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  1. 3. Name something that you believed was real when you were a child Santa Claus / Santa – 9 (Special Answer: Amanda Laura, Shego, Gabe, Max, Kristina) God – 1
  2. What did y'all think "as of the end of this month" meant? 1989 TV will be out by then, people!
  3. First person to get both without editing their answer, so I say you win! +3!
  4. First bonus question coming up! I've seen her movie twice in theaters so you're lucky there's only only question about her
  5. Turned 27 a couple weeks ago, can't wait to be older than Bond soon
  6. You're lucky nobody else mentioned an individual rollercoaster or I would've had to count them separately from the generic term
  7. 2. Name a fictional character that has been portrayed by multiple people James Bond – 5 (Special Answer: Lynk) Batman – 3 Snow White – 1 Sherlock Holmes – 1
  8. 1. Name the scariest ride at an amusement park Rolleroaster / Kingda Ka – 6 Tower of Terror / Freefall tower – 2 The Zipper – 1 Dark rides – 1
  9. Welcome to Round IV of The Top Answer Game! It will last for roughly an hour. 10 people have sent me their answers for this round, and I will reveal the answers of each question individually, and after every 2 questions, there will also be a bonus question. Whoever first answers the question correctly will have +3 points added to their score. ROUND IV QUESTIONS 1. Name the scariest ride at an amusement park 2. Name a fictional character that has been portrayed by multiple people 3. Name something that you believed was real when you were a child 4. Na
  10. Half an hour til the results show thread! No more tags until then
  11. Everyone has sent their answers The results show will be tomorrow at 1 pm CET, and this time I've set up a little countdown https://countingdownto.com/?c=5070264 Hope to see some of you there!
  12. Midnights was released October 21st, 2022. How has it held up for you on repeat listening? Has your opinion changed on it? Favorite/least favorite tracks?
  13. Went to see Killers of the Flower Moon and the guy in front of me fell asleep and was snoring really loud so I had to stomp my foot once to wake him and make it stop 💀💀💀 But on the upside, they did have this there jj2 Seeing my second viewing of the film emblazoned on this popcorn bucket in an hour cry6


    1. Max



    2. Kylie


      I love you so much cry0 

  14. @Kristina @Max @Lynk please send your answers before the end of Saturday night, or at least Sunday morning
  15. The desire to act as if she’s the one being persecuted is just pathetic, let alone the “I’ve been on the red carpet” humblebrag she worked in
  16. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling says she would “happily” do two years in prison over her anti-trans views. On Tuesday the controversial author posted an image on X that read “Repeat after us: trans women are women” with the comment “No.” One of her followers responded to the post, saying that if the Labour Party is in charge in the U.K., you’ll get a two-year stint in prison. “I’ll happily do two years if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex,” Rowling wrote in response. “Bring on the court case, I say. It’ll be more fun than I’
  17. @Autumn Variations @Shego @Gabe. @Kristina @Max @Lynk Midweek reminder to send your answers!
  18. Elon Musk has kicked off his plan to charge users of X, formerly known as Twitter, to post content to the social network. As of Oct. 17, 2023, X said in a post on its websitethat it has started testing “Not A Bot,” a new subscription tier for new users in two countries: the Philippines and New Zealand. The “Not a Bot” subscription plan will cost $1 annually, according to X (adding that prices vary by country and currency). New users on X on the plan will be able to “perform certain actions on the web version of the platform: post content, Like posts, Reply, Repost and Quote other acc