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  1. Dennis Reynolds


    Again Again Bad Romance Bloody Mary Eh Eh G.U.Y. Marry the Night Mary Jane Holland Poker Face Teeth Telephone I know you said "no particular order" but that's not how I do it
  2. Dennis Reynolds


    We try to shoot for at least 100 a month but we'd probably still give one another shot if it hit around 50.
  3. Dennis Reynolds


    All yours
  4. Dennis Reynolds


    OP has been inactive for quite some time so you can become the OP of this thread if you want
  5. Dennis Reynolds


    Lemme know when you do, I'll pin it
  6. Dennis Reynolds


    I moved half of them here today All of them except this very topic and the ones about her best lead and what she should do next. Feel free to make a stan taglist or play some games or something
  7. Dennis Reynolds


    Yeah she was the runner up after Billie Eilish and The Weeknd's sections gagged Hopefully the fans who voted for her will be here for her more.
  8. Dennis Reynolds


    Debut 50 Mi Reflejo 50 My Kind of Christmas 49 - Stripped 51 + Back To Basics 50 Bionic 50 Burlesque 50 Lotus 49 Liberation 51
  9. Dennis Reynolds


    First person to reply so you win
  10. Dennis Reynolds


    Anybody want a real lounge thread name? @Snow @Michael. @Gilly?
  11. Dennis Reynolds


    I don't find it funny in an "at her expense" way, but it is surprising to see a supposedly serious politician make such an irrelevant catty dig* If you look at her reply she definitely got the best of him in this exchange. *well, it still kind of is now. Seems like we're headed further down that road and it'll only get less surprising...
  12. Dennis Reynolds


    Don't troll in the artist sections. If you wanna make comments like this head to Battlegrounds.
  13. There are no words fit for this in particular, so I'll just say please vote this motherfucker out. I know you've probably heard that a lot, but it really can't be overemphasized.