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  1. You taught me a lesson with the image blurring last round that was too easy.
  2. felt this was a massive gimme but some people failed to accept the silver platter
  3. 4. Name a fictional weapon Lightsaber – 7 A discostick – 1 Wand – 1 Mjolnir – 1
  4. 3. Name a hobby that an old person might have Knitting – 7 Watching TV – 1 Play Bingo – 1 Reading – 1
  5. Correctamundo! I am more than a bit creeped out by mannequins the first three bonus points are yours!
  6. Like three hours to Ontario, and then eight and change to Denmark
  7. 2. Name a type of primate Monkeys – 6 Humans – 3 Gorilla – 1
  8. I beg to differ, she was just in a successful movie! which might be relevant later this round....
  9. oh and National Lampoon's Vacation which was censored
  10. I remember watching The Avengers, Ghost, Pretty Woman, and Falling Down on a series of flights to and from Denmark
  11. 1. Name something you could do on a flight to pass the time Watch movies – 4 Sleep – 4 Play a videogame – 1 Read a book – 1
  12. Welcome to Round 2 of The Top Answer Game! It will last for roughly an hour. 10 people have sent me their answers for this round, and I will reveal the answers of each question individually, and after every 2 questions, there will also be a bonus question. Whoever first answers the question correctly will have +3 points added to their score. ROUND 2 QUESTIONS 1. Name something you could do on a flight to pass the time 2. Name a type of primate 3. Name a hobby that an old person might have 4. Name a fictional weapon 5. Name a celebrity that goes
  13. Just over an hour now! I can confirm that one player actually got every single top answer, a first in the games I've hosted! But should they not show up to the results show, they may be in danger of losing their top spot to those who do thanks to bonus questions.... https://countingdownto.com/?c=5506683
  14. About three and a half hours! Made this helpful countdown clock https://countingdownto.com/?c=5506683
  15. Round 2 will commence in a little over 17 hours! Hope to see some of you there! Three of you still haven't sent your answers, so if you'd like to play in round 2 try to send your answers at least a few hours before the results show.