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  1. Dennis Reynolds


    Leia looks pretty slick, with the dress, the shoes, the crossbow and Wicket himself coming alongside her Endor camo outfit! Can you change her hair so it's braided too like the rest of the Ewok village outfit? Oh, they did? I thought it was still ongoing. That's too bad, apparently they had plans for some more but they're on hold at best for now.
  2. Dennis Reynolds


    @Ariana @tomás I had said the Forces of Destiny figures weren't my thing, but I saw this on clearance for five bucks today and it's gotta be worth at least that I'd prefer Leia, Padme or Rey if I have one but oh well. Not sure what I'm gonna do with her yet, like if I'll take her out of the box or not
  3. This isn't really a BG type thread. Anyway, I'm not coming down on anyone, merely reminding you not to troll fans in their sections.
  4. This isn't Battlegrounds, so take it easy.
  5. Dennis Reynolds


    Rare, as much as I savage it on here
  6. Added Blades (Tom Savini's character) from the original Dawn of the Dead
  7. Dennis Reynolds


    This is actually pretty hard At the moment I'm gonna have to say: LoveGame Paparazzi Poker Face Eh Eh Beautiful Dirty Rich
  8. You can rip off your own threads Simple question - which uninterrupted sequence of five songs on any Lady Gaga album is the best in your opinion?
  9. Not putting her first two mixtape covers in here because I'm not gonna go out of my way to humiliate the red headed stepchildren
  10. Dennis Reynolds


    Ah yes, the Celebrity Paradox. The first one also plays on TV in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.
  11. Dennis Reynolds


    I didn't think much of the 2018 movie, not that confident in this one since it's all the same creative team. As great as the first film was, Halloween was never one of the best slasher series, and the 2018 direct sequel that ignored all the rest seemed to rob Myers of his mystique and made him just as indestructible as any of the other sequels.
  12. So while the concept of a "shared universe" is very big today with mutually owned properties, with some like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Penny Dreadful drawing from public domain sources (although the former uses many non public domain characters, just slyly hiding who they are so as to not get sued), are there simply any two characters or series you'd like to see put together for a film, show, a book or anything? Yesterday I read the Batman & Dracula trilogy comic, which is obviously not canonical, but a pretty interesting story nonetheless and it got me thinking about this topic. I've often thought a Sherlock/Frankenstein mashup could be cool (which theoretically I could write and legally publish myself I guess )
  13. Obviously she'll throw you a "hell" or a "damn" every now and then, but if I'm not mistaken I Did Something Bad is the only song where she uses "hard curse", so to speak Many of the other pop girls will say fuck or shit or bitch as they please, but so far, she's kept pretty clean. Should she do it more?
  14. Dennis Reynolds


    As long as you're still backing the winning horse, Burning Toast On A Toaster
  15. Dennis Reynolds


    At least I won't have to hear about it (worse yet learn what it is) anymore