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  1. I just got an email that the twitter (or X rip4) account that I made for Laertes from Hamlet for an English class assignment eleven years ago (and used as recently as that) got suspended for "violating our rules against evading suspension" lmfao2 Well done, Elon!

  2. Happy Black Friday y’all



  3. Hi creep1

    1. Sine


      Hey there... creep1 how's it been?

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      I'm well! :) What about you? It's been a while, all good I hope!

    3. Sine


      Nice! :D I'm doing very well and very happy, I'll tell y'all more about it soon. cloud1

  4. In case you missed it, it’s in IMAX bebe1 



  5. Is it just me or is Shake It Off TV slower than the original and kind of reedy? nicki5 Maybe I just have to get used to it…

    1. Chris



      I do like it more now though

  6. Went to see Killers of the Flower Moon and the guy in front of me fell asleep and was snoring really loud so I had to stomp my foot once to wake him and make it stop 💀💀💀 But on the upside, they did have this there jj2 Seeing my second viewing of the film emblazoned on this popcorn bucket in an hour cry6


    1. Max



    2. Kylie


      I love you so much cry0 

  7. I picked up my first Halloween costume in 10 years 



  8. If anybody could help me out with the graphics for another season of The Top Answer Game (and by "help" I mean do them in their entirety), that'd be amazeballs bebe1 



    1. Chris


      Omg TAG is returning giveup1

  9. I started watching Broad City and I am utterly shocked that yas2 isn’t actually saying “yas queen!” in that scene jj4 

    1. Urbi


      Yeah she isn’t saying it, she’s mouthing it

    2. Chris


      I remember seeing that specific clip on Instagram back around when the emote was first added and thought it was kinda funny

  10. I found a garter snake in my house today. Maybe it's karma for putting this question in the last season of TAG bebe1 



    1. Chris


      Theyre nonvenomous and kill the mice and rodent pests so what's not to like?

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      I have cats so I don’t think it would work out rip4 I just put a glove on and set it outside.

    3. Kristina


      I would die bebe1 

  11. I was at the mall earlier and met an old man with his pet parrot on his shoulder lol3 It was actually pretty sweet; guy had had her for 34 years and she could talk and sang when he whistled.

    1. Chris


      awe thats so cute giveup1 

  12. Last three times I’ve gone to Cineplex I’ve heard Mother by Meghan Trainor playing in the lobby nicki5 Poor bastards that work here…

    1. Chris


      literally, my work has the same three one-hour long playlists that they rotate for each day (though Mother isnt in any of them thank fuck) its just as painful.

      i have the grace periods where i get to hear 7 Taylor Swift songs in one day over and over

      but then theres days where i have to listen to songs that have some sort of catholic theme in the lyrics or some weird country-pop done by bad "singers" 


  13. Got these in the mail earlier bebe1 Very happy with them



  14. Eating at a burger joint offering a Billie Eilish-themed burger lol



  15. I can't believe how few Twinkies are actually inside the comically, misleadingly huge box of Twinkies I bought nicki5 

    1. Chris


      Must be the individual wrappers taking up space lmao

  16. Was in Sunrise Records about twenty minutes ago listening to some woman rant to her S.O. for a good three minutes about how much she hates the Minions and forbidding him from buying one of the movies on DVD bebe1 Not that I can’t understand…

  17. Went to see Barbarian and the guy I bought the ticket from had American Psycho on his name tag so as I was leaving I decided to take a chance and say “I can’t believe Bryce prefers Van Patten’s ticket to yours” as I was leaving; fortunately it worked out because he actually laughed pretty hard bebe1nicki5

    1. Shego


      Barbarian with Daddy Skarsgard? 

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      That’s the one, yup!

  18. Our quarterly review has concluded:



  19. Finished reading this book today. Has anyone else on here read it, or do you have an interest in doing so?



    1. Chris


      its in the back of my mind but i have no intentions of actually buying it tbh shrug1 

    2. i wish you were gay

      i wish you were gay

      I have not. 

      Her story is pretty intense and fucked up based on her interviews. I'm glad she's doing well for herself after years of torment. 

  20. Read this as just "remembering Brie Larson" at first and was just like "WHAT THE FUCK, DID I MISS SOMETHING?!" for a second there nicki5 



  21. Will anyone on here be watching season 5 of Cobra Kai on Netflix? bebe1 Super excited oprah15 

  22. Won $100 in a bet concerning whether or not Alfred had died in any live action Batman movie bebe1 

  23. I've just barely become active on Reddit again and I've already got a guy that I zinged one too many times threatening to fight me if I ever go to South Africa bebe1 I blame @Hyun. for not watching The Boys and forcing me to discuss it elsewhere.