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  1. Yea I don't fully get that one either, I assume it probably comes from Battleship too (haven't seen the movie).
  2. I kinda hate all fanbase names (not just for pop music, pretty much the only one I like in general is Trekkies), but Little Monsters is probably the worst one. Swifties also sounds like a brand of mop and Britney Army is really unimaginative. Just to be clear, nothing against the fans themselves here, just the quality of the names.
  3. I never understood people who throw away DVDs/books/CDs/etc, unless they get the same thing in a newer, better format (like replacing a VHS tape). These people don't own shelves?
  4. Manitoba, Canada now, but when it was -53 C/63 F I was in Saskatchewan. One time when I was in high school it was -50 C and I still had to go..
  5. Coldest I've been in was-53 C (-63.4 F).
  6. Yea, I think I'll do that from now on. Imagine saying IATDCAICYTD out loud, what a time saver that would be.
  7. I like IATDCAICYTD*, but I always thought it was kinda funny that it was promoted as a "dance remix" album for songs that were already dance songs. *yowza, worst acronym ever.
  8. On Friday it was literally +3 Celsius and earlier today it was -31 Celsius. Mother Nature can be a real cocktease.
  9. Kewl, never been there myself. How's the weather? It'll be at least another hour and a half before I get home, gah.
  10. Where do you live? I'm currently idling around a Wal-Mart in Winnipeg, with my iPod on listening to guess-who.
  11. It's always 12 o'clock somewhere... ...and there's always one fan who lives in Abu Dhabi and watches the clock like a hawk so they'll be the first one to create the birthday thread
  12. Still over 8 hours to go where I am...
  13. The chick who wrote the song (Rachel Bloom) is really funny too. She actually did a parody of Die Young that I also enjoy:
  14. Yea, I was gonna say Friday Night Bitch Fight also. Red Lipstick also comes to mind, especially the spoken part at the ending:
  15. I'm just sure they've got their top men on it. Who, might you ask? Top.....men.....
  16. Your Love Is My Drug - 5 Tik Tok - 5 Take It Off - 6 Kiss 'n' Tell - 4 Stephen - 3 Blah Blah Blah - 6 Hungover - 7 Party at a Rich Dude's House - 5 Backstabber - 6 Blind - 9 Dinosaur - 2 (+1) Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - 6 Animal - 5 (-1)
  17. Haha. It was pointed out to me shortly after all that kinda stuff entered my vocabulary, still seeps into my regular speech occasionally.