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  1. I was glad people said Little Monsters because I really wanted to link it
  2. 1. Name the worst stanbase name (Little) Monsters – 3 Arianators – 2 Selenators – 1 Sheerios – 1 Swifties – 1
  3. Welcome to Round V, the finale of this season of The Top Answer Game! It will last for roughly an hour. 8 people have sent me their answers for this round, and I will reveal the answers of each question individually, and after every 2 questions, there will also be a bonus question. Whoever first answers the question correctly will have +3 points added to their score. ROUND V QUESTIONS 1. Name the worst stanbase name 2. Name a reason to call off a wedding at the last minute 3. Name something that cats love to play with 4. Name a way to prepare potatoe
  4. @fab @Amanda Laura @Chris @Gabe. @Lynk @Autumn Variations @Shego the results show will proceed in approximately 11 hours, I’ve set up another countdown https://countingdownto.com/?c=5088163 Hope to see some of you there!
  5. @Kristina @Max @Kylie one last tag Please try to send your answers within 12 hours of this post if you intend to play in the final round.
  6. Very sad news, he was always my favorite of the Friends. RIP.
  7. @Kristina @Max @Kylie just another reminder to send in by the end of Saturday, or at least Sunday morning
  8. Is it just me or is Shake It Off TV slower than the original and kind of reedy? nicki5 Maybe I just have to get used to it…

    1. Chris



      I do like it more now though

  9. @Chris @Gabe. @Kylie @Kristina @Max @Lynk midweek reminder to send your answers!
  10. And the real question - does it make you feel as old I do seeing people who hadn't even been born when this album came out attend the Eras Tour movie?
  11. How do you feel about this album today? When did you first listen to it? Favorite tracks?
  12. Welcome to the fifth and final round of The Top Answer Game! If you missed the results of last round, see here. Even if you didn't participate last round, you are welcome to join in this time! SPECIAL ANSWER - This will be the third round in which you may indicate one answer as your special answer, which the points for will be doubled when adding to your score. In other words, if the total was 4 points, you would instead receive 8 points for that question. ROUND V QUESTIONS 1. Name the worst stanbase name 2. Name a reason to call off a wedding at the last
  13. LEADERBOARD Lynk – 186 Amanda Laura – 185 Kristina – 183 Shego – 169 Max – 167 Gabe – 162 Chris – 176 Autumn Variations – 150 fab – 125* Kylie – 78* *did not submit in third round EDIT - I mistakenly added the Round IV scores to the leaderboard of Round II rather than III the first time around I thought I fixed it last night but apparently the edit did not go through That said, only one player's placement changed.
  14. ROUND FOUR SCORES Amanda Laura – 60 Shego – 60 (54 + 6) Max – 59 Lynk – 56 Gabe – 54 Kristina – 53 fab – 51 (45 + 6) Chris – 49 (46 + 3) Autumn Variations – 45 Kylie – 34
  15. Thank you all for coming! This round went much, much better and I really appreciate so many of you coming I have to readjust to account for the bonus points but the score for this round will be up shortly!
  16. That's it, but the fifth and final bonus question is still yet to come!
  17. I know, I just realized My bad! It was in the file so it's counted towards your score, I just neglected to copy it into my self-PM
  18. 10. Name a word that is overused on FOTP Flop – 4 Stan – 2 Iconic – 1 Slay – 1 Kylie – 1 "....goes topless on a Yacht!" - 1
  19. That picture is about thirty minutes down the road from me btw Had to postpone my Moderna booster!