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  1. Dennis Reynolds

    @Daenerys just heard Taylor's lousy version at a gas station, your impact
  2. Dennis Reynolds

    General News

    @Mitski I know you're not really active anymore but if you see this do share your thoughts! Looks pretty good! A little Stranger Things-ish but I guess they're trying to make it different by not setting it in NYC, or most of it anyway.
  3. He had roles in M*A*S*H, The Little Mermaid, Benson and some video games like God of War, Fallout and Uncharted, but I knew him best as Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which I watched to completion this year. I actually very briefly met him at a convention years ago, I said hello and he smiled and waved. RIP. https://www.pix11.com/news/national-news/benson-star-trek-actor-rene-auberjonois-has-died-at-79?fbclid=IwAR0Y7T_8ak2NGDLf-nSpw6DWvXXAJ8twwZlAGjMEGs9GCSB685_oWKQialI
  4. Dennis Reynolds

    After curating that Spotify playlist I have now heard every single version of Last Christmas ever recorded, and after much pointless research I can tell you that the original is the best
  5. How you can tell @RihannaRTT has become administrator:




  6. Today is the last call if you'd like to send some songs! jj2 



  7. No skipping any songs either, ideally. I bring this up because I got an urge to listen to The Fame earlier and grabbed my CD for the drive...
  8. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    I hope you were the first person that got to hear "WHAT THE FUCK?!......OW.....Shirley?"
  9. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    Sitting presidents of Emma Stone Fan Club North are always invited to such events
  10. Dennis Reynolds

    Celeb News

    This is what happens when you put good vibes into the universe
  11. Dennis Reynolds

    General News

    I think they said the reason she didn't really get an enormous send-off as opposed to Stark was because she still had her own movie on the way that would do that.
  12. Dennis Reynolds

    That is pretty cool

    1. Daenerys

      omg... now I want a La La Land avi but I love this one. it’s hard being a marine but it’s HARDER being an Emma stan