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  1. I wanted to make sure beforehand because last time the first two rounds were pretty shaky before it hit a nadir with the third and then finally improved, my busy period at work will probably be over by then, and the only questions I have written as of the moment are just a handful that popped into my head since the last season ended Many reasons really!
  2. Hey folks! I’m thinking about starting another season in 2-3 weeks for the usual five rounds, just curious how many of you would be available for at least a few of them in that time period. I don’t wanna do it at a time when many are coincidentally busy and have the game gag and fail and gag and bomb like a couple rounds did last time
  3. Nearly 4000 scrobbles for a 7/10 album @Divine?
  4. Maybe I should've left a comment for my 10/10
  5. Far and away my most replayed song from the album
  6. It's just indifference Let me listen to this again because even after playing the album twice I haven't the vaguest recollection of what this song sounds like....
  7. yeah that felt a little too much like rubbing it in tbh
  8. There was a after that in the version I sent.....
  9. I stand by my comment I think it's probably a reference to the Lil Kim line in the Moulin Rouge version of Lady Marmalade
  10. You shouldn't be shook by that by now, unless you haven't been paying attention since.....every album except maybe thank u, next
  11. There is no such user as @yes, and? If I'm exposed I demand this author be credited too
  12. I didn't have that much to say about the intro and Nonna
  13. ....but also, I think the emojis do a lot to soften the comments and I see those aren't included
  14. oh I didn't realize these comments would have the authors credited
  15. So long as it’s still on the weekend I’ll be there
  16. I got this shirt before last weekend but waited until Wednesday to wear it because I’m a genius