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  1. Not Dennis Reynolds


    His misanthropy is right in the name, but I wouldn't worry about it in the long run: he loves trash more than he could ever love a woman.
  2. Not Dennis Reynolds

    Always get a little misty when I hear this sad ballad: This is the song about five dead babies, five dead babies Five dead babies at the bottom of a lake This is the song about five dead babies, five dead babies Five dead babies that were bitten by a snake
  3. I think I'm already tired of this emote... moo12 

  4. With this fucking guy, it could be a music video, a movie, an appearance on Atlanta or a comedy special...
  5. Not Dennis Reynolds

    Heard We Belong Together at Toys R Us earlier. Interesting choice.
  6. Not Dennis Reynolds

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    Hey, now she won't have to compete with Zayn for those promo spots that he always cancels! @jdpm1991
  7. yea, I definitely think they should cast someone who's either Australian or Russian (as in, keep their accent). I think Joel Edgerton would be good for it...
  8. Who do you think should play him?
  9. The budget is reportedly $30 million, and due to theatres obviously getting a cut and marketing costs a film must make around triple its budget in order to break even, i.e. if it grossed $90 million they'd have made back what it cost but it wouldn't result in a profit. With that said though, I wouldn't be surprised if the marketing budget for this particular movie was even higher than the production budget.
  10. Not Dennis Reynolds

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    Cupcakke and Jimmy Fallon?!
  11. Not Dennis Reynolds

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    I doubt it.
  12. Did you know that Coogler actually toyed with putting Kraven in Black Panther, but Sony was like "fuck that noise"? This is why, clearly. I've heard some people speculate that they could just adapt Kraven's Last Hunt and swap out Spider-Man for Venom. Venom supposedly cost substantially less than $100 million, so it should probably do well enough.
  13. I tend to like superhero movies, and I actually think there aren't that many each year when you count in just how many films are actually released (if you compare how many superhero films there are to westerns or noir films when they were at their peak popularity, superhero movies would pale in comparison), but I'm not sure who Sony thinks they're fooling with a bunch of movies about Spider-Man villains without Spider-Man.