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  1. I'm about to watch a screening of Scrooged and I have the theatre all to myself. I genuinely don't think there's another human alive who would appreciate this as much as me.

  2. How you can tell @RihannaRTT has become administrator:




    1. ajp

      Hockey Cards? fall1


  3. Today is the last call if you'd like to send some songs! jj2 




    1. Daenerys

      omg... now I want a La La Land avi but I love this one. it’s hard being a marine but it’s HARDER being an Emma stan 

  5. Does this mean you're using the Easy A one now?




    1. Daenerys

      YES fajsdiofajpsd

  6. Does anyone know off hand how much Muppets stuff is on Disney+? Googling just leads me to this cancelled original series they wanted to do...

    1. Courtney Love

      The Muppets, Muppets Movie, Great Muppet Caper, Muppet Babies, Most Wanted, Christmas Carol, Treasure Island, the series and several shorts brit7 

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Score! I knew they didn't own Muppets Take Manhattan or Muppets from Space but I was hoping they'd put everything else on jj2 

  7. How hard do you think it would be to break @RihannaRTT's Pokemon concentration right now?

  8. If any actual fans of Selena, Tinashe or Dua would like better randomosity thread titles than that suffix garbage I came up with yesterday and have a suggestion, do tell... nicki5 

  9. Reshot by different writers and directors. Pushed back to January. This poster. Some executives are getting fired fall8 



  10. Was just able to get rid of a double post I'd made. The satisfaction I feel right now cannot possibly be commensurate with the action...

  11. Saw this very up to date globe at a thrift store earlier



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    2. Hylia

      4 hours ago, Entea said:

      Wait, why is it in the shape of a globe? creep1

      Are you asking why a globe is shaped like a globe?

    3. LittleDudeNT5

      dead2 I wonder what Europe looked like?

      @Chris Morlock Soviet Union = USSR.

    4. Dennis Reynolds

      I didn't check for Europe as a whole, I could tell it was old from looking at it and I checked for Yugoslavia briefly before I found the USSR, but I had to leave and I didn't feel like buying it so I guess I'll never know exactly how old it was rip2 

  12. Watched The Purge last night. I've seen over 3000 movies, and this was one of the worst. I guess I'll never see them and find out if they're any better than that shitty movie, but I can't believe this spawned four sequels and a TV show... 

  13. seeing this image whenever I close my eyes now



  14. My mom brought this basket in earlier, took one of the cats about four seconds to decide it was hers after it was set on the floor dead2 




    1. Chris Morlock

      I WILL steal this cat alex1



    2. LittleDudeNT5


  15. A bee stung me on my middle finger. I guess I'll just have to drive well.

  16. It feels really unnatural to no longer see your name in sparkling pink...

    1. Jake

      I miss it, but I'm so lazy about buying VIP again dead2 

  17. I was tidying up my house and I found an unopened copy of Love Actually on DVD rip4 I genuinely have no recollection of buying it, or trying to find it at that (I've also never seen the film) rip4 I'm not sure if that was the result of the world's lamest drunken blackout of all time or what...

  18. You can get a new avatar now. Not that I don't like your current one, Robin...




  19. I went to this small town gas station, so when I enter the place to pay I find that there's about 30 flies hanging out in the window, and the guy who runs the place asks me if I'm hungry and I just say no. Regardless, he walks over with a plate of sweetbread and asks me if I want some. Again, no thanks. He asks again - I say "no thank you" once again. He says "You don't have to say no just to be polite" and so I take the fucking slice of sweetbread, say thank you, pretend to take a bite, get in the car and drive for about a mile and throw it out the window rip2 

  20. Went on a drop tower for the first time ever earlier; pretty sure it's my least favorite ride ever at a carnival rip2 literally just being nervous for 20 seconds and then terrified for 3...

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      There's nothing fun about it rip2 It's just uneasiness and then very brief horror. At least any given rollercoaster would last a few minutes minimum so you can get something out of it. I try to go on something new every year, this year the tower was it.

    3. Hylia

      Have you seen this video that’s been going viral? It’s fake but it still makes my jaw drop fall8 


    4. Dennis Reynolds

      No, I hadn't seen that rip3 I guess that would be kind of a hybrid of the drop tower and those swings.

  21. It's 37 C here, the radio is playing Hot Blooded by Foreigner and I feel as though I'm being mocked... orangu1 

  22. Went to go let the cats into my parents' house for the night and there were about 500 fucking moths, flies, gnats and who knows what fucking insects congregating around the porch light dead2 it was like that scene in Temple of Doom where Willie has to reach into the hole in the chamber...

  23. Is one really good American Godzilla movie so much to ask?... orangu1 

    1. Hylia

      Thought that was a nickname you gave American Gods for a second, and I was like wait a movie? fall8