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    As someone who can see the voters no matter what - don't worry, I got a plan to strike back
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    Yeah I think I've gotten something like 15 more between the 6 inch/3.75 inch ones since September Yoda actually came with a snake around his neck and a lightsaber but I prefer him without that stuff.
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    @tomás @Simón. so I updated my stuff and this is my complete, current collection on display excepting the house boxed ones I already showed you Have to keep Enfys Nest and her swoop bike somewhere else because it sticks out so much.
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    Isn't everyone Team Wait then?
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    The fact that you know this off hand is impressive
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    Was wondering if it was gonna be something even worse; it's basically the same, I see. If you read this thread title and believed she changed it to a normal name, you sir/ma'am are a sucker
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    Video Game

    West of Van Horn It's called "Manmade Mutant" if you want more info I like to imagine this genetic horror was the Bright Bouncing Boy guy's first attempt at a Frankenstein creation.
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    Video Game

    @Dan have you seen this fucking thing?
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    Season 2 repeats season 1 more than it needed to but overall I prefer it over season 3 partially because at least every character still had something to do - Jonathan and especially Lucas are just kinda along for the ride, Will has a half-baked arc about losing his friends and even Eleven of all characters seemed like she came quite close to just being the muscle of the group this season. And like I touched on I really didn't care for how there had to be a rift between every character except for the Steve, Dustin, Robin and Erica quartet. They're the only ones who actually seem to enjoy each other's company - Steve and Dustin's greeting was nice and I really liked everything with Steve and Robin where they're high on truth serum. I think they may have done that because they thought that his tough guy characteristics and his exasperation with other characters was what people liked about him, which is was, but he also had endearing traits beyond that in the first two seasons that they left behind. I never really bought that he was dead so I never got to feeling or not feeling bad tbh
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    Anyways yeah you were right it picked up a lot after episode 4 @Urbanov @Hyun. and I liked that they made Billy more sympathetic in the flashbacks. Did you feel this was better or worse than season 2 overall?
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    Watched season 3 Yeah, it got way better as it went along but that really only happened at the halfway point so while it isn't bad I still think it's the worst season overall. They did try to make it less of the same as season 1 than season 2 did, I'll give them that. Liked all three of the new main characters a lot (especially Robin) and the production design was cool, although I feel the CGI was worse than previous seasons (maybe just more plentiful). Eleven's action scenes were pretty awesome. Very little hope for season 4 They pretty much set everything up as a cliffhanger that will clearly lead to a dragged out season where the Avengers assemble at the very end once again after most of the characters angst over each other for seven episodes and all of them will think Hopper's dead until he finally rejoins the party. Hopefully they tone Hopper down to be the way he was in the first two seasons instead of being Angry Dad 80% of the time, and make sure to preserve Steve's friendships with Dustin and Robin because if they sideline any of those three the way they did like half of the main characters this season it'll be a pretty big waste The creators said they wanted to do four or five seasons so maybe it's best to try to go out on a high note sooner rather than later...
  12. Does Stranger Things 3 get better at any point because I'm four episodes into it so far and really the only thing I like about it is the Steve/Dustin/Robin plotline jj4 

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    2. Hyun.

      oh i did absolutely hate what they did to Hopper's character this season orangu1 other than that tho the season is pretty great! i really enjoyed it towards the last few episodes

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      I thought it was hilarious when he sings along to "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" because he's in high spirits after threatening Mike, but overall he's pretty exaggerated rip2 

    4. Gilly

      let me re watch. i totally forgot the story line rip3

  13. Hey-oohhhhh! Diamond's in the house!

    1. Diamond

      The way I still haven't watched Season 14 despite being locked in my house for 2.5 months whit2 

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Can't blame you since I've only seen the first three episodes, which funny enough is actually where I thought it picked up after two weakish episodes whit2 Probably watch the rest soon. McElhenney said he was writing season 15 in quarantine so I guess that's a lock!

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    Video Game

    Yeah on the thing I have there's a trilogy of games showcasing Greek mythology (along with two mostly likely long expired DLCs I think) and the newest one is a reboot that switched the mythology to Norse.
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    Video Game

    Funny, I just recently bought the God of War Collection on PS3, haven't played any of them yet though. But I'm assuming you mean the newest game - might play that eventually but I'm more keen on the originals because I find Greek mythology more interesting than Norse mythology.
  16. The Snyder Cut is coming. After many years, even more petitions, a hashtag that wouldn’t quit, and the support of the entire cast of the film, Zack Snyder’s original vision for Justice League will be hitting HBO MAX in 2021, with the fitting title: Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It’s a vindication of sorts for the director, who had to bow out of the project during filming because of a family tragedy. Warner Bros. brought in Joss Whedon to replace him, and the finished product seemed to leave nobody happy. The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement was born, and eventually…HBO listened. “It will be an entirely new thing, and, especially talking to those who have seen the released movie, a new experience apart from that movie. You probably saw one-fourth of what I did,” Snyder told The Hollywood Reporter. The piece that broke the news also reported that the film might actually end up being split into a limited series and Warner Bros had allotted $20-30 million for the project. So, with all of that in mind, then what can you expect to see in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? The “Really Scary” Version The biggest thing that fans are expecting here is a change in tone. Whedon was credited with adding a sense of humor to the rewrites that probably wasn’t originally there (though none of us have read either script so it’s impossible to say if that’s true). Snyder has spoken to the fact that the original version was “really scary” which concept art by Victor Martinez backs up. It looks like one of the major horror-influenced moments that was cut was the reveal that the parademons were actually humans who had been transformed in cocoons. We always welcome more body horror in our superhero films so if this is the angle HBO and Snyder go for we’d be okay with it. Black Suit Superman The climax of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featured the death of Krypton’s most famous son at the hands of Doomsday. It was a poignant moment for fans even if you weren’t a fan of the divisive movie because it was taken almost directly from the incredible Death of Superman arc. That classic comics event changed the face of the industry and sequential storytelling forever, and the fact that Clark was killed by Doomsday here made many viewers think that we might have been getting an arc inspired by that event. It turns out at least one other thing from Death of Superman was meant to appear in Justice League: the black Superman suit. Since the release, Snyder has posted images of the iconic suit and it was momentarily featured in a deleted scene on the home video release. We know that WB is giving Snyder a truckload of money to finish his new version of the movie, so it wouldn’t be surprising if this beloved suit makes an appearance. Sadly, no word on whether Steel, Superboy, Metallo, or the Eradicator were ever meant to show up, though. We can dream. As a postscript we should probably mention THE SUPER ‘STACHE. One of the biggest complaints about Justice League was that the reshoots included some very bad CGI to erase Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible facial hair. So, as much as we would love to see Superman with the ‘stache intact, it’s far more likely that the new version will include some of the other Superman stuff from pre-reshoots. That would probably include a black suited Superman and the Anti-Life version who will be reigning over Apokolips earth. Iris West Kiersey Clemons is one of the best actresses of her generation. If you don’t believe us check out her eclectic work in brilliant films like Heart Beats Out Loud and Sweetheart. The indie darling made waves when she was cast as Iris West in Justice League, but sadly her scenes never made the cut. Hopefully that will be rectified in any new version of the film as honestly this was the most exciting casting in the whole movie. There is still hope that we might see Clemons in Andy Muschietti’s Flashmovie… if that ever actually happens. Martian Manhunter On his Vero account, Snyder confirmed a fan favorite theory: Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick who appeared in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League was originally meant to be revealed as none other than J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter. This is likely going to be a part of HBO Max’s Justice League project as Snyder has stated he managed to film everything around the reveal except for Lennix revealing himself as the alien, meaning that it wouldn’t take much to finish the sequences. Knightmare & the Death of Lois Lane During a Q&A for Batman v Supermanon Vero, Snyder spoke to the fact that much of his plans for Justice Leaguewere sidelined by the response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “The original Justice League that Chris [Terrio] and I wrote, we didn’t even shoot,” Snyder said. “There’s a lot of it that we shot [but] the actual idea, the hard, hard idea, the scary idea, we never filmed because the studio was like, ‘That’s crazy.’ And we were so insecure at the time after [Batman v Superman] came out, we were just like, ‘I guess it is crazy. We’re f—in’ nuts. There’s gonna be mass hysteria in the streets if we film this.'” The “crazy” stuff they reference there centers around the strangely out of place dream sequence that Batman has during Batman v Superman. It’s a sepia-toned Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic nightmare where Superman runs the world as a fascist god. According to Snyder, the original script for Justice League spent a lot of time explaining how that world came to be. Fans of the Injustice games and comics series had probably already put this all together, but basically after the death of Lois Lane–hinted at in BvS when Barry Allen uses the cosmic treadmill to warn Bruce about how she is “the key”–Superman succumbs to the Anti-Life equation, losing all his free will, and becoming EVIL! The Anti-Life equation was created by Jack Kirby as part of his sprawling Fourth World saga. It’s a mathematical formula that can be used to control any sentient life form including, in this case, Superman. Snyder’s Justice Leagueapparently would have then seen Batman working alongside a damaged Cyborg (Yay more Ray Fisher!!) to try and send Barry Allen back into the past to stop the events. The wildest part is apparently the time travel shenanigans would have actually been what killed Lois in the first place as Darkseid would have used the scheme to go back in time and kill her in the Batcave? Sounds like a paradox to us. Either way, this seems like a key part of the narrative that will likely play a part in whatever Snyder’s new Justice League eventually looks like. From a comic fan perspective it does make a lot of sense that Terrio and Snyder would utilize the Anti-Life equation, as the Fourth World was also the home to their original villain for the Justice League, Darkseid. Speaking of Darkseid… Darkseid / Uxas Speaking of that big blue boy, he is another of the biggest changes that was made from Snyder and Terrio’s original script. In the final version of Justice League that hit screens in 2017, a lesser known DC villain called Steppenwolf was the film’s big bad working at the behest of Darkseid. The plan was for Steppenwolf to have been killed by Wonder Woman in Snyder’s version of the film (so we may see that in the new project too). That, however, was not the original plan; in fact, according to Snyder, Darkseid was meant to be the original big bad. He even knew the actor that he wanted to play him: Ray Porter. This wouldn’t have been the ageless god, though, it would have been a younger iteration of the character known as Uxas, going by the name he was given by his parents who were the royal family of Apokolips. But which version of Uxas/Darkseid is the big question here, though. The original incarnation is the second son of the royal family of Apokolips who murders his older brother to take the ultimate cosmic power. The New 52 version was a farmer who killed the gods his world worshiped and created Apokolips himself. Snyder is a big fan of Ayn Rand who created the Objectivism movement, which among many other things pushes the idea that “a man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity.” The more Randian of the two is definitely the second iteration, so we’re betting that would have been the version we saw in Justice League… or that we might still see in the upcoming project. New Genesis/Apokolips Justice League was originally meant to be a story told over two parts, with Warner Bros. initially announcing release dates for both Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two. That partially explains the movie’s ending, which hints at Earth becoming New Genesis. What is New Genesis, you ask? Well, this once again ties back to the “Knightmare” sequence in BvS. That world which we were meant to revisit in Justice League featured a huge omega symbol carved in the ground that comics fans instantly recognized as the symbol for Apokolips. Though this hinted at the arrival of Darkseid, it was never really explained; but it seems that Darkseid had terraformed our planet to make it more like his home world. So what does that have to do with the end of Justice League? In the lore of the Fourth World, New Genesis is a utopian planet that resides near the Orion constellation. It’s basically the dreamscape to Apokolips’ nightmare world. The end of Justice League hints that with Steppenwolf defeated Earth has begun to be terraformed into New Genesis. It was an interesting take that seems to hint that the “Knightmare” future where Earth becomes Apokolips has been changed. Whether or not we’ll see either of these planets or Earth become either of them in the new version of Justice League is unclear, but if Terrio and Snyder’s script is the basis for this then we’ll likely see the Knightmare Earth/Apokolips mashup come true at least for a while. https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/justice-league-zack-snyder-cut-story/
  17. I thought this was gonna be about Huey Lewis and the News
  18. Dennis Reynolds


    "Rey, be brave" apparently I wouldn't have thought such a minor character would be played by an actress who headlines a TV series. Yeah, I saw that in theatres, loved it! Yeah, I kind of underestimated that service, I'm in no danger of running out of stuff I want to see on there Earlier I watched this movie Prophecy, which I thought would be entertaining enough for having a mutant bear as the main antagonist, but also has one amazing, ridiculous, awesome scene where a sinister logger and a Native American activist literally duel with a chainsaw and an axe over the fate of a tree
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    You and I, I don't think so but @Hylia has brought it up to me before. The answer is no but I have seen the movie Westworld and its sequel, Futureworld. I guess she also played Rey's mom for like 20 seconds in The Rise of Skywalker, must have been disappointing for anyone's that recognized her for her to appear and disappear that quickly I've recently discovered all these amazing B-movies on Prime Video (Star Wars ripoffs, cheap sword and sorcery films, monster movies) so that service just paid for itself for the next five years at least
  20. Live action dubs are pretty much always garbage. The only exceptions are a couple of Godzilla movies (especially Shin Godzilla) where the subtitlers didn't make any attempt whatsoever to adapt the original dialogue and just went for a shitty gist. Even then, the dub isn't good, the subtitles just happen to be abysmal.
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    I'm on kind of a Western kick, there seem to be some good/at least interesting sounding ones on Prime Video so I'm finally really using it for something beyond shipping. On that and related I'm pretty well into the first season of Justified, which I mainly like for the main character and the style of humor. Haven't seen that show but it sounds interesting enough, I heard that might play Furiosa in a Mad Max prequel the other day.
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    @Daenerys wazzup?
  23. I honestly thought about it but decided to let it be since it wasn't like it was the wrong section But, as you wish!
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    Video Game

    @Dan have you played this recently? I took up the main story again I'm kinda interested in seeing if I can find the right clothes to make Arthur resemble Raylan Givens from Justified
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    Maybe you'd like Scream 2. I don't know how you feel about comedy horror shows but again I loved Santa Clarita Diet Never seen Deadwood but I own the complete series on Blu-ray, I should get on that. Season 2 has a pretty stacked cast Dawson, Sackhoff, Biehn, Olyphant, Morrison...