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  1. What? That's crazy if it's true, I like the album version better but it's still awesome.
  2. What? That's crazy if it's true, I like the album version better but it's still awesome.
  3. Why would you be embarrassed about it though? I think that's a legitimately great song, not a guilty pleasure or anything like that.
  4. Well, realistically there's no business sense in just scrapping the songs because a scumbag was involved in producing them. Referring to him as a buddy is more questionable than simply releasing already finished music. Take the movie Clownhouse - the director molested the 12 year old star of the movie. The studio isn't just gonna say "Fuck it, I guess we can't release the movie anymore" and throw away the time, money, and manpower it took to make it, or any other product for that matter.
  5. Any of the handful of Nicki Minaj songs that I like. Except Anaconda, I've proudly endorsed that intentional comedy masterpiece time after time.
  6. Hmm, this is actually pretty difficult...I dunno, perhaps Work Bitch.
  7. I had no idea she was 30 until just now. Yea, I would've guessed she was 25 max.
  8. What Baby Wants (nobody seems to ever talk about this one)
  9. Yeah, well, they didn't have Bad Blood in 1016, now did they?
  10. I had grand plans to photoshop Madonna as the Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of the Apes, but my internet connection's so poor atm it ain't gonna happen. What could've been...
  11. Probably haven't seen this since it came out when I was a little kid. In retrospect it's one of her sexiest videos (and that's saying something), right up there with Toxic.
  12. Who cares? At least this topic offers some level of discussion without blatantly baiting fans of the artists mentioned. You're just trying to instigate a fight with the OP by mentioning Mariah Carey.
  13. They'll probably be remembered for being two of the artists that truly owned the digital era in its earlier years more than anything.
  14. I had heard Born to Die once about a year ago, but didn't fully appreciate it until I decided to buy it and gave it another listen recently. I went out and bought her following two ASAP after loving it, but still haven't heard her first album. Looking forward to that. Born to Die - Mechagodzilla 11/10 Ultraviolence - 8/10 Honeymoon - 6/10 I like all three, but each following one less than the last. I'm thinking they may well get better for me on a second listen as Born to Die did.
  15. Two from Madonna and Christina Aguilera that just make me go "No shit, Sherlock": "Nothing takes the past away like the future" "A rubber band was an analogy, you could even say it's a metaphor." I still like both songs on the whole, tho.
  16. Yea, I know, but it was more around Circus and especially Femme Fatale that her dancing seemed to go to hell. 2001-2003 was her peak.
  17. Has she gotten better as of late? I sorta stopped paying attention, but that's great if it's true.
  18. It's almost frustrating how good she used to be. I watch her current dancing and it's just like "Jesus, what the hell happened?..." But yea, back in the day:
  19. Is it really? Huh, I think I'd heard the song before but wasn't aware of that.