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  1. I just got an email that the twitter (or X rip4) account that I made for Laertes from Hamlet for an English class assignment eleven years ago (and used as recently as that) got suspended for "violating our rules against evading suspension" lmfao2 Well done, Elon!

  2. Happy Black Friday y’all



  3. I agree. I can confidently say it’s Sam or I’m not seeing it. I’d still love to see Melissa come back and I will continue to pull for her but I won’t blame her if she can’t bring herself to work with Spyglass again - if that’s the case, then I hope they lose the rights and we eventually get a movie with Melissa, Jenna, and Neve down the line from some other studio In hindsight, it’s kind of nice that Scream VI ends on a fairly happy note, all things considered
  4. Ironically, my guess would be that they get Neve back and center it around Sidney That's about the only thing they could do make a film that feels at all complete, and they would probably have Sam just stay offscreen and be established to have beaten the Loomis demons.
  5. Didn’t believe this at first, but it appears to be true. This is extremely unfair to Melissa, and upon reading all that she’s said it is insidious to paint anything she’s said as anti-Semitic. I’m an absolutely huge fan of Scream and I already didn’t like their refusal to pay Neve, but this really crosses a line. Can’t imagine seeing the next movie unless this decision is reversed.
  6. Deadline has confirmed that actress Melissa Barrera has been dropped from Spyglass Media’s Scream VII. Sources say that this is due to the reposts in her Instagram stories which have been perceived as anti-Semitic. There have been screen captures of her IG stories online. See below. A month ago, Barrera posted on her IG story a placard that read “I too come from a colonized country” with a Mexican flag logo. “Palestine WILL be free” it continued to read with an italicized quote “they tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” https://deadline.co
  7. RIP, she was a kind soul, along with her husband. I don't imagine Jimmy Carter will be with us for too much longer given this loss.
  8. @Lynk do you have any interest in seeing Thanksgiving? I just got out of the theater an hour ago and I really liked it Has a definite Scream-vibe to it (if much gorier than any of them), even has Patrick Dempsey in it!
  9. After months of speculation over who might play Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in Marvel Studios‘ Fantastic Four, the wait may be finally over. While a deal is far from done, sources tell Deadline that three-time Emmy nominee Pedro Pascal is in talks to play the leader of the iconic superhero team. Insiders add that scheduling is still being worked out, but multiple sources close to the negotiations are saying it’s headed in the right direction for Pascal to do this and his other future projects. Pascal has a full dance card that includes Gladiator 2, which is expected to go into product
  10. Aliens is much more of an action movie than the first Alien film is. The original is like a top 10-favorite movie for me but I love Aliens as well, you should check it out Yeah, I’d say the only chance would be if Zelda does really well and that motivates Nintendo to try adapting some other properties. I know they’re not exclusively Nintendo but I would love to see a Castlevania movie, and to be utterly pie in the sky I’ve also that that Panzer Dragoon has a rich enough mythology to make a good movie
  11. I'd be down for a live action Metroid movie, could be a pretty cool Aliens-esque film if done right. I wonder if they'd have Samus stay under the helmet through the movie or not like Dredd Alex Proyas once directed a pretty cool live action trailer for Metroid Prime if you haven't seen it: