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  1. We R Who We R Dinosaur or Backstabber?
  2. Upon further thought, I'd kick out Bad Girl's Lament, bump Amnesia to #5, and Pretty Lady would be my #4.
  3. Amnesia Wiz Khalifa or Andre 3000 (appearances on Sleazy remix)?
  4. My top 5: 5. Bad Girl's Lament 4. Amnesia 3. Mr. Watson 2. Aliens Invading 1. Frenzy
  5. Quite the list! Haven't heard all but like two of them thus far so thanks, I'll be getting to those.
  6. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113118/
  7. Everybody loves Your Love Is My Drug apparently, I don't particularly care for that one, only song on the album I don't really like, although I'm just lukewarm on it. Didn't like Tik Tok back then either, but it's grown on me (and as a 13 year old kid back in 2010, I didn't care for Kesha in general, but I've done a complete 180 since then). Take It Off is my favorite for all three.
  8. Is 14 really complimentary? She looks good in the picture, but I wouldn't want people to think I was 14 if I was actually 28!
  9. Appreciate the reply, but I'm unfamiliar with Masterposts/how to use it.
  10. Oh, well, that sucks [laugh] Thanks anyhow.
  11. So I became a fan of Kesha recently and want to purchase her albums, but I want to make sure that the song Frenzy is included, as it's my favorite song of hers. As I understand, it's a bonus track on Animal, but I don't see it listed on any of the track lists on Amazon/Wikipedia, so is it some kind of hidden track that isn't listed at all? If so, will it be included on any given version of Animal I purchase, or only certain versions? Thanks in advance.