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  1. This was addressed later on as you’ll see on your little upvote spree
  2. Sorry, had to step out for a few minutes but the Brazilian entry is solid!
  3. It's not really bad but I would never ever listen to it on my own
  4. It's all right. Definitely better than that North Macedonian nonsense from last year
  5. I was skeptical for the first 20 seconds but I like this!
  6. Should be all good now, moderator Didn't realize that was for my eyes only....
  7. It was basically a spinoff of FOTP that hosted reviews and rankings
  8. Hadn't heard any of the ones from the second semi-final up until now so I'll have more to say for those (probably)
  9. Helped this turtle get off the road (and in doing so also fed a horde of mosquitoes the second I got out of my car….)



  10. Only listened to it recently but Rise and Fall is really good, glad to see other people are picking up on her as well
  11. Just got a notification on FB that I graduated high school 10 years ago….oy bebe1 

  12. Nope, I said what I meant to say in·ti·mate2 /ˈin(t)əˌmāt/ verb 3rd person present: intimates imply or hint. "he had already intimated that he might not be able to continue"