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    The people have spoken
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    Thanks, that's good now too!
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    @Fletch would you mind giving this thread a new lounge style name?
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    Any ideas on what to rename this thread?
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    It's funny that a villain named Ma Parker is one of the most worthy adversaries Batman and Robin ever faced
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    Stealing data, not stealing data, priority over coronavirus, not a priority over the coronavirus (it's not), Trump's a manbaby, Trump's not a manbaby (he is) - all I know is I'm tired of hearing about it and seeing the ad for it on free apps on my phone, so I'll take this blow to them as a victory.
  8. Tbh there's nothing behind that comment, lowkey I just wanted to see what you'd infer from it. I see you didn't fall for it
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    This totally deserved a thread wtf
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    Have you ever seen the Green Hornet crossover episodes? I never saw those in the reruns so I'm looking forward to getting there
  12. To me, mega corporations making large commitments like this says that it probably won't Not in a conspiratorial way or anything, but I would think they have some level of inside info/a better idea of when this will wrap up than the average schmo.
  13. It's just another indication that we're so far from being out of the woods Not that I'm surprised, I'm just saying.
  14. It's good that they're doing it but it's a really bad sign if ultra-major corporations are committing to things like this
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    Oh yeah, I've seen multiple episodes before, I used to watch it on reruns a lot But it'll be fun to go through it to completion, I'm up to The Joker Goes to School/He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul
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    I think you're being too specific, any mammalian creature will do. Lightning just doesn't strike twice like that.
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    Some stuff I own
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    I've redisovered my love for the character lately and after buying the complete series of the Adam West show on blu-ray recently have become intent on watching every single episode, so I figured I'd make a thread about the franchise Any favorite movies? Games? Comics? Favorite actors cast as Batman? Favorite villains?
  19. Google is to allow employees to work from home until July 2021, delaying a return to the office originally slated for the end of this year, people familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal, as the coronavirus pandemic shows little sign of letting up. The move will affect almost 200,000 employees, both full time and contract, according to the WSJ. As the coronavirus pandemic became more severe in the U.S., tech giants, were some of the first to implement work from home policies as early as March. Employees at Amazon were originally told to work from home until October 2, which was later extended to January 2 next year. Microsoft employees could be among the first to return to the office with a planned reopening in October. But as infections regain an upward trend in at least 30 states, including California, hospitalizations and deaths are also on the up. As a result, Google may end up being one of many major companies to extend their work from home policy beyond January. https://www.forbes.com/sites/isabeltogoh/2020/07/27/google-employees-wont-return-to-the-office-until-summer-2021report/#44dd4ad62ea8
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    I have no rightful opinion on this but I kinda like the title It's kinda grandiose, like Superman: The Movie...
  21. Imagine someone asking you how you got COVID-19 and you have to answer "I went to go see the Chainsmokers"
  22. Out of all the Gwen Stefani songs you could've put in the title, you went with Baby Don't Lie?
  23. Man, you guys were keyed up to post this one Merged three different topics.