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  1. Q (Star Trek) Rose Red edit - mistakenly forgot the q word
  2. I know nobody cares but as of today, I have officially seen every single episode of every Star Trek series bebe1 @Americunt I miss you!

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    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      I watch it on Netflix and there the first episode was Pilot- The Cage. I also watched in The Man Trap and Charlie X in the meantime. They're enjoyable. The effects surprisingly still hold up, I just have to get used to the quietness of it sometimes. 

      I had a feeling that the pilot wasn't the real first episode since it has a similar plot with Man Trap bebe1

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Yeah, The Cage is the original pilot but NBC didn't like it but they actually got the chance to make a second pilot with Where No Man Has Gone Before, but The Man Trap was the first one that actually aired on TV bebe1 

      Do you think you'll continue with it? If so, let me know what you think of The Menagerie later in the season bebe1 Or any episode really, the Star Trek thread in the Entertainment section has been pretty dusty for a while bebe1 

    4. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      I hope I do continue but I get bored of things quickly and since this franchise is so long idk I can't promise anything but if I do have thoughts about it I'll post there bebe1

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