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  1. Would anyone care to make stan taglists for Charli or Halsey? bebe1 I'll pin it for you bebe1 It can be my Christmas and birthday present...

    1. Ariana

      Kylie got removed for charli xcx? bebe1

  2. #tbt when this site's ads were literally calling me fat nicki5 



  3. I was getting on your profile to bug you about making some Lounge topics but I see you're doing that now, so well done ari5 

    1. Ariana

      Omg dd great minds fink alike I believe ari5

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      I'm really into Seinfeld/Clerks type hypotheticals lately nicki5 I still have many ideas but I was hoping you'd roll out some classics bebe1 

  4. @Gabe. if you think I'm stupid enough to reply to a status update that already has 40 replies you've got another thing coming, don't need that in my notifications brit7

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    2. Gabe.

      am personally tempted to follow him on instagram and take it from there




    3. LÉON

      Do it, queen, block me out since I don't have IG any more katy2

    4. Dennis Reynolds

      Thanks for coming, now it's time to say goodbye! brit15 

  5. Does Stranger Things 3 get better at any point because I'm four episodes into it so far and really the only thing I like about it is the Steve/Dustin/Robin plotline jj4 

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    2. Hyun.

      oh i did absolutely hate what they did to Hopper's character this season orangu1 other than that tho the season is pretty great! i really enjoyed it towards the last few episodes

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      I thought it was hilarious when he sings along to "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" because he's in high spirits after threatening Mike, but overall he's pretty exaggerated rip2 

    4. Gilly

      let me re watch. i totally forgot the story line rip3

  6. Hey-oohhhhh! Diamond's in the house!

    1. Diamond

      The way I still haven't watched Season 14 despite being locked in my house for 2.5 months whit2 

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Can't blame you since I've only seen the first three episodes, which funny enough is actually where I thought it picked up after two weakish episodes whit2 Probably watch the rest soon. McElhenney said he was writing season 15 in quarantine so I guess that's a lock!

  7. Saved a turtle on the highway today! jj2 Almost hit him but swerved away in time, stopped and ran back before anyone else ran the little guy over. Luckily I had a box in my car otherwise driving back home with him to put him in the creek behind my house would've been extra difficult dead2 



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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Oh, it was just a painted turtle dead2 

    3. ajp

      Oh, nvm gaga12


    4. Dennis Reynolds

      That would've been extra risky!

  8. I found a tweet that I like




  9. This man is my hero nicki5 



  10. If any of you Britney, Madonna, Mariah or Rihanna fans want your randomosity thread titles back, do tell what they were/what you'd like them to be...

    1. Venom

      They were, respectively:

      • Britney Randomosity 2.0 (d)
      • Randomadonna
      • The Festive Lounge
      • Rihdomosity
    2. Moira O'Hara

      Madonna: House of Madame X/or Lounge of Madame X

  11. Happy birthday 



    1. Daenerys

      Thank you king!


    1. LittleDudeNT5

      Oh god, it looks amazing. I'm loving the location and the costume design so far. I really adore the image of Paul and Jessica at the top of this article, and Jessica looks great in her own image later as well. I'm still wishing that Timothee Chalamet looked just a tad bit younger, but he's got the look down completely. It looks like they made Leit Kynes a woman (which doesn't bother me). Of course Gurney looks a lot more put together than he's supposed to, but that's fine. Also Javier Bardem looks so good in his costume. Wasn't expecting that! I wasn't sure what to think of his casting. I'm still so curious to see who is going to be Feyd Rautha – but I'm guessing they're saving him for the next movie.

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Yeah, I don't think he's been cast yet. They haven't filmed the other one yet like Lord of the Rings so hopefully the first is successful enough so the money is there for the second half.


  12. Just realized tomorrow is St. Paddy's Day, probably gonna be the quietest one for bars in recorded history bebe1 

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    2. Dan

      My state is enforcing an 8pm curfew on all stores (including bars, restauraunts, etc.) so.. definitely going to be dead jj4 

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      Yeah, I heard about that in Jersey. It's a crazy time.

    4. Dan

      It really is fall1  My university shut for the rest of the semester... And my family all lives in Europe now and my trip was cancelled so I've just been living at our Jersey home alone now fall1 

  13. The Buena Vista Television watermark kinda kills me rip4 



    1. Hylia

      I asked if I should make it my new avatar, and someone told me to leave it in rip2 

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      You got sick of that even quicker than I would've guessed rip2 

  14. My friend just showed me this ad for the first time. I find it extremely disturbing rip4



    1. Chris Morlock

      Sounds like the voice of Merida in Brave. 

  15. Yikes. What are you trying to say, FOTP's cookies?... nicki5 




  16. Do you ever go to the movies and you end up seeing an absolutely abysmal trailer for a film you had no idea had even been produced?... orangu1 I knew about the first one but I would've assumed it had flopped...



    1. Venom

      How did it get a sequel; I knew the first one existed but I thought it was just hyped a little and nobody actually went to see it ajay1 

  17. Do you ever remember a weird dream you had later in the day? I just realized I had a dream about Ted Danson last night, and the only thing I remember about it was me remarking that he was a lot taller than me nicki5rip2 

    1. Hylia

      I caught a glimpse of the bicycle scene from E.T. the other day, then that night I had a dream where I rode a bicycle on a cruise ship, flew it into the sky, then rode the flying bicycle to Chicago for some reason. It didn’t even hit me until the middle of the next day rip3 

  18. "Excuse me, do you have any (insert my bank here) bank machines in this mall?"

    "Bank machines?"


    "No. But we do have them out of the mall."

    "Out of the mall?"


    "You mean the bank two blocks away?"



    Confirmed, bank machines exist outside of the nexus of the mall.


  19. I'm already committed to seeing the new Star Wars film twice so here's hoping it'll be good... nicki5 

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    2. Kirjava

      I think I just ran into a spoiler. jay1 jay1 jay1

      Idk why I thought I could still browse Tumblr today. fall1 I even have "spoiler" blacklisted on Tumblr Savior but these hoes don't tag anything right. clap1

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      I'm still in the clear with only about twelve hours to go

    4. Kirjava

      Good for you. My brothers still haven't decided which day they are coming home, so we can't even really plan until then. dead2

  20. Just got my Game of Thrones season 8 blu-ray in the mail, can't wait to start a fight between @Hylia and @Daenerys

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      I still haven't gotten any of those toys that I wanted fall8 


      Concept art books can be cool, I've gone through some Star Wars ones.

    3. Sylk

      I have the the world of song of ice and fire btw it is STUNNING definitely recommend it !!

    4. Daenerys

      i bought the photography of game of thrones... it was a cute moment! the art book is probably beautiful tho. getting to see all the shitty s8 scenes in art form is the only way to get through it kii