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  1. There were all of 10 people in the movie theatre and yet one psycho bought the seat RIGHT next to mine!! nicki5 I'm not looking for love omg bebe1 

  2. Please try to send within the next 48 hours at the latest if you’d like to play in the second round!
  3. Yeah, I notice the @ symbol is missing from your name. Odd, don’t remember that happening before
  4. Just a friendly midweek reminder to send your answers!
  5. Not at all! There’s no eliminations, it’s just about how many points you can rack up
  6. Welcome to Round 2 of The Top Answer Game! If you missed the results of last round, see here. Even if you didn't participate last round, you are welcome to join in this time! ROUND 2 QUESTIONS 1. Name something you could do on a flight to pass the time 2. Name a type of primate 3. Name a hobby that an old person might have 4. Name a fictional weapon 5. Name a celebrity that goes by a mononym 6. Name a body part that people shave 7. Name something that you might find under the bed 8. Name a sin 9. Name a superhero that wears red
  7. Or maybe if you were present to get some bonus questions right you would've gone from the bottom four to the top five like @Chris
  8. ROUND 1 SCORES Jae – 62 fab – 59 Autumn Variations – 58 Max – 58 Chris – 54 (42 + 12) Kristina – 53 Entea – 50 Royale – 48 (45 + 3) Gabe – 45 Shego – 45 Luca – 44 Kylie – 42
  9. Thank you all for coming! Already off to a better start than last season, but next round I'm definitely telling people the results show is gonna begin at 12:45 so they'll actually be here for 1:00
  10. Very good, the final 3 bonus points go to you it may not win you friends amongst your fellow players
  11. 10. Name a game show Jeopardy! – 5 Family Feud – 3 Survivor – 1 TAG – 1 Big Brother – 1 Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – 1
  12. I don't do that I just really, really heavily imply it on occasion!
  13. 9. What is another name that Santa Claus is known by? Father Christmas – 5 St. Nick / Saint Nicholas – 5 Mariah Carey – 1 Santa – 1
  14. She was in a bunch of movies last year Also one of the main characters on FX's The Bear, and this forum's demographic may know her for mocking Jennifer Lopez on a podcast and then years later having to be in an SNL episode with her
  15. That was way faster than I thought it would be but yes, Ayo indeed! Another 3 for you and Kesha is apparently never making a comeback under Royale's power
  16. The Googling was right there ker·mis /ˈkərməs/ noun a summer fair held in towns and villages in the Netherlands. US a fair or carnival, especially one held to r
  17. It's like a fair/carnival in the Netherlands apparently