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  1. You are right! +3 for you and learn to love the Shazam-y ones
  2. 8. Name a magic word Abracadabra – 6 (Special Answer: Gabe, Royale) Please – 3 Expelliarmus – 1
  3. 7. Name something other than cookies that you could put in a cookie jar Candies / Candy / Sweets – 4 Money – 2 (Special Answer: Chris) Coffee – 1 Cereal – 1 Oreos – 1 Laundry Supplies like powdered laundry soap – 1
  4. Gikk must mean something in Norwegian So that'd be...the walked-man?
  5. It depends on the mood when people are basically "dafuq is that?" in their answers
  6. I thought you'd either say Obsessed or Nothing On But The Radio for sure
  7. coincidentally the exact song I was listening to when I made up this question
  8. 6. Name a song released by a TikToker Build a Bitch by Bella Poarch – 4 ABCDEFU by Gayle – 2 Lil Boo Thang by Paul Russell – 1 Obsessed by Addison Rae – 1 Tell Ur Girlfriend by Lay Bankz – 1 if you ask me to by Charli D’Amelio – 1
  9. Ehhhh I set the precedent with @Chris that you can't change your special answer in the midst of the results show, sorry
  10. 5. Name a type of food that might be used in an eating contest Hot dogs – 4 Hamburgers / Burgers – 3 Pies – 2 Pancakes – 1
  11. @fab I strongly suggest you take a look at our PM obviously you can't pick an answer I've already revealed but you can pick any one that I haven't yet...
  12. Second bonus question coming up! Keep in mind that I'll always announce them first so you don't have to be afraid to say stuff
  13. Is @Royale planning revenge for his perceived floppage?
  14. Interesting to see who interpreted the baby-trapper as a man or a woman in this scenario