out later.
  6. Did anyone lose their account and need help?

  7. Would one of the only two good late night hosts currently on television lie?
  8. Dennis Reynolds


    Oh, my bad I think I saw the initial report of it on here and didn't really check up on it again; it seemed plausible given Taylor's previous largesse, like the donation to Kesha's legal defends and such.
  9. Dennis Reynolds


    They already know each other, no? I thought Taylor lent Ariana her private plane or something like that after Manchester. Seems they'd already be at least friendly.
  10. Dennis Reynolds


    Yea it was originally from the Scarface soundtrack
  11. Dennis Reynolds


    Oh lol OK, that's cool.
  12. Dennis Reynolds


    I'm sorry?
  13. Dennis Reynolds


    I can't read @Freaky Prince's post, Lady Gaga's nose is blocking my view.
  14. You know, it's not Jeopardy, people rip2 Every BG thread title does not need to be in the form of a question...

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    2. Urbanov

      you should be happy you're not on ATRL cause literally 50% of the threads are titled this way you'd get a headache

    3. The Plague

      42 minutes ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

      I get it, it just got old is all rip2 Especially the "So-and-so can't do this or that. Why?" ones.

      ikr lmao dead2 it kinda kills me tho when i open one knowing the OP is just gonna be "... why?"

    4. River Song

      The tragic attempt at nicknames is what i can't take, I feel like i'm in 3rd grade ew1